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"Senior Sister, your dancing is really good." Yan Xiao said with a smile. Little Mu glanced at him. "Don't say that I'm good at dancing. Just say how many moves you memorized." Little Mu thrust the sword forward, and the corners of Yan Huan's mouth curled up slightly as she received the sword from Little Mu. The young man slashed both sides of the air with his right hand, and with a twist of his wrist, the sword flew through the air. The sound of the sword was like a broken piece of metal. Yan Huan closed her eyes and tilted her head slightly to the left. "Suddenly, a sword thrust out and a fallen leaf was pierced." whoosh whoosh whoosh * Another few sword strikes pierced through the fallen leaves one by one. Little Mu nodded. This move, 'Overlapping Ice Shadow', could be said to be a very good move! When Xiao Mu saw the depths, she couldn't help but cheer. "With a slight smile, Yan Huan changed the direction of her sword." Ice Drake Breaks the Heavens! " One sword shadow after another danced out from Yan Huan, creating a dragon made of swords. Falling leaves fell everywhere, but not a single one of them fell to the ground. This sword technique could be described as strange!

"Eight Extreme Frost!" Another sword move. Yan Huan was spinning, while the fallen leaves were being drawn by the sword qi as they swirled around Yan Huan. Yan Huan shouted, "Nine Revolutions Frost!" This was the final move of the Frost Sword Technique. The surrounding fallen leaves instantly dispersed and slowly floated to the ground. The youth dispersed all his energy and stood up with his sword behind his back. He had so many kinds of amorous feelings, yet Little Mu was absent-minded for a moment, staring at him dumbfoundedly. Yan Huan looked at Xiao Mu, her black eyes soft as water. Little Mu had just come back to her senses when she saw Yan Huan staring at her. She could not help but blush before exhaling a long breath.

"Junior Brother, you have truly amazed me!" I didn't expect you to be so smart. It's only been one look and you've already learned it to this extent. Looks like that Zhizun realm pill wasn't eaten in vain. Can you tell me what pill you took? Seven divine abilities Pill? "Exquisite Great Luodan?" Little Mu asked. She was indeed impressed by Yan Huan's sword technique. In terms of the subtlety of the sword technique, regardless of realm, Yan Huan was definitely superior to Little Mu.

Yan Huan was stunned. He had never taken a supreme dan bead before, but the power of reincarnation was indeed mysterious. Not only did it reconstruct his body, it also stimulated his entire potential. "Senior Sister, please forgive me. I also don't know what pill I'm taking. Grandpa never told me what this pill was called, he only said that it would help me." It wasn't that Yan Huan didn't believe in Little Mu. It was just that the fewer people who knew about the Rebirth Compass, the better. Otherwise, blood would flow like a river again. He didn't want the tragedy in the village to happen again.

"It's nothing. I was just asking." Yan Huan, although your sword technique is exquisite, it's missing one thing! " Little Mu said with a smile. "What is it?" "Yan Huan asked hurriedly." "Killing intent!" Little Mu snatched the sword from Yan Huan's hand and stabbed it towards her. Yan Huan instantly felt as if she had fallen into an icy pond! Cold! Endless cold energy attacked! "Little Mu swung his sword downwards, and the cold Qi dissipated. Only then did Yan Huanhuan heave a sigh of relief." Powerful! Powerful! Senior Sister, you're too awesome! " "Thank you so much," Yan Huan couldn't help but praise. "Let's go!" "Little Mu ignored Yan Huanhuan and took off with her sword." "Where are you going?" Yan Huan chased after him in a hurry.

Yan Huan followed Little Mu down the mountain and into a gloomy forest. Little Mu didn't seem to have any intentions of stopping, as the trees grew denser and denser. "A roar suddenly rang out, and Yan Huan couldn't help but shiver." This is the Qianduan Forest, there are many demon beasts here. I will often send new disciples to practice the sword art again. You must train here today when you will be able to kill and when you can stop! " At this moment, she was like a cold-blooded assassin! Little Mu passed the sword to Yan Huanhuan and leaped onto a tree.

As Yan Huan held onto the sword, his hands began to tremble. Xiao Mu suddenly threw down a bottle. The bottle shattered and a red liquid flowed out of it. Yan Huan sniffed with her nose and was immediately shocked! It was blood! "Little Mu is trying to use the smell of blood to attract wild beasts to attack Yan Huan!" Whoosh * Suddenly, a strong gust of wind blew past. Yan Huanhuan's black robe fluttered as the blue ribbon in her hair fluttered in the wind. A fierce tiger suddenly pounced over! Yan Huan hurriedly dodged, but the speed of the tiger was too fast. Three bloody wounds appeared on Yan Huan's arm. Yan Huan raised her sword and pointed it at the tiger, staring fixedly at it. The tiger was not completely a tiger. He had a horn growing out of his head and there was a shiny crystal stone in the middle of his forehead.

When a tiger saw blood, it naturally wouldn't let go of Yan Huan. He took a step back, stretched out his front legs, and suddenly lunged forward. Yan Huan actually did not dodge! Upon seeing that Yan Huan had yet to dodge, Little Mu was taken aback. Just as he was about to make his move, Yan Huan brandished her sword and retreated continuously. The sword shadows transformed into a sword dragon. The Sword Dragon had actually completely deflected the tiger's attack. Yan Huan abruptly drew back his sword and charged forward. At the same time, Yan Huan flipped empty-handed onto the tiger's back and stabbed down with his sword. Blood gushed out in an instant!

The dark forest was dyed red by the blood!

Yan Huan lifted up her sword and walked to the front of the tiger. With a flick of her sword, the crystal on the tiger's head was picked out and dropped into Yan Huan's hand. "" Yan Huan carefully sized up this piece of crystal stone, which shone with a devilish purple light. " "These crystals are the martial crystals of the Mang Horn Tiger. This piece of martial crystal is not small, and can probably be sold for five Foundation Establishment Pills." Xiao Mu sat on a tree, swinging his legs and said leisurely. Senior Sister, what is a Foundation Establishment Pill? " Yan Huan raised her head and looked at Little Mu.

"The Foundation Establishment Pill is a peak Mortal pill. It is mainly here to lay down the foundation for cultivation. The lowest level of medicinal pills, Mortal max level medicinal pills were usually the hard currency used in transactions, just like money used in the ordinary world. Other than the Foundation Establishment Pills, there were those that reached the maximum human grade. There were also the Elemental Nativity Pills and the Nine Yang Pills. A single Elemental Nativity Pill could be exchanged for a hundred Foundation Establishment Pills, and similarly, a single Nine Yang Pill could be exchanged for a hundred Elemental Nativity Pills. However, we, Zi Xiao Tian, usually use the Foundation Establishment Pills and the Elemental Daughter Pellets. We can only see the Nine Yang Pills in Yun Xiao Tian and Ling Xiao Tian. These were all recorded in the Introduction to the Five Realms. Of course, even at the maximum human grade, it is only a life support pill. There are even better pills, such as the earth treasure grade, the Heaven's End grade, and the Martial Saint grade pills that you have once consumed. " At this point, there was a trace of envy in Xiao Mu's eyes as she looked at Yan Huanhuan. After all, Martial Saint pills were hard to come by. Even a master might not have one.

Upon hearing that there was so much knowledge contained within the pill, Yan Huan was taken aback. She opened her mouth to ask something more. However, Little Mu pointed to the side, while Yan Huan looked over. A blood-red blood wolf bared its fangs, coldly staring at Yan Huan. Yan Huan was shocked. If that blood wolf had launched a sneak attack just now, Yan Huan would have inevitably been injured once more. Strangely, the blood wolf didn't make a move. It only stared at Yan Huan. When Yan Huan saw that the blood wolf did not make a move, he immediately reacted. It was waiting for its companion! Yan Huan hastily brandished his sword and thrust it towards the blood wolf. The blood wolf leaped and dodged Yan Huan's attack. Just as Yan Huan was about to strike again, she found herself surrounded!

"This Blood Wolf is cunning! I have to be careful! " Yan Huan thought in his heart. There were a total of seven blood wolves! Yan Huan decided to attack the wall first! He flicked his sword and rushed to the left. There were two blood wolves on the left side. One of them, seeing Yan Huohuan charge towards him, also jumped forward to welcome him. Unexpectedly, Yan Huan took a step forward, pointed the long sword at the ground, and with a twist, stabbed at the blood wolf on his right hand. The blood wolf was unable to react in time and was pierced by Yan Huan. A blood wolf hurriedly rushed over. With three steps, Yan Huan stepped on the tree. With a somersault and a sword thrust, the blood wolf was nailed to the tree. With the sound of wind blowing behind his head, Yan Huan pulled out his sword and with a "Ice Sword Breaks the Army", the blood wolf was cut into two halves with a single sweep!

In just 10 breaths of time, in 10 breaths of time, three Blood Wolves had perished under his sword!

Fresh blood dyed Yan Huan's black clothes red. Yan Huan wiped the blood off her face!

The other four Blood Wolves only surrounded Yan Huan, not daring to take even half a step closer. However, Yan Huan was unwilling to just wait. With the sword in hand, she walked forward step by step. The blood wolf in front of her was forced back by Yan Huan. While Yan Huan was still moving forward, the blood wolf suddenly turned around and crazily dashed forward. Yan Huan's eyes turned cold. She jumped a few steps and caught up to the blood wolf. From behind, she swung her sword and the blood wolf fell to the ground with a scream! Yan Huan turned around and saw that the remaining three blood wolves had long disappeared. Yan Huan continued to challenge the blood wolf's martial crystal.

"Not bad, not bad." Xiao Mu could not help but praise Yan Huan when he saw him slay four Blood Wolves. It's just that after running for three times, you can continue. Little Mu raised his chin happily. Yan Huan looked in all directions and saw that even more Blood Wolves had rushed over. Those three had actually gone back to bring reinforcements! Yan Huanhuan also saw the blood wolves, including a few Man-Horned Tigers, a few single-horned rhinoceroses, and a few unknown demonic beasts! Yan Huan wiped off the blood on the sword, then with a turn of her wrist, she dashed into the herd of demon beasts.

Seeing Yan Huanhuan acting so arrogantly, Little Mu frowned and shook his head. Yan Huan, on the other hand, didn't bother with these. He raised his sword, swung it, stabbed, and pulled out his sword. This monotonous action gradually dyed the youth's eyes blood-red.

The world was too bitter, but there was no boat to cross. Laughter! Drunk! It would be better to use his sword to kill!

I don't want to be angry anymore. It was difficult! Gratitude! But if you want to cut off the head, then don't be afraid!

Yan Huan had killed for an entire hour, and her entire body was filled with wounds! Around him, the corpses of the demonic beasts lay in circles. Blood dripped down along the young man's clothes and onto the ground. The young man stood there, his long hair fluttering in the wind. His eyes were tightly shut, as if he was reminiscing about the slaughter that had just occurred.

At this moment, Xiao Mu didn't know what to do about this junior brother of hers. She was sitting on a tree, not knowing what to do! Only when Yan Huan fell to the ground did she hurriedly jump down and give him a Blood Coagulation Pill. Carrying her joy on her back, she walked towards the entrance of the mountain. Senior Sister, am I alright this time? Yan Huan asked in a low voice. Xiao Mu could not help but smile bitterly. "Yan Huan, you're not allowed to do this again next time." However, Yan Huan continued to ask, "Do I have killing intent this time around?" Little Mu could not help but sniff. Yes! This time, your killing intent has surpassed Senior Sister's! " The corners of Yan Huan's lips curled up as she fell into a deep sleep on Xiao Mu's back.

He was tired.

When the first rays of sunlight fell upon the earth, Yuki slowly opened her eyes. The strange thing was, her wounds were almost healed. Yan Huanhuan looked at it, puzzled. "How did this happen?" "You're awake!" "Little Mu came in with a basin of water." Yes. Senior Sister, my injuries? " "Yan Huan asked hurriedly." Oh. It was Master who healed your injuries. However, because you have consumed Martial Saint pills before, your body's quality is different from ordinary people. So, Master did not spend too much effort on it. " "Little Mu said as she poured tea." "Oh." "Yes, master." Yan Huan nodded, but in her heart she was worried that her master had discovered his secret. Alright, get up quickly. Senior Sister will take you out to play today! " Little Mu giggled as she spoke.

Yan Huan hurriedly asked, "Are you going to play? "Where should we go to play?" I won't tell you, but I'll come find you in a while, hurry up! " Little Mu turned around and left.

Yan Huan immediately got off the bed and washed her face and rinsed her mouth. However, it was only a short while before Xiao Mu arrived. Yan Huan, let's go! " Little Mu called out. Yan Huan immediately followed Little Mu out.

The two of them descended the mountain and walked for more than an hour. Senior Sister, where are we going? You've already been gone for such a long time! " Yan Huan complained. Little Mu smiled and pointed at a city in front of them, "We're here!" Yan Huan looked in the direction that Little Mu was pointing at, and a huge city appeared in his eyes. Little Mu dragged Yan Huan into the city.

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