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Yan Huan was stunned for a moment before she immediately fell asleep with a frown on her face.

In the middle of the night, the wind blew through the beaded curtain, and the sounds of music rang out. In peace, it was like clear spring water flowing over a stone, or rain falling over a tall bamboo. Suddenly, a shadow flashed past the door of Yan Huan's room. With a leap, the shadow entered Yan Huan's room through the window. The black shadow did not stop after landing. It threw itself onto Yan Huan's bed and lifted her blanket! However, what he did not expect was that it was empty! There was no one under the blanket! "Bang!" Suddenly, a sword struck the back of the black shadow's head. How is it, senior sister? Have I passed the examination? " Yan Xiao said with a smile. The lights were on. When the black figure took off his veil, it was surprisingly Little Mu! " "You're pretty smart!" Xiao Mu turned around and nodded appreciatively. "That's right!" "Yan Huan smiled proudly." Then can you tell Senior Sister how you knew I was coming to test you? " Little Mu was quite curious as to how Yan Huan knew that she was going to test him.

"First of all, senior sister, your final hesitation betrayed you." "Hesitation?" That's right! You let me rest early. However, you were afraid that I would really be able to rest like this, so you turned around and wanted to remind me, but you were afraid that if you reminded me, I wouldn't be able to achieve the original effect, so you said, "Rest early!" You once told me that the Immortal Cultivation path is the way to go, but unfortunately, you were unable to succeed. " Yan Huan mischievously blinked his eyes at Little Mu. Little Mu was taken aback by Yan Huan's words. That's right, I was unable to break through my limits this time. " Secondly, I didn't take a break immediately. Instead, I read The Five Realms View. When I read the introduction to the Frigid Sky Sword Sect, I knew that the entrance examination for the disciples of the Frigid Sky Sword Sect was held. I came in without a test. Although I am a disciple personally asked by the hall master and do not need a test, there is still a minimum test. So, I am sure that you will definitely come, and will be waiting for you here. " At first, he was somewhat proud, but the more he spoke, the calmer he became.

"Good, good, good! It looks like Master has good taste, taking in a smart disciple like you. Good! From tomorrow onwards, you will be an official disciple of Freezing Moon Hall! I'll be waiting for you at the Wintry Pavilion tomorrow morning. Go to sleep! I'm going back! " "Little Mu smiled and disappeared into the night with a flash." Senior Sister is so powerful, when will I become as powerful as you? " Yan Huan suddenly clenched her fists and murmured, "Grandfather, villagers, don't worry. Sooner or later, I will become an immortal and kill off all those bad people!"

When the first rays of dawn emerged, Yan Huan officially began her journey to become an immortal.

"Senior Sister, how should we cultivate?"

"Because you don't have any basics, Master specially designed a training program for you. Today, we will train our strength! "

"Strength Training?"

"Go and pick up that rock."

Yan Huan looked at the stone and saw that it weighed at least sixty catties. Yan Huan swallowed his saliva and then walked over, rolled up his sleeves, took a deep breath and lifted the stone up. Unfortunately, the stone did not move at all. Xiao Mu heaved a deep sigh. When Yan Huanhuan heard this sigh, a trace of viciousness flashed across her eyes. She held onto Rock tightly, he had not given up! But the stone remained as calm as Mt. Tai. Xiao Mu shook her head, "Cultivators like us are born with the ability to pull out a thousand jin but you are just a mortal. It is impossible for you to lift a stone that weighs sixty jin. You... Just give up! " When Little Mu said the word 'give up', her voice lowered. However, Yan Huan ignored Xiao Mu. He was still moving the rocks, but his heart was already surging with emotions. Am I really going to give up like this? Am I really unable to cultivate? Am I really going to stop here? I can't accept it! " In her heart, Yan Huan was screaming and hesitating, but it was a pity that grief and indignation could not turn into strength! In the end, he could not lift the stone up!

Xiao Mu shook her head, "You should give up. Let me talk to Master, let him send you back to the mortal realm! You don't have the ability to survive in this world. Even if you are extremely intelligent, you will still not be able to get what you want! " Little Mu picked up his sword and left. However, when he turned back to look at Yan Huan, he continued to shake his head. Seeing that Xiao Mu had left, Yan Huan screamed and ran away frantically.

"Under a towering tree at the back of Freezing Sky Clan, Yan Huan was squatting and crying. Her tears had long since wet her delayed clothes." Am I destined to never get my revenge? Am I really going back to the mortal realm? Grandpa! I can't accept this! I want revenge! " Yan Huan pounded the ground repeatedly with his hands. Yan Huan slowly stood up and shouted towards the empty cliff, "Heavens! "Why are you so unfair!" Young man, heaven is fair. He will not give you more because of your piety, nor will he give you less because of your sin. You are a mortal, and the Heavens should not bestow you with divine power. Yet, you actually came to the Immortal World! This is already heaven-defying! " An elderly voice sounded from behind Yan Huan.

Yan Huan was alarmed and quickly turned her head around. He saw an old man with fluttering white hair standing with his hands behind his back. He was wearing a black robe. Yan Huan thought, "Although I am not a cultivator, but my hearing and vision are still very good. This old man soundlessly appeared behind me. He must be a powerful being. " "With that thought in mind, Yan Huan bowed to the old man." Old sir, can you tell me who you are? And why is it like this? " The old man smiled, "You know my identity. As for why I'm here, of course it's you who brought me here." Yan Huan was puzzled. She then asked, "Old sir, you must be joking. I've never seen you before, let alone bringing you here."

The old man laughed: "Hahahaha, you really don't remember me? Awesome words! I was personally sealed in your body by your grandfather! " "What?!" Yan Huan retreated continuously. You... You are the Samsara Compass! Impossible! "Impossible!" The old man lightly waved his sleeve. "What's impossible?" Yan Huan stammered, "You …" Obviously … It was an item! How to... How did you become an adult? "

The old man laughed heartily: "Hahahaha, lodging summer, lodging summer! Your grandson is really an idiot! Since you didn't teach him cultivation methods back then, and now you sent him to this cultivation world! "You really want him to die!" Don't scold my grandpa! My grandfather is a good person! " "Yan Huan was naturally displeased to hear the old man speak of his grandfather in such a manner." Good people? "Hahaha." The old man sneered: "Boy, you don't really think he's your grandfather do you?" Yan Huan lowered her head. "I know! I'm an orphan adopted by Grandfather. " Yan Huan's voice was very low, almost non-existent.

"Well, you don't have to do this. I know that your grandfather sealed me within your body, but he didn't have the intention of using the seal of life! Humph! This old man, he wanted to take some benefits for his grandson even after he died! "Fine!" With a wave of his hand, Yan Huanhuan floated into the air. Yan Huan shouted, "Senior, what are you doing?" "His hands clawed wildly in the air, and his legs kicked desperately in the air." Kid, your grandfather sealed me within your body because he wants me to use the power of reincarnation to recreate your body! Boy, you have a good grandfather! I remember back then, your grandfather also unintentionally obtained me, and used my power of reincarnation to cultivate to the Aurora Realm. Unfortunately, later on, he encountered a strong enemy and was beaten half to death, escaping with his life on the line. From then on, he went into seclusion in the mortal world, but someone found him and chased after him! " The old man explained as he controlled a gray gas to wrap around Yan Huan.

At this moment, Yan Huan seemed to be in endless pain. Her entire body was filled with a certain kind of power. The Qi was actually like a flame, burning all the cells in her body. Yan Huan wanted to shout, wanted to shout! "He didn't even have the strength to open his mouth." Kid, does it hurt? What did this little bit of pain count for! In the future, there will be people who will suffer a hundred times more than this on the road of cultivation! " "The old man's robe billowed from the force of the blow." Alright, the last step! "I shall protect one with my spirit and channel my spirit back into my dantian!" Boom! The force dissipated. Yan Huan fell to the ground.

"Yan Huan woke up after a while." "You're awake!" "Yes." The old man replied calmly. "Right." Yan Huan's entire being seemed to have changed. He slowly stood up, the corner of his mouth slightly raised. One of his eyes was half-closed as he spoke calmly. temperament! "Everything has changed!" It seems that you have truly changed. This way is also good. You are no longer the crying brat from before. Old man, it's time for me to go too. It's been so many years since I've been to the Immortal World, it's time for me to go out and take a look. Take this talisman, I can save your life in the nick of time. " The old man took out a talisman and handed it to Yan Huan. Yan Huan took it over and carefully examined it. When he raised his head, the old man had already disappeared. "Putong!" Yan Huan kneeled down and kowtowed three times towards the sky. "Old mister, although I am not satisfied with you insulting my grandfather like this, I am still very grateful to you."

The Immortal's Cave pierced through the dome of heaven. The original path was a mess, but with a smile, he had to find his way.

The clouds and mountains floated about. People came and went. It was just loneliness. At most, he would make the wrong wine.

Yan Huan walked towards the Wintry Pavilion while stepping on the fallen leaves. This time, he would definitely be able to lift that 60-pound stone! No! So what if it weighed sixty Jin! 6000 jin was not a problem! At this moment, there were two people standing in the Wintry Pavilion, Little Mu and Master. Yan Huan ran over and bowed to Little Mu. "Master, senior apprentice-sister." Yan Huan, your senior sister has already told me about you. "What do you mean?" "Yes." The old man replied calmly. "Master." Yan Huan shook her head. "I need to continue cultivating. And now, I already have strength!" "There was no change in Yan Huan's expression at all. "Hmm?" The old man looked at Yan Huan, and Yan Huan walked towards a large stone. This stone weighed at least 300 Jin. Yan Huan crossed her arms and effortlessly lifted the stone. Then, she removed one of her hands and raised it with the other! Xiao Mu was shocked, "How is that possible? He couldn't lift a stone that weighed 60 jin just now, but now … "No, impossible!" The old man was slightly startled as well, but then he started to laugh.

"Yan Huan, looks like your grandpa has held back." Well, then, you stay. Lil 'Mu, are you able to see Yan Huan's current cultivation? " The old man nodded slightly. So when Yan Huan told her master and Little Mu that she had met with trouble, she did not mention anything about the Reincarnation Compass. This was what her grandfather had warned her to not tell anyone that she had one! His master knew that his grandfather was a cultivator and his cultivation was not low, so he naturally thought it was his grandfather's backup. He would no longer suspect that there was any treasure on his body. "Master, I'm afraid Junior Brother Yan Huan has already entered the Genuine Force." "What?" Little Mu stared at Yan Huan in shock. That's right, your Junior Brother is already at the Martial Level. It was Wu Tian Xing! Moreover, his strength far surpassed the average person of the martial arts realm. Seems like he consumed a Zhizun realm grade-1 pill! If that's the case, you can now officially pass on to him the Frost Sword Technique, the basic sword technique of my Cold Hades Sword Sect. "

"Yes!" Master! " Little Mu clasped her hands. The old man nodded and floated away.

"Yan Huan, let's first learn the chants of the Frost Sword Technique." Read it to me. "The energy is contained within the sword, the fingers of the sword are in the sky …"


"You are really smart. You are able to remember this chant in less than an hour. Then we'll practice our sword techniques next. Look carefully, senior sister will demonstrate it to you once! " Little Mu smiled at Yan Huan and drew her sword. Her graceful figure danced in the air, sometimes like a swimming dragon and sometimes like an eagle spreading its wings. Sometimes like a phoenix soaring into the sky, while sometimes like a large snake swallowing the sky. Every strike was just right. As they danced, snow began to fall from the sky. This was what it meant to be Heaven's Perception. Little Mu was about to comprehend the true essence of Qi. She was just one step away from entering the Zhenqi realm!

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