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In ancient times, demons and devils wreaked havoc, and human lives were like grass. In order to fight the demons, humans had embarked on the path of Immortal cultivation. The Great War of the Immortals and Demons, the Great War of the Immortals and Demons … Humans grew up one after another, and the heavens and earth changed after another. Gradually, the heavens and the earth became under the control of the five forces, which were Immortal, Buddha, Dragon, Devil and Demon. Six other worlds were divided into: the Immortal World, the Buddhist Realm, the Dragon Realm, the Demon World, and the Mortal Realm.

Unfortunately, power was forever controlling the heavens and the earth. No matter if you are a Immortal Buddha or a demon, you will never escape the grasp of power.

Mortal Realm, Floating Star Emperor, Tian Ya Village. Night had fallen. The starry sky was beautiful, and all the villagers had fallen asleep. A ray of light pierced the sky. It really did pierce the earth. A void appeared in the sky, and a young man dressed in purple walked out of the hole. It was as if he was walking on the earth. The young man was very beautiful, with a fan in his hand, a black ribbon in his head, and purple and gold boots. At first glance, he looked like a scholar from the secular world. However, thousands of bones were embroidered on the young man's clothes! Who was he?

The moment the young man appeared, another void appeared! An old man walked out of the hole. The old man held a long sword in his hand. When the old man saw the young man, he was slightly surprised, and the young man was also stunned.

In the starry sky, the white moonlight softly sprinkled down. One old and one young, the two of them looked at each other, standing in the sky. Their gazes seemed to want to melt the world!

The young man could no longer hold it in, "Yu Yangzi, why are you here?" The folding fan in the young man's hand spun in a circle as he sent a gust of wind towards the old man. The old man called Yu Yangzi pointed the sword in his hand, and in that instant, the wind stopped. Yu Yangzi laughed gently, "I would like to ask you that." Chi Xie Gu, why are you here? "

"Hu!" Two huge dragon claws pierced through the air and grabbed towards Yu Yangzi and Chi Xie Gu. "Boom! Boom!" The two hastily retreated and the dragon claw missed. Hahahaha, I didn't expect that. The Ancient Jade Sect's Yu Yangzi and the Innate Bone Divine Sect's Chi Xie Gu were here! It must all be for the Samsara Compass. " A bold voice was heard together with the dragon claw.

Reincarnation Compass! There was actually a compass of rebirth hidden in this village! That was a magic treasure forged by an ancient immortal named Daoist Rebirth! It was said that this plate could control the life and death of people and reverse the way of the heavens!

"Desolate Dragon Clan's Ao Ming Zuo!" The two of them shouted at the same time.

"That's right. It's me, the Arrogant Wasteland Dragon Ao Ming, left! " A middle-aged man wearing a purple-gold crown and a yellow robe appeared in the sky.

"Ao Ming Zuo, you dare to sneak attack me? You're courting death!" Yu Yangzi roared. With a shake of the longsword, the sword in his left hand pierced towards Ao Ming Zuo. Under the sword, the sun and moon were moved, and ghosts and gods were weeping. Ao Ming laughed softly, "Jade Shattering Sword!" His two hands moved together and formed a series of strange seals. On the surface of the mountains and rivers, the sky was bright and clear, and the divine dragon's roar could be heard from the depths of the primitive world. The might of the dragon is invincible! " No one knew what was going on with this move. They only knew that the sword had stopped, and stopped half an inch away from Ao Ming's left throat.

Yu Yangzi frowned, "This is! Dragon clan technique! Blood Suppression! "Damn it, your dragon race was born with nobility, and you created your own profound art, Blood Arts, to suppress it!" Hahaha! It's good that you know. Admit defeat! You are no match for me. Me at this moment! It's invulnerable! " Ao Minghu laughed loudly. His tall and big body was like a god's, causing people to unconsciously want to submit. This was the suppression of the Blood Seed. Dragon Might was invincible!

"Hahaha, what a joke, I can't win against you! Everyone calls me the Left-handed Swordmaster! They thought that I only knew how to use the sword with my left hand, but they didn't know that the power of the sword in my right hand was too great. Today, I will slaughter this stupid dragon of yours! " Yu Yangzi suddenly switched the sword to his right hand.

"Yes!" Two fingers on Yu Yangzi's left hand brushed past the long sword, and suddenly, it disappeared! Ao Ming Zuo was shocked. He knew that for a sword master like Yu Yangzi who ambushed him, he would at least lose a layer of skin if he didn't die. Ao Ming circulated the suppressive power of the blood type to his left, forming a protective shield around his body like an eggshell. At this time, Chi Xie Gu, who was watching the fight from the side, also seemed to be unable to hold back.

"Using the Art of Martial Arts." Swish! A sword broke through the air and pierced down towards the top of Ao Ming's head. Ao Ming's suppression of his Blood Seed was completely useless, because this was purely a martial art, and illegal! One strike and all spells were broken!

Seeing that, Ao Ming Zuo's hands turned into dragon claws and clawed towards the longsword! Yu Yangzi's sword slashed out, and in just an instant, the two of them exchanged more than a hundred moves. "Desolate Dragon's World Exterminating Palm!" Six Fingers of Pure Jade Body! " The two exchanged blows as their bodies retreated!

A stream of blood flowed down from Ao Ming's left arm, while there was a claw mark on Yu Yangzi's forehead.

"Hahaha!" "Good, good, good!" Chi Xie Gu kept cheering, he put away his fan and said, "The two of you are fighting so happily, Young Noble's hands are starting to itch. Let me try my luck too! " With that, his gaze turned cold as he charged straight at Yu Yangzi. Yu Yangzi coldly spat out two words, "You're courting death." The broken phoenix cry of Mount Kun! " The sword wailed like a phoenix. "A huge bone blade appeared in Chi Xie's hand!" Devil Under Heaven, Immortal Destroying 18 Swords, Fifth Move, Destroying the Bone! " A bone-chilling chill emanated from the blade. The two of them were about to meet with swords and sabers!

An accident suddenly occurred! Two powerful forces in the void separated the two of them!

"Who is it?" Ao Ming Zuo shouted.

"The Great Golden Roc King of the Demon Realm, Kun."

"The Pure Evil Bodhisattva of the Buddhist Realm of the Western Heaven."

The three of them were shocked, but then they regained their calm and only sneered. Now that he thought about it, even the Immortal Demon Dragon World knew about it, why couldn't the Buddha Demons know about it!?

"Good, good, good. Everyone was here! Everyone is here! " Chi Xie Gu nodded, and the corner of his mouth slightly curled up. Evil! As expected of the Evil Lord Chi Xie Gu.

"What do you guys think we should do now? Should he continue fighting? "Or …" Quinn said, taking a step forward.

"Good good good. Expatriates don't like to fight and kill, Buddhism is about fate. This old monk suggests that we join hands to find the Samsara Compass. We only know that the Samsara Compass is here! But he did not know where he was! "As for its final destination …" The Vile Bodhisattva paused, "It all depends on fate!" Yu Yangzi only laughed coldly, you don't like to fight and kill, who in the five realms doesn't know of your reputation for killing Gods and Evildoers! Everyone was silent as they calculated their positions.

Ao Ming Zuo was the first to respond, "Okay. "I, Ao Ming, left agree." The other three also nodded their heads in agreement when they saw Ao Ming Zuo agree.

"Since that's the case, let's each use our own techniques." The Vile Bodhisattva said with a merciful look on his face.

"Alright, let's go!" Chi Xie Gu was the first to rush down, and the other four people followed. Once Chi Xie Gu landed on the ground, he formed a seal with both of his hands and said, "Saint Devil Blood Bone Attraction!" After that, he spat out a mouthful of blood. The blood did not fall onto the ground. Instead, it congealed into a bloody bone in the air. After the blood and bone was formed, everyone in the village was drawn out. The sleeping people were awakened and found themselves floating in the air. They screamed out in fear!

The night, which should have been quiet, had lost its color.

Yu Yangzi thought, "This spell is so magical."

With a swipe of his hand, a man was grabbed. "Speak! Where is the compass of rebirth? " The man begged for mercy, "Please spare me, please spare me. This little one does not know anything about reincarnation or whatever! " With a cold snort, the flame in Kuni's palm instantly burned this man to ashes! "

What's the use of asking, Quinn? "Watch me!" When Yu Yangzi saw that Kunqian had killed people, he used an even more vicious technique. Nine Heavens and Ten Earth Soul Search! " Yu Yangzi formed a seal with his hands, and everyone who was flying in the air instantly exploded! The entire starry sky was dyed red with blood!

Immortal, but not Immortal!

Yu Yangzi used his spiritual will to scan through the scattered memories of the crowd. Ao Ming Zuo, Kun Yi and Pure Evil Bodhisattva also released their Soulsearch skill. Suddenly, Yu Yangzi's eyes lit up. He found it, let's go! To the Hades' Temple! The village head here is actually a cultivator. If we're too late, the compass won't belong to us! "

When the four of them heard this, they immediately rushed to the Hades' Temple. In a split-second, the five of them broke into the Hades' Temple. An old man and a young man stood within the temple. The old man moved to protect the youth behind him when he saw the five of them barge in.

"Old man, hand over the compass and I can let you die a quick death. Otherwise, I will use the cruellest Gu of the Devil Sect, the Heart of Heaven Devouring." Let you suffer. Hehehe! " Chi Xie Gu revealed his white fangs, which made people shudder in fear.

"Chi Guda, Yu Yangzi, Ou Mingzhu, Kun Yi, Pure Evil Bodhisattva, have all of you come for this Samsara Compass? Unfortunately, today I let you all come here for nothing, and you will lose your lives. Yan Huan, don't be afraid, grandpa will send you off right now. " The old man didn't look at the five, he only rubbed the youth's head.

The five of them were shocked when they saw that the old man actually knew their names.

Yan Huan asked, "What about you, grandpa?" The old man said to Yan Huan, "Grandfather wants to exorcise evil and protect the way, you have to be good! He had to survive! "There's one more thing I want you to remember …" The teenager nodded. If people don't offend me, then I won't offend them. If they offend me, then I'll exterminate your ten races! " The old man suddenly looked at the five, his eyes sharp like a demonic god.

The five were shocked, but quickly regained their calm. Yu Yangzi bellowed, "Extinguishing Demon Guard! What big words you have there! "

The old man didn't pay any attention to them. His finger slashed through the air, and the space actually split open. The old man pushed the youth into the crevice. Yan Huan grabbed the old man tightly and cried for his grandfather. The five people were shocked! Not good. The old man is an expert, at least in the Aurora Realm. We are only in the Heavenly Passage Realm, a realm lower than him. The compass of rebirth must be with that young man! "

Ao Ming Zuo shouted out as his hand turned into a dragon claw, grabbing towards Yan Huan. The other four people also used their mana to grab at Yan Huan. The five of them worked together to grab Yan Huan out of the air! The old man was enraged!

"All of you are courting death!" The old man waved his sleeve, cutting off his hair ribbon and raising his silver hair into the air. "Primal Chaos is limitless, the Heavenly Dao of Samsara and the boundless universe, sink!" The old man struck out with his palm. Black and white interweaved, creating a chaotic hole.

"Not good. It's the Heavenly Dao of Reincarnation!" Quick, dodge it! " With a loud shout, the five players dispersed. "Yes." The old man pushed Yan Huan back into the spatial crack. Yan Huan, you will have a good time in the future! " "Yes!" The old man shouted. "Not good, that youth has run away." "Chase!" Don't even think about leaving here alive! "Yan Huan, this is the last thing grandpa can do for you!" Geezer, what are you trying to do? You actually wanted to self-destruct and die together with us! "You're crazy!"

"No …" These were the last words that Yan Huan heard!

Dead. Dead.

Hate the heavens for the appearance of the compass. I didn't want to see it again, but it was absurd to never see it again.

He laughed, and Immortals were not Immortals. In the end, he had to use his sword to kill the wolf smoke and slash through the heavens!

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