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Yan Huan's bloodshot eyes were staring at Ruan Meng Mountain. Ruan Meng Shan was startled by the stare, and then he laughed: "Brat, I think you're crazy. You just got hit by me, and now you're probably burnt out!" Yet you are still spouting nonsense. What a joke! " Ruan Meng Mountain laughed out loud. As for Rong Man and He Qin, who were injured by Yan Huan earlier, they could not stop laughing. One reason was because Yan Huan, Ruan Meng Shan, had the upper hand, and two reason was because Yan Huan's words had amused them.

Xiao Mu looked at Yan Huan's expression and his heart trembled violently. She was worried for Yan Huan and did not urge her to leave because she knew Yan Huan would not leave.

Yan Huan slowly walked towards the Heavenly Dragon Feather Sword that was stabbed into the ground. Ruan Meng Mountain did not try to block it. He was very confident that even if Yan Huan took the sword, he would be able to kill her with his bare hands. The reason he didn't make a move now was because he wanted to have a good time.

As Yan Huan swayed his body, he drew his sword and held it horizontally. An intense killing intent instantly filled the air, enveloping the entire village within. The sky had actually started to change color. Yan Huan's action caused the world to change color. How was this possible?

"What a strong killing intent!" However, the expression on his face still remained the same. He firmly believed that no matter what move Yan Huan used, he would only be struggling in death.

At this moment, Yan Huan was standing horizontally with his sword raised. His body was not swaying, as though he was calculating something.

A fierce wind blew between the two of them. The sand and wind were enough to dazzle everyone's eyes, but the two people on the field did not move at all. Suddenly, Ruan Meng Mountain blinked his eyes. Yan Huan's sword-like eyebrows twitched as she dashed towards Ruan Meng Mountain. The long sword sliced through the sandstorm, accompanied by the sound of something breaking through the air. Ruan Meng Mountain sneered and didn't move at all.

Just as the long sword was about to cut down, Ruan Meng Shan stood to the side and flicked the sword tip with his finger. Yan Huan's Heavenly Dragon Feather Blade was trembling violently. Ruan Meng's two fingers were placed together as he moved along the sword's body towards Yan Huan. When he neared her, his fingers suddenly changed and he pointed out. Yan Huan quickly pointed out her finger as well, and the two of them simultaneously retreated. However, the corner of Ruan Meng Shan's mouth slightly raised. He suddenly stopped moving and rushed towards Yan Huan.

Yan Huan was neither impatient nor anxious. Suddenly, his body began to spin as afterimages flashed one after another. The bright tip of the sword had become the only light in this chaotic world. As Yan Huan spun around to welcome the Ruan Meng Mountain, the Ruan Meng Mountain was greatly alarmed.

"This is …" This was the "Rotary Slicing Cauldron" that He Qin had used! How could he? " Ruan Meng Mountain was simply going crazy. How was this possible! Could it be that he would be able to instantly learn his moves just by looking at them? Isn't he too monstrous! Ruan Mengshan actually lost his mind for a moment. When he finally came to his senses, it was already too late. The Yan Huanhuan Sword had already arrived. With a twist of the Ruan Meng Mountain, they tried to avoid Yan Huan's sword, but Yan Huan had already planned it out. The sword suddenly changed its direction. The sword fell down and viciously stabbed toward Ruan Meng Mountain.

"Yes!" Seeing that it was too late to dodge, Ruan Meng Shan quickly sent out a talisman. "Purple Talisman Protection!" The talisman quickly condensed into a purple colored protective shield. Yan Huan's might did not diminish at all as he continued thrusting his sword downwards. The white sword light ruthlessly stabbed down, but it was blocked by the purple shield. Ruan Meng Shan laughed loudly, "Hahaha! Kid, this talisman of mine is a purple talisman. You cannot break this purple shield! "

Yan Huan suddenly widened her eyes as she gathered all the strength in her body into her right hand. She shouted, "Ha!" "Crack!" A crack appeared on the tip of the violet shield, and then a cracking sound could be heard. The violet shield was covered with cracks. With a "Hua" sound, the purple shield instantly collapsed, and the purple crystal fell to the ground.

Ruan Meng Shan's expression changed greatly. He quickly backed up as Yan Huan's sword fell down. Nong Meng Shan screamed out. His face was covered with a bloody scar that ran from his forehead all the way down his nose to his chin. He had been injured by Yan Huan's sword qi! Ruan Meng Shan's face was covered in blood. The ruthlessness in his eyes seemed like it was going to swallow any words he said. Unfortunately, his eyes couldn't kill anyone.

After Yan Huan finished stabbing the sword, she straightened her body and looked at Ruan Meng Mountain. The murderous intent in her eyes still did not diminish. However, Yan Huan did not make any further moves. Instead, he just stood there quietly.

Ruan Meng Shan suddenly came to his senses, "Brat, you are so sinister! Your move "Rotary Slicing Cauldron Cutting" is simply a feint, and it's there to cause my mind to be thrown into chaos, so you can take the opportunity to kill me! What a good plan! What a good plan! However, you didn't expect me to have the "Purple Protection Talisman" that saved my life in that moment of crisis. "Even though I am injured, I have not injured my very core. At this moment, you are completely burnt out!"

Ruan Meng Shan pointed at Yan Huan as he spoke. His eyes were fixed on her. Actually, he wasn't too sure either, so he was just trying to sound out his joy. Yan Huan was startled, but he didn't show any expression on his face. He thought to himself, 'This Ruan Meng Mountain must be unsure if I really am burnt out, so they tried to test me.' Since that's the case, I'll just lie to him. Yan Huan's left eyebrow suddenly twitched, and she immediately returned to her original appearance.

Ruan Meng Shan's eyes never left Yan Huan. Naturally, he saw this scene and was secretly delighted in his heart. Good! This brat was really not going to make it! After being hit by my words, my face changed. Looks like this is my best opportunity! Ruan Meng Shan secretly circulated his energy, preparing for the final strike.

Yan Huan suddenly spat out a mouthful of blood and half knelt on the ground. Upon seeing this, Ruan Meng Shan was overjoyed. He threw out a palm attack. Yan Huan lowered her head. Her expression could not be seen, but the sword in her hand was still tightly clenched. Seeing that Ruan Meng Mountain's big palm was about to arrive, Yan Huan suddenly stood up, turned her long sword, and thrusted straight towards Ruan Meng Mountain. At this moment, Ruan Meng Mountain was filled with fear and panic. He quickly changed the force of his palm and retracted his Supreme Force to protect his body.

Yan Huan's sword attack was full of power. It seemed that he had used all of his strength and was determined to kill Ruan Meng Mountain. Ruan Mengshan also felt the power of this sword, so he immediately went back to defense.

Ruan Meng Shan's entire body circulated true energy as he stood in front of him to form an egg-like protective shell. Yan Huan's longsword whistled through the air like a thunderbolt. Under the sword attack, the egg shell of Ruan Meng Mountain started to shatter. Ruan Meng Mountain was shocked. He pushed his hands forward and turned around to leave.

Ruan Meng Mountain pushed out the remaining zhen qi to attack Yan Huan. Yan Huan's long sword waved in the air, dispersing that murderous aura. At this time, Ruan Meng Mountain took advantage of this gap and quickly ran away. Yan Huan swung the sword out, throwing that stream of zhen qi out. That stream of zhen qi had turned into a sharp wheel, quickly moving towards the Ruan Meng Mountain.

The wheel rapidly rotated and hit the back of Ruan Meng Mountain. Ruan Meng Mountain screamed and staggered before falling to the ground and spitting out a mouthful of blood. However, he immediately got up and continued running forward. Yan Huan did not chase after them, because at this moment, he no longer had the strength to fight against Ruan Meng Mountain.

The villagers on the side were overjoyed. They all shouted, "Great deities are invincible, and great deities have boundless magical powers!" Xiao Mu's anxious heart was finally relieved. He was secretly delighted. Yan Huan was becoming stronger and stronger. In just a few days, she had completely surpassed him. It seemed like he would have to work hard to avoid dragging her down.

As for Huan Huan, he turned his head to look at Rong Man and He Qin, who were lying on the ground, and walked towards them with a cold smile. At this moment, the two of them were scared out of their wits. Yan Huan slowly walked towards the two of them. Their injuries had yet to heal and they did not have the strength to fight Yan Huan again. Moreover, Yan Huan had just defeated their senior brother, and had planted a shadow in their hearts. They had also lost the confidence to fight against Yan Huan again.

Yan Huan's every step affected the hearts of the two. In the end, the two of them simply knelt down and begged for forgiveness.

"Spare us!" We know we're wrong! We don't dare to kill anymore innocent people! " The two of them knelt, crying and kowtowing. When Yan Huan walked up to the two of them, their foreheads were already bleeding. Yan Huan walked up to the duo and thrust her sword into the ground. The two of them looked at the dazzling sword flashing with a cold light and stopped their movements. They could not help but swallow a mouthful of saliva.

"Scram!" Yan Huan's cold and emotionless voice sounded. His words were as sharp as the scythe of death's hand. Do you two have any last words? I will tell your senior when he comes tonight. Oh, yes. In fact, it's no use telling him. " Yan Huan pulled out the sword from the ground and twirled it in his hand before standing straight up in front of his eyes. Because if he dares to come, he will also die! " The voice didn't have the slightest fluctuation of emotions. The content of the voice didn't seem peaceful, but the content was still filled with a murderous intent.

After she finished speaking, Yan Huan suddenly placed her sword against Rong's neck. Rong's skin immediately felt the cold edge of the sword and immediately shivered. Rong Man hurriedly begged for mercy: "Don't kill me! Don't kill me! " Yan Huan shook her head and slashed with her sword. Immediately, a bloody wound appeared on Rong Man's neck. Following which, blood flowed incessantly and he fell to the ground dead in an instant.

"Damn it!" You really killed him! Do you know that you have made a great mistake? We are the disciples of the Heavenly Cauldron Sect! "We …" When He Qin saw that Yan Huanhuan had really killed Rong Chen, he immediately shouted.

Before he could finish his sentence, a sword was already at his throat. In the end, He Qin was still afraid of death, and he looked at Yan Huan with fear in his eyes. You... Don't kill me... "I …" He Qin said in an intermittent manner.

"The Heavenly Cauldron Sect!" The Heavenly Cauldron Sect was truly extraordinary! Would the Heavenly Cauldron Sect be able to kill the innocent? I tell you! One day, I will attack the Heavenly Cauldron Sect and destroy your entire clan! "Now, go die obediently!" Yan Huan's long sword slashed once again, causing a splash of blood as He Qin fell to the ground.

After killing the two of them, Yan Huan immediately dashed toward Little Mu. Little Mu also ran towards Yan Huan, but her hands were tied by the Immortal Binding Rope. Senior Sister, I've let you suffer. How about it? Are you hurt? " Yan Huan asked anxiously with a gentle look in her eyes.

Xiao Mu shook her head and said with a smile: "You're still calling me senior sister! Your cultivation is already higher than mine, are you still going to call me senior sister? " Little Mu's concern for Yan Huohuan had returned with gentleness. Her gaze was so gentle that it seemed as if it could melt the moonlight.

Yan Huan was extremely smart and immediately changed her words. She affectionately called out, "Little Mu!" Immediately, her pure white teeth were revealed. Little Mu smiled as well, her white teeth and red lips captivating all living beings.

There was a phrase: Nanshan Sen, a long wind, a cup of wine of beauty, a very gentle life.

Luo Shui was cold and had the audacity to smile, so how could it possibly last forever? Why not protect the azure lamp?

"Little Mu, I'll escort you to the teleportation formation now. You should return and report to Master about what happened here." I think that Ruan Meng Mountain will also report to the Heavenly Cauldron Sect about the situation here. I'll stay and sabotage their plans. I already know who they're going to kill tonight! Humph! This time, I must stop them from killing again! " Yan Huan said with a fierce look in his eyes.

Little Mu did not say much as she believed in Yan Huan the most. Since Yan Huan was so confident, she would listen to him. Little Mu nodded. Yan Huan rejoiced inwardly when she saw how confident Xiao Mu was in her.

Yan Huan ordered the villagers to return home first before escorting Little Mu to the transfer array.

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