Sword God in the Alien World/C8 Yin and Yang Nine Dragon Furnace
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Sword God in the Alien World/C8 Yin and Yang Nine Dragon Furnace
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C8 Yin and Yang Nine Dragon Furnace

An Da, pass down my orders, then say, "These few days, this crown prince isn't feeling well, I want to rest by myself for a while, during this time, no one is allowed to disturb me, not even royal father and mother, do you hear me?" Jian Wuchen brought the materials that he brought back with him to his own palace, then ordered that no one was to disturb his orders.

"Yes, Your Highness," An Da immediately replied. An Da was a personal bodyguard that Jian Ye had sent to his side. He was a peak-level Great Sword Master, and other than a Sword Saint, no one else in the Sky Edge Empire was his match. With him protecting Jian Wuchen's safety, Jian Ye was at ease.

At this age, the other children would always go around to play with their parents. But the Crown Prince actually liked to be alone in his palace, without the help of his palace maids, and even more so forbade others from entering his room; This was truly a strange Crown Prince. When An Da saw that Jian Wuchen had closed the door to his bedroom, he could not help but say this to himself.

I will first refine a Pill Cauldron out, refine some medicine to recover true essence, and then, I will refine the Spirit World Ring, and finally, refine my life's spirit sword Radiance Sword. Jian Wuchen looked at the best materials in front of him, arranged the refining sequence, and then began to prepare to refine the first item, the Pill Cauldron.

"Thousand Year Dark Iron, Glazed Rock, Mysterious Silver, Heavy Silver, Obsidian, and Solar Gathering Stone," Jian Wuchen picked out the materials needed to refine Pill Cauldron. Following that, Jian Wuchen activated his True Essence and conjured a Samadhi True Fire in his left hand. His right hand grabbed a piece of thousand year black iron that was five or six hundred kilograms and placed it on top of the Samadhi True Fire to refine.

On the other hand, Jian Wuchen only used three minutes of the Samadhi True Fire to melt the Thousand Year Dark Iron. Soon after, a hundred kilogram glass stone was placed and refined by Jian Wuchen in the Samadhi True Fire, and after a while, Jian Wuchen took it out again, "Heavy Silver, Mythril Silver, Sun Gathering Stone, Obsidian Stone, put it into the Samadhi True Fire."

"Phew, the materials have already melted. Now, it's time to merge them together and condense them into the shape of a Pill Cauldron," Jian Wuchen said as he let out a mouthful of impure air and looked at the materials that he had refined using the Samadhi True Fire.

Jian Wuchen used his mind to control the materials and essence he refined, and made them fuse together to form the shape of a Pill Cauldron. His hands were constantly forming seals, carving out many arrays on the Pill Cauldron, "There are Spirit Convergence Arrays, Illusory Arrays, Fire Convergence Arrays, Spirit Containment Arrays, Concealment Formations, and so on."

"Consolidate. Done."

When Jian Wuchen finished inscribing the eighty-one array formations, a two-meter-tall, completely pitch black array that emitted a dim light, the Pill Cauldron was carved with a pattern of Yin Yang Tai Chi, with the lid of the cauldron being the Nine Dragons Ending Pearl, and the dragon pearl was made from Jian Wuchen's glass stone. There was a concealing formation on top of it, and it was able to conceal the medicinal aroma of the pellet, and the cauldron was a pair of dragons and phoenixes.

"Nine Dragons Yin Yang Immortal Furnace." It was a famous immortal equipment in the cultivation world, and the artifact spirit inside it was the divine dragon soul of the Nine Dragons Tribulations Stage. In order to obtain it, the Mount Shu Sword Sect had sent out a large number of experts and lost many disciples to obtain it.

Roar... Roar!

When the Pill Cauldron was formed, the sound of nine dragons fighting for the dragon pearl came from the Nine Dragons Yin Yang Furnace. This meant that Jian Wuchen's Yin Yang Nine Dragons Furnace had reached the low grade spirit artifact, the Pill Cauldron had already produced an artifact spirit. However, this artifact spirit was not the original immortal artifact spirit. This artifact spirit was merely a spirit created from a spirit artifact.

"Hehe, the level of refining hasn't dropped. With the low grade spirit artifact Yin Yang Nine Dragon Furnace, I can definitely make it twice the result with half the effort with its help in refining pills," nodded in satisfaction as he felt that his own Yin Yang Nine Dragon Furnace had reached the peak of the low grade spirit artifact. He was just a bit away from becoming a middle grade spirit artifact. Following that, Jian Wuchen bit his tongue lightly, and a drop of blood essence shot out from his mouth onto the Primal Chaos diagram inside the Yin Yang Nine Dragon Furnace. Jian Wuchen immediately used his mind to refine the Yin Yang Nine Dragon Furnace.

A quarter of an hour later, Jian Wuchen opened his eyes and smiled. Looking at his expression, it was obvious that he had successfully refined the Yin Yang Nine Dragon Furnace.

"Hehe, refining a spirit artifact that's refined by yourself really saves yourself energy," Jian Wuchen said as he laughed complacently. The main ingredient would be the Thousand Year White Jade Vermillion Fruit. The six ingredients would be the Thousand Year Blood Vine, Goblin, Primordial Spirit Flower, Jade Fruit, Yellow Essence, and Dragon Blood Ginseng. "


bellowed, and used his True Essence to create the Samadhi Fire and shot it into the Yin Yang Nine Dragon Furnace. In an instant, he ignited the Yin Yang Nine Dragon Furnace, following that, Jian Wuchen threw the main ingredient, the millennium white jade fruit, into the Pill Cauldron, and started to refine the essence of the Scarlet Fruit. More than ten minutes later, the ten or so white jade fruits he had obtained from the Treasure Pavilion were all refined, and after that, he started to refine the other spirit medicines. He began to prepare again, fusing all the medicinal liquids together and condensing them into medicinal pills.

After Jian Wuchen's two hours of refinement, the medicinal liquid inside the Yin Yang Nine Dragon Furnace had already turned into spirit pellets.

Collecting, Jian Wuchen formed a hand seal, and the Samadhi True Fire in the Yin Yang Nine Dragon Furnace instantly extinguished. The spirit pills in the pill furnace were also all stored in Jian Wuchen's four jade bottles, each containing ten recovery pills.

"Right now, I already have a Spirit Recovering Pill. I think it should be enough for me to refine a medium and high rank spirit artifact," Jian Wuchen thought as he looked at the four jade bottles in his hands that were filled with Spirit Recovery Pills.

As long as I reach the Nascent Soul Stage and refined that red gold stone, my life's spirit sword would still be able to evolve to the Immortal Grade. Maybe, I can even find other rare and precious grade immortal equipment materials, Jian Wuchen thought, putting aside the worries in his mind.

After Jian Wuchen rested for six hours, he recovered his "True Essence, Essence, Qi, and Spirit" to the peak level. Next, he prepared to refine his own Destiny Soul Sword, the Radiance Sword.

The Radiance Sword had accompanied Jian Wuchen through countless battles in his previous life. In Jian Wuchen's heart, the "Radiance Sword" was a brother who had grown up with him, and it was even a child forged by him. Jian Wuchen did not make the Radiance Sword become the strongest immortal sword, and had instead destroyed it under the heavenly tribulation. In this life, Jian Wuchen swore to make the Radiance Sword the most powerful immortal equipment.

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