Sydney Marin series/C4 chapter-03
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Sydney Marin series/C4 chapter-03
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C4 chapter-03

He introduced himself while Iam staring blankly at him. He's in a v-neck shirt and dark jeans with some bloodstains on his shirt and face. He looked so hot. I feel like seeing a handsome boy from a movie. He whipped it off and stared back.

" Did you killed that girl, Jacen?" I asked and felt his name on my lips.

" No. She's unconscious. She's will be dead soon. I crossed the line of Slateville. So I feed on her. Humans aren't supposed to see this place," he replied and snapped his hand. Suddenly another person emerged from nowhere taking the girl's body and vanished. I wondered who's that person with a wide-opened mouth.

" Don't be shocked. He's my bodyguard," I didn't expect a vampire having some bodyguards. I fixed my eyes on Jacen again ready to ask another question. I got infinite questions to ask as I never left my house. I got to know more about the surroundings and humans on Earth.

" The girl seems so innocent. That's not fair. Why can't you feed on animals or use blood bags?" I suggested to that handsome stranger.

" She's not innocent. She dumped her boyfriend easily and acted meanly to him on the phone call. That made me freaking hungry and angry," he simply answered walking straightly to a bench in the side of the road. I followed his path. " Why do you care about that? Who knows what he did to her?" I raised another question and Jacen's face immediately became angry.

" Cause my girlfriend dumped me without a reason. Don't make me mad or I will feed on you," he snapped and without hesitation, in temper, I raised my hand. A bright blue light flashed right on him knocking him down on the ground. I didn't mean to do that. But Iam a short-tempered person.

" I was just talking. Why did you attack without warning? You are a witch. Now I really want to feed on you. I heard Witch's blood will be tasty," he licked his lips and stood up.

" I will attack you again if you talked one more word about feeding," I made myself clear.

" Fine. Calm down and sit down, witch," he seated on the bench rubbing the dirt from his jeans.

" I won't. You are a stranger," I kept both of my hands on either side of the hips. But I really want to talk with him. I still can't take my eyes off him. 'Maybe it's because he's the first boy I ever talked in real' I consulted myself.

" You really don't want to know about this stranger. We already introduced ourselves. You are Sydney, right? Where are you from?" he said giving me space to next to him. I didn't resist to sit down.

" Iam living in this street only,"

"What? You got to be kidding me? I thought you are from Ravenwood," he laughed by my answer. I didn't make any jokes and what's a Ravenwood?

" What's a Ravenwood?" I blurted. Asking many silly questions makes me ignorant about this world in front of a boy.

" Who are you, girl? Ravenwood is a city next to Slateville. I never ever saw you on this street in my life," he laughed. His laughter is so beautiful with his dimple which makes him even more attractive but he's laughing at me which is not at all cool.

" Don't make fun of me. Explain it or I will leave," I was about to stand up but he grabbed my hand gently and stopped me. I never got any skin contact until now. His touch made me nervous. I will start shivering if he kept his hands on mine for too long.

" Don't go. I want to know about you. I will tell anything you want to know," he firmly said and I took my seat again. I'm not sure of telling my story to him but he seems interested in knowing about it and Iam still holding my book which I got from my Aunt. He didn't notice it.

" I lost my parents in my three years. My aunt has been raising me with good care until now. But she never allowed me to go out. She never gave an explanation. All she said is I need to stay at home that's what my parents wanted. It's for my safety but I desperately need to go out. I never had a friend before. Finally, I came out without telling," I finished talking while staring at somewhere but not at his face. Like I heard, Slateville is the same as Earth except for us. We are not humans. The mid-night sky and moon is so beautiful. Soon I lost in my thoughts, forgot about Jacen near me hearing my story.

" I can't imagine you lived your life like this," he said with sympathy.

" Don't pity me. Iam out here now. It won't last long but Iam fine with this," I faked my smile to avoid any pity from Jacen.

" Who said it won't last long? I will help you. Tell me who's your Aunt. There's no reason for being locked in a home for safety. Slateville is safe for everyone. You soon need to join an academy to learn more about witch magics. You deserve to enjoy this life." he cheered me up. Now, I seem happy by sharing this with him. He's so kind. I wish to see him again. I don't want this night to end.

" My aunt is a powerful witch. Her name is Lydia." I turned and faced him. He thought for a moment and answered " I know Lydia. She's one of the powerful witches in Slateville. She traveled around everywhere doing many rituals, difficult spells all by herself. But I never heard she has a niece in her house," That's me. The girl who never existed. I want to be like my aunt but I got no one to teach me any spells but nobody knows me.

" Hey don't be sad, baby." he kept his hands on my cheeks. I really started shaking from his touch. My legs and hands started trembling. Why did he call me baby? He only met me today.

" I said don't pity me but what are you doing?" I asked motioning towards his hands which is still on my cheeks.

" Iam not pitying you and don't be afraid. Your heart is beating fast right now," he said and I realized it. A vampire can easily hear it. Within seconds, he's sitting so close to me.

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