Sydney Marin series/C3 chapter-02
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Sydney Marin series/C3 chapter-02
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C3 chapter-02

Before I step outside rain started to pour. Can't it rain at any other time? Now Iam locked in the house again. But Iam practiced to it. I spent all my time trying to do some spells and playing games on my laptop, phone. The technology in Slateville is the same as on Earth. That's what I heard about it from my aunt. My aunt Lydia is so interested in talking about Earth and the humans than telling about Slateville.To be honest, I would better be an ordinary girl in the earth than being a witch in Slateville who is captured in the home for nearly 16 years.

Suddenly something caught my attention on my desk. I walked over and saw a book. It has a heading 'Slateville' on it and a note beside it.

Dear Sydney,

I know you always wanted to know more about Slateville. So I bought this book. It has a lot of information about this place. Today, I will come late at midnight. Stay in home-like every day. Bye.

I finished reading it with regret. She wrote it today for me but I left home within even seeing it. She might have kept it in my room while I was watching some romance movies in the hall. I don't know about other witches, but Iam so much interest in romance. My unlucky, I never ever saw or talked with a boy in real life. It's all because of the stupid protection Lydia's trying to do which I don't need at all. I love her caring for me and hate the way she's trying to hide the whole world from me.

I slowly opened the book to view some images in it. I flipped the pages and ended up seeing a royal lady in a blue gown with a tiara and scepter. She looked so stunning, beautiful. I don't know what this lady meant to Slateville. Then I read the heading.

Victoria Hale

The witch queen

I never knew there's a witch queen in Slateville. But then I noticed the rain stopped. I need to know more about this place but exploring it will be so good than just reading. I carried the book. I put on my black hoodie to hide my face in case of any problem and opened the window, stepping out of it. I don't know whether Lydia will find out or not but I just need to see my outer place at least one time. I promised myself I won't go outside without her permission. Maybe this will be the last time. I tried to balance on stepping on the edge of the window while having a grip on my book. I carefully jumped and grabbed the pipeline near the window.

Slowly I make my way down to the ground. I know Iam so good at sneaking out like this. Wish I could have done it earlier. I looked once again at my house and make my way out of the front room. Lydia probably won't check on me after she knows Iam upset. Iam not doing anything wrong. If she opened herself more and reveals why am I needed to be protected, I would have not doing this right now.

I started walking on the road glancing at every single thing. I am so grateful to see Slateville right before my eyes. Spending time in the middle of the forest will not be equal to this. There are some people walking on the road right now at midnight. Probably it will be some vampires. Who else will come out of the home at this time? There are many houses in order, bats flying above in the sky. Slateville is just like a city on the earth which I saw in movies. I really wanted to approach someone and talk with them. But approaching a stranger will be crazy. I will be embarrassed if I did something crazy.

" Watch your step," I heard a harsh voice. it's the first voice I have ever heard in my life apart from Lydia. Cause I don't remember my parents. No memories of them at all.

" Sorry" I turned to tell but the person already walked away. Then I took a turn and ended up in an empty road without a single creature. It looked creepy but I am not afraid of it. I love to see or experience something which gives me goosebumps. Nothing will be more creepy than seeing some dead wandering souls which I summoned today.

I took each step slowly. My footsteps are the only ones to be heard on the whole road. Everyone's house is locked, with no sign of any people. I expect something more like seeing a demon. It will be kinda interesting. But all I heard is my own breath and heartbeat. It feels like the whole place belongs to me and only me. Soon I got no excitement in expecting something unusual. It's just a normal road.

To my astonishment, I can finally make out some shapes over the edge of the road. I'm not a vampire to see it clearly, but I can see two persons and a growling sound. As I kept on walking my feet touched something liquid. That's when I realized I didn't wear my slippers. I think it will be water after rain. But I can smell something weird.

" Who are you?" I heard a strong voice. I looked up to see a person whose face isn't visible in the dark. I wish I had brought my torchlight. That person stays in the same place with something in his/her hand.

" Iam Sydney. Who are you?" I took further steps fastly and faced him. It's a boy and he's not holding any object in his hands. He's feeding on a girl. The liquid is blood. I stupidly thought it's water. He might be the first vampire I ever have seen.

" Drop the girl," I shouted. I wasn't planning on saying it but I did without thinking. Vampires need to feed blood. Who am I stop it?

" Did I need to follow the order of some stranger?" he laughed but dropped the girl and stood next to me. I jerked back by seeing a boy, a vampire in real.

" Hi, Iam Jacen."

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