Sydney Marin series/C2 chapter-01
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Sydney Marin series/C2 chapter-01
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C2 chapter-01

Sydney Marin

" Hear these words hear my cry,

spirit from the other side,

come to me I summon thee"

I chanted these lines with full concentration. I already placed Five candles in the middle of the forest. It's going to be Midnight and I can't able to figure out how to use this spell perfectly to bring back my dead parent's spirit. I even placed both of their photos in the middle of the candles.

" Why can't I do this spell? Iam good at everything than this," I shouted in irritation. Iam a very good witch in my sixteen years. I will turn sixteen in one week and all of my life I never left my house. I don't have any memories of my parents. They died when Iam three. Now Iam with my Aunt Lydia. She always tells one thing " Never leave our house and you shouldn't talk with others. Iam telling this to protect you. That's your parents wish bla bla bla..." I mimicked her in my mind.

Iam not a kid. I don't need protection. I want to explore my realm Slatteville city. I want to take with other witches in my age. I even wanna know about Vampires, werewolf, and make some friends which Iam not allowed to do. In my whole life, it's only me and my aunt.

I walked over to a tree and sat down turning off my torch. The candle lights in enough for me, Iam not afraid of the dark. The silence never haunted me. I kept my hands on my head which is hurting like hell whenever I tried this spell.

It hurts me that I never got to see my parents. My aunt loves me and cares for me even though she acted harsh sometimes. But I want my parents. I think I will stay here near the tree than going back to my home. She will be angry because I left the house. She doesn't know I stole her powerful spell book to summon my parent's spells. I crawled a little to get the Spellbook. It's big and more black magic inside it. Iam so eager to try it all. What am I gonna do being alone every day than trying some spells?

Suddenly the wind is getting stronger, the fire in the candle is all blown away. I heard some silent whispering.

" Is anybody here?" I shouted turning on the torch and looked around everywhere. But the whisper started to gets louder. When I concentrated on it harder I can hear my name over and over.

Sydney Marin

Sydney Marin

Sydney Marin

I closed my ears as the whispers turned into a shrieking noise. I don't know why am I hearing my name continuously. Something's wrong. I gotta reach my home. I left all the candles there, kept my parent's photo in my jeans pocket. Iam wearing my blue T-shirt and jeans and with the large Spellbook, on one hand, a torch on the other hand. When I started running the shrieking voice follows me behind. My black hair is blown and messed up in this strong wind. Some trees around me started falling. I make my way through this wind as fast as I can. Soon on my way, a tree is about to fall. I dropped the torch and raised my hand right in the direction of the tree. A bright blue light flashed right in the direction, the tree got broken in two parts, fallen on the other side. Finally, I can see my house at the end of the forest. I stopped breathlessly at the backside of my house. Even my two-floor home looks like haunted right now.

The noise stopped once Iam near my house." Now you can't reach me." I smirked knowing my aunt used spells to block any spirits from coming here. I don't know why she did it but it's really useful right now. I surely know the spirits who are calling me are not my parents. I can feel it those voice is creepy. I tried to summon my parents, not any bad spirits. I must have messed it up again.

I walked over to the entrance slowly opening the knob of the door. The light is off. I think my aunt already slept. puff. I escaped. I slowly tried to sneak into the stairs.

" Well, let's see who's coming?" my aunt's voice ringed in my ears as the hall lights turned on in a second.

" Hi, Aunt Lydia. Did you finish your work? How's your day?" I innocently asked her. She's still in a heavy coat with many spell books on the chair. She's always busy in helping many non-witches in Slateville to do some powerful spells. You know what? that's how my parents died. Doing some dark spell which drained all their powers. They both died on the same day. That's all I know.

" I think your day will be far good than mine. Where did you go? I told you not to go anywhere," she shouted.

" I can't stay at home every day. Iam going to be sixteen soon. I can't be alone like this forever. You are putting so much restriction. Do you know I never got a friend in my life? I don't even know the outer surroundings in Slateville. I never got to see any witches like me. You traveled all over

Slateville and even visited Earth and have seen humans. But for me, the whole world is my room. I hate this," I poured every feeling inside me. Maybe I feel better now. She stared at me with her fierce eyes, Then I can see she got hurt by my sudden words. I never shouted like this. She gives me everything I ever wanted and kept being silent and I can't do that anymore.

" All I ever did is for you. Why can't you understand? Now Iam in a mood to give you lectures, just go to your room," She talks with frustration. I don't know what she's dealing with. I never got a chance to know more about her job. But Iam having the worst problem than her.

" Whatever," I walked to the stairs, hiding her Spellbook and soon I got into my room slammed the door shut. Now it's almost one o'clock and Iam not in a mood to follow her rules and sleep. Iam gonna rebel. Iam going out again through the window.

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