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C9 Radiance Sword

"The body of the Radiance Sword Sword is silver white. During the day, even if the Radiance Sword s were in front of you, it would be difficult to discover them, because when the light shines on the sword body, they would automatically slip away. This is because it is incomparably mystical. Therefore, Jian Wuchen named his Radiance Sword.

The main materials to refine Radiance Sword were "Glazed Stone, Heavy Silver, Secret-Silver, White Glass Stone, Purple Bronze, Thousand Year Dark Iron, Black Light Stone, Primary White Phosphorus Stone, and a dozen other rare materials."

After that, he grabbed a piece of the refining material and threw it into the Samadhi True Fire to train. Ten minutes later, the material was refined into a puddle of molten iron the size of a football by the Samadhi True Fire, and Jian Wuchen did not have any more, thus stopping, he continued to convert the True Fire into Samadhi True Fire, continuously removing the impurities within the material. Two hours later, the fist-sized molten metal was refined into a fist-sized baby by Jian Wuchen. After finishing, Jian Wuchen was drenched in sweat, his face was pale white, and his True Essence was exhausted. He immediately took out the Spirit Recovery Pill that he had previously refined (also known as the True Essence Pill) and swallowed it, then began to refine it with all his heart.

Phew, ten minutes later, Jian Wuchen released a mouthful of impure Qi. His face was flushed red, and he was no longer as pale as before.

"Ai, I just don't like the lack of strength. Refining just a single material is so tiring, and my true essence is completely exhausted. If it was before, refining a spirit sword in just a few steps would have been so tiring!" After Jian Wuchen recovered his true essence, he sighed and complained. After he finished complaining, Jian Wuchen continued to refine the materials.

The matter of Jian Wuchen taking away all the precious treasures in the Treasure Pavilion was quickly reported to Jian Ye. In the entire Sky Edge Empire, only three people had the authority to open the Treasure Pavilion. There were two perfect Sword Saint experts and also Sky Edge Great Emperor Jian Ye.

However, Jian Ye could only use the precious materials from the first four levels, the weapons, the fifth and sixth levels ? He had to be a perfect Sword Saint. This was because the things that were placed on these two floors were "Holy Equipment and powerful forbidden spells, as well as a few Holy Beast Cores." If Jian Ye wanted to find anything on the fifth and sixth floors, he needed to report to the two reverends. If they agreed, Jian Ye could take what he wanted, but if they disagreed, Jian Ye could forget about taking anything inside. This was because they had risked their lives to obtain the things in the fifth and sixth floors. They did not allow Jian Ye or any of the people in power to squander them freely.

Your Majesty, His Highness the Crown Prince has already taken dozens of rare and precious materials from the Treasure Pavilion, and their value cannot be estimated. This subject would like to ask Your Majesty, "Did His Majesty send the Crown Prince to the Treasure Pavilion to get those rare and precious materials?" When an early stage Sword Saint reverend heard that the Great Sword Master who was guarding the place had said that the crown prince had taken dozens of rare and precious materials from the treasure pavilion and returned to his quarters, he immediately went up to Jian Ye and asked.

Master Li, you said that the crown prince went to the Treasure Pavilion to retrieve dozens of rare materials and returned to his palace? After Jian Ye heard Master Li's words, he asked for confirmation with a face full of shock.

"What is it? Great Emperor, don't you know that the Crown Prince's Palace is going to the Treasure Pavilion to obtain those rare and precious materials? " When Master Li saw Jian Ye's shocked expression, he asked.

We agreed to help him out. Originally, we wanted to take him to the Treasure Pavilion personally, but we didn't think that Chen'er would actually go to the Treasure Pavilion to choose and take away so many things at once. Jian Ye lied for Jian Wuchen.

Since that's the case, then I will take my leave first. When Master Li heard Jian Ye's words, he did not want to pursue the matter any further. After all, everything that Jian Wuchen had taken away belonged to the Sky Edge Empire, and he was even more so the future ruler of the empire. He was an outsider, so why should he care about other people's affairs? Do your job well.

"This little bastard, did he suffer some sort of provocation?" You actually took away so many rare materials in the Treasure Pavilion. This won't do, I have to go take a look, what is he doing with these things? " Jian Ye thought. After that, he put down the imperial report in his hand and left for Jian Wuchen's palace.

Only by doing this could he refine the most perfect and strongest spirit artifact, and it wouldn't freeze the spirit artifact within a single realm. It could add other rare materials and level up time and time again along with it, and this method was called the Spirit Treasure Son, the most powerful method of forging which was recorded in the ancient Grandmaster Blacksmith's Book. Spirit Treasure also told Jian Wuchen this method.

When the Great Emperor arrived and Jian Ye went to his chambers, a eunuch beside Jian Ye shouted towards his chambers. He was reminding the Crown Prince's Palace to prepare to receive him.

This subject's, An Da, greets the Emperor. Long live the Emperor, long live the Emperor. An Da, upon hearing Jian Ye's arrival, hurriedly came out to welcome him.

Exemption, An Da said to An Da who was welcoming him respectfully.

Thank you Great Emperor, An Da stood up and thanked Jian Ye.

"An Da, why hasn't Chen'er come out to pick you up?" When Jian Ye saw that Jian Wuchen actually had not come out to greet him, he could not help but ask An Da.

In reply to his majesty, his highness the crown prince had given the order that whoever wanted to disturb his studies during this period of time would be the same as well, since it was An Da's and the empress's arrival.

This little brat took so many treasures from the Treasure Pavilion, and now he's even closed the door to hide from me. This is really infuriating.

Jian Ye originally wanted to rush in and find Jian Wuchen, and ask him why he went to the Treasure Pavilion to take away so many things. But when he just raised his leg, he thought about it, since An Da gave the order for him to not let anyone disturb him, if he were to rush in like this, he would definitely make him unhappy, so Jian Ye stopped in his tracks and asked An Da when he should come out, and told him to look for him. With that, Jian Ye turned and left Jian Wuchen's chambers.

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