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C1 Prologue

In New Orleans, there are no paranormal creatures existed. There are no paranormal things at all. Can you believe it? What if the paranormal creatures are living in another realm that is totally invisible to humans. That's possible, right?

There's a street in New Orleans that absolutely looks like an entrance to a large forest. That's where a realm is hidden. Only paranormal creatures can enter it with a secret portal. Humans will just pass the road and reach their homes without even knowing about a place like that.

" We should Break-up. You are driving me crazy. I hate you" a teen girl scolded in her phone passing the road. She hangs up on her boyfriend before he had time to explain it to her. She glanced at her watch. The whole place feels weird to her. She couldn't spot any persons. She kept on walking fastly hoping to reach her home. But it seems like she's walking for hours. The darkness, wind, silence gave her goosebumps. She's the one person who's standing on a road alone.

When she finally spotted the street board, the name feels different. It says " Slateville". A street like that doesn't even exist. She looks around everywhere to find nothing. She regretted dumping her boyfriend. Now, who will take her home? She fumbled to take her phone and call her brother. When she concentrated on searching his number, there's a silent whisper ringing in her ear.

" Who's that?" she bravely asked with lots of fear inside her and trembling legs. She looked again at the board. Some words appeared right before her eyes below the word " Slateville"

"Beware of this town" written in blood.

' Is it really blood' she gasped and dropped her phone. ' Oh god, I want to go home' she thought to herself

" Well, there's no possibility for that," says someone behind her. she turned with her mouth opened wide to see a boy standing five feet away from her. How come she didn't see him before while she's standing there for more than an hour.

" Who are you"

" That's not important. You saw too much." He smirked. She can't even able to see his face clearly in the dark. when he moved closer to her, she can see something she never imagined.


" Ahhhhhhhhhhh" Her scream echoed all over the place but no one can hear her. Well, no humans can hear her. She felt into darkness and went unconscious. She's in Slateville where everything excited.

Vampires, werewolf, witch, warlock, demons, banshee, etc.... no human is supposed to see.

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