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Little Mu dragged Yan Huan towards the city.

"Senior sister, what city is this?" Yan Huan asked.

"This city is called Giant Cauldron City. It is the location of the Giant Cauldron Merchant Guild's branch in the Central Continent. "

"Giant Cauldron Trading Company?"

"A merchant guild is a place used for trade by cultivators. The Giant Cauldron Merchant Guild is one of the best." Rumor has it that the Giant Cauldron Merchant Guild has branches in Ling Xiaotian, and even in the Demon World, Demon World, Dragon World, and Buddhist World! "

"Ling Xiaotian, the Dragon World, the Demon World, the Devil World, and the Buddha World. I'll have to see these places one by one sooner or later!"

"Sure. Elder Sister is waiting for you to reach Immortal Ascension and conquer the Five Realms! " Little Mu smiled as he spoke, his serious eyes seemed to have seen the joy in his words as he swept across the entire Five Realms.

"Halt, everyone who enters this giant cauldron city must pay five Foundation Establishment Pills!" A guard stopped Yan Huan Xiao Mu. "Little Mu handed a small bag to the guard. Inside the bag are ten Foundation Establishment Pills." "Alright, go on in." The guard opened the pouch and took a look.

Yan Huan followed Little Mu into the city. What are we doing here this time? "Senior apprentice-sister." Yan Huan liked to ask questions when he had nothing else to do, and would not stop for even a moment. "Xiao Mu seemed to be used to it, always talking patiently to Yan Huan." This time, Master asked me to purchase some medicinal herbs and a few leather tools. "Of course, since you killed so many demon beasts yesterday, we sold them all. This fortune is the first pot of gold you earned after entering the path of cultivation!" Little Mu smiled at Yan with approval as she spoke.

"Oh. What is a peeler? " Yan Huan asked another question. Little Mu shook her head helplessly. The Leather Tool was one of the ranks of the Magic Treasures, and also the lowest level of Magic Treasures. Above that were artifacts, grand artifacts, cauldrons, and even immortal artifacts! Once a treasure reaches the grand-rank, it will produce Spiritual Awareness. As long as this Spiritual Awareness is able to survive the Treasure Tribulation, it can transform into an adult! " When Yan Huan heard about transforming into an adult, she suddenly thought of the Samsara Compass. It seemed that the Samsara Compass was at least at the Hong-level!

"We're here. This is the entrance to the Thousand Grass Valley of the Giant Cauldron Merchant Guild. It specializes in selling medicinal ingredients." Let's go in! "


As soon as Xiao Mu and Yan Huan walked in, a female cultivator immediately came forward to greet them. The woman was around 20 some years old and was extremely lively. She wore a phoenix gold hairpin, and wore a red robe. My name is Xiao Hongyi, may I ask what Young Miss's name is? " Little Mu clasped her fists. My name is Song, and my name is Mu. This is my junior apprentice-brother. This time, the two of us have come under the orders of Master Hua Taixu to buy some medicinal ingredients. " Xiao Mu said in detail. The woman in red smiled. "So you are Senior Hua's disciple!" Please come with me! " The woman in red led the way. Little Mu and Yan Huan followed the woman into the cabinet.

"The three of them sat down, and a disciple of the Giant Cauldron Merchant Guild poured the three of them a cup of tea." Senior Xiao, my master ordered me to buy these ingredients, please help me get them. " Little Mu passed the list to the red-clothed girl, who took it and left. Yan Huan obediently sat there drinking tea as her eyes constantly scanned her surroundings. She was just a countryside bumpkin who had never seen the world before.

Not long later, the woman brought the medicinal ingredients over. Miss Song, these medicinal ingredients total to seven thousand Foundation Establishment Pills. " The woman said. Yan Huan was shocked. Seven thousand! So many! Fortunately, he had only said that in his heart. If he had said it out loud, he would have lost a lot of face today! Little Mu took out seven silver cards and handed them to the girl, who accepted them. Senior Xiao, this junior of mine killed quite a few Demonic Beasts yesterday. These are the Martial Crystals he collected. Yan Huan quickly handed the bag with the martial crystal over to the woman in red. When the woman in red saw that, she was quite shocked. She thought in her heart, "This boy is only in the martial arts realm. To actually be able to kill so many Monstrous Beasts in one day. Is this little girl lying?" But he said, "Oh. The Mang Horn Tiger's martial crystal was five Foundation Establishment Pills, the Blood Wolf's was three Foundation Establishment Pills, the Golden Rhino's was four Foundation Establishment Pills, and the Thunder Beast's was ten Foundation Establishment Pills. You have a total of six Man-Horned Tiger Martial Crystals, twenty Blood Wolf Martial Crystals, three Golden Rhinoceros and two Lightning Gathering Beasts, for a total of one hundred and twenty-two Foundation Establishment Pills. This is a one hundred denomination copper card and twenty-two Foundation Establishment Pills, take them! " The woman in red took out a bronze card and a silk belt. Yan Huan took it and thanked him happily.

"Senior Xiao, thank you. Since that's the case, we won't disturb you any further." Little Mu said. The woman in red nodded. Little Mu and Yan Huan left Thousand Grass Valley.

"Senior Sister, I'm rich!" "Hahaha!" "Yan Huan laughed happily." "This is my first pot of gold upon stepping into the path of Immortal Cultivation. Let me think about what I should use it to buy." Little Mu couldn't help but be amused by Yan Huan's happy expression.

"Alright, let's go to the Hundred Treasures Hall first. We'll complete Master's mission first, then senior sister will take you on a tour around the city."

"En!" Yan Huan looked at the girl who was about his age. She had always been taking care of him. Even though she had once told him to give up cultivating, she was worried that he wouldn't be able to hold on. Even though she had brought him to the Qianduan Forest so that he could become strong!

She was just like an older sister. Although she was good to him, she was also bad to him. Regardless of whether she was good to him or bad, it was all for his own good!

As Yan Huan was thinking, she suddenly hugged Little Mu. Little Mu was taken aback. He immediately lifted his hands into the air. After a long while, Yan Huan finally let go of his hands. The two of them did not say a word as they walked forward.

"Senior sister, I …" Yan Huan finally could not bear it any longer and wanted to say something. However, Little Mu waved back and gave him a smile. Yan Huohuan thought, "Looks like Senior Sister is angry." I have to find a way to coax her. "

"We're here. Let's go in." Little Mu didn't look at Yan Huan. Actually, Little Mu wasn't angry, but rather shy. This was the first time she was hugged by a man. However, Yan Huan did not know that Xiao Mu was just shy and not angry.

"Is this the Hundred Treasure Hall? So generous! " Yan Huan looked around, once again acting like a country bumpkin entering a city. "" Little Mu was angered silly by his ignorance and just smacked him on the head. "Pain!" Yan Zhang shouted as he looked at Xiao Mu. Xiao Mu was so angry by him. "This is too embarrassing!" Senior Sister, you don't have to be angry anymore! " Yan Huan said with a mischievous smile. Little Mu ignored him and proceeded to enter the Hundred Treasure Hall. A voice suddenly came from behind him. It was Little Mu.

"Sister Song Mu!" Xiao Mu was taken aback for a moment before he turned around to take a look. He saw a man dressed in white with a fan in his hand. There were four attendants standing beside him. The man was around nineteen to twenty years old. His white hair was tied with a black lock, and his face was extremely handsome. His eyebrows were sharp, and his eyes were sparkling. He had already reached the Astral Energy Realm!

"Senior Brother He!" Little Mu didn't expect to meet him here. This Senior Brother He is the head disciple of Freezing Sky Sword Sect's Freezing Moon Hall, Eldest Brother! It was called 'He Lin'! He was not the disciple of Hall Master Hua Taixu, but rather the son of a vice sect leader of the Freezing Moon Hall. In other words, he was an immortal genius, so He Tong wanted to raise him up to be the hall master of the Freezing Moon Hall.

"Why is senior brother here?" Little Mu asked. He Lin closed his fan. "What a coincidence. I came here to buy some things, but I met my Junior Sister instead! This is probably fate! " He Lin took a step forward and approached Little Mu. "I wonder why Junior Sister is here?"

"Master asked me to buy some leather tools and medicinal herbs. I've already bought some medicinal herbs. I'll buy some leather tools now, and I'll also take my Junior Brother out for a stroll!" "Junior apprentice-brother?" He Lin frowned. That's right! "Yan Huan, come over here. Quickly come over and greet our senior brother. This is our Freezing Moon Hall's senior brother!" Xiao Mu pulled Yan Huan to the front of He Lin. Seeing how intimate Xiao Mu and Yan Huan were, He Lin had a displeased look on his face. Yan Huan greets Senior Brother He! " Yan Huan had clearly noticed that He Lin was interested in Little Mu, so it lazily bowed to him.

"Seeing that Yan Huohuan did not know the proper etiquette, He Lin felt even more uncomfortable." Junior Sister, let's go in. There's a Treasure Auction today, we can go and take a look after buying everything! " He Lin made a gesture to invite her in, and Xiao Mu entered, and Yan Huan immediately followed after her. "When He Lin saw this, his heart was already burning with anger!" "You're courting death!" He said in his ear: "Big Senior, this person is called Ying Huanhuan, he is a disciple the Palace Master has just accepted. I heard that he came from the mortal realm, his grandfather seemed to be a cultivator, sent him to the cultivation world before he died, and even left him a Martial Saint level pellet. After he consumed it, he immediately became a martial arts cultivator!" He Lin was shocked, Martial Saint level pills were indeed enough to shock him. " Interesting, interesting. " He Lin laughed coldly and followed Yan Huan and the others in.

"Junior sister, what kind of leather tool does the Palace Mistress want you to buy? For whom? " It was a pity that Little Mu did not seem to want to bother with him. Little Mu knew that He Lin liked her, but He Lin usually relied on his power to bully others, so Little Mu hated him. It was nothing, just some common leather tools that were unable to enter his senior brother's eyes. For someone with Senior-apprentice Brother's cultivation, they will naturally use treasures, or even a great weapon! " He Lin was rendered speechless by Little Mu's words.

When Yan Huan heard that Little Mu was so mean to He Lin, she couldn't help but rejoice in her heart.

A middle-aged man from the Hundred Treasures Hall immediately walked up to Xiao Mu and the others when he saw them. After Xiao Mu gave Hua Taixu his name, the middle-aged man respectfully led Xiao Mu and the others to a room. Xiao Mu passed the goods to the middle-aged man and the man left. Little Mu and co. sat there drinking tea. As they did so, they looked a little awkward.

"Junior Sister, let's go watch the Treasure Auction next! I heard that there are a lot of treasures this time! " He Lin said again. "Thank you senior for your hospitality, but I am indeed a little tired today and would like to rest early." Xiao Mu only looked at the tea, not at He Lin.

"He Lin is truly angry this time!" Peng! He Lin slammed the table and stood up, "Hmph!" Junior Sister, what do you mean by this? You won't even look at me when I kindly invite you to the Treasure Auction! Let me tell you, Song Mu! The position of Freezing Moon Hall's Hall Master will belong to me sooner or later. If you don't obey me today, will you be able to live your days in the future? "Hahaha!" He Lin laughed loudly.

"He Lin, you …" Xiao Mu slammed the table in anger, gritted her teeth, and pointed at He Lin.

"How dare you!" "Yan Huan took over Little Mu's words and shouted loudly." I've seen shameless people, but I've never seen such a shameless person like you! Sooner or later, the position of Palace Lord will be yours? Let me ask you! Where did your bullshit confidence come from! " Yan Huan also slammed the table and stood up. This time, the table was actually broken. The youth's black eyes stared coldly at He Lin, as if he was about to devour him in the next moment!

He Lin obviously did not expect that Yan Huan would speak such words. Actually, not only did He Lin not think of it, Xiao Mu did not think of it either.

"Good, good, good! I didn't expect this little ant to have such guts! "But you don't have the right to speak here. Scram!" He Lin waved his big sleeve and a powerful force wanted to knock Yan Huan down. Xiao Mu immediately struck out a palm to counteract the powerful force. Yan Huan did not fall to the ground.

"He Lin, how dare you!" Little Mu rebuked angrily. Why would I not dare! From the looks of it, Song Mu, you are going to fight me! " He Lin looked coldly at Little Mu. " "You …" Little Mu pointed at He Lin and was unable to say a word. Naturally, she was no match for He Lin. " Since you don't dare to make a move, then get out of the way! This disciple had just entered the sect and didn't know the rules! As the eldest senior brother, I will discipline him well! " He Lin approached Yan Huan step by step. Little Mu pulled Yan Huan behind him, but he didn't think that Yan Huan would actually behind him!

So be it! I'm not afraid of you! " Yan Huan shouted loudly.

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