Sydney Marin series/C5 chapter-04
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Sydney Marin series/C5 chapter-04
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C5 chapter-04

I don't know what to do. I can feel his breath next to me. I need to do something.

" So you mentioned something about an academy. What's that?" I asked stopping whatever he's trying to do.

" When a girl or boy turns 16. they will receive a letter to join an academy to increase their skills and they will provide more training to the students. We will stay in the academy for a year, only allowed to visit our home twice. But we can contact our family members through the phone which is allowed. It's a three years study and there are many academy's available in slateville."

I eagerly listened and I desperately want to study there. It will be awesome to get new friends and I will work hard to be a powerful witch like my aunt.

" Wow. I never know there's an academy to learn." I excitedly spoke but realized my aunt won't allow it. I really want to convince her to join me there. She never mentioned about the academy.

" Yeah. I already turned 16. My parents will be getting admission to the sapphire academy." He happily announced. He's so lucky.

" What's a Sapphire academy?" I asked thinking the academy will be made of Sapphire. Will it be made of Sapphire. Why it's named Sapphire. immediately imagined myself stepping into an academy. I already seen enough Academy's in movies taken by humans. Now I want to know how it will look in Slateville.

" It's the number one best academy in Slateville and expensive too. It is owned by the Witch queen, victoria hale. It's a place for every species in a single academy. I thought of joining Vampire academies only for vampires but my mother wants me to go to Sapphire which as many qualities and advantages than others." he explained with full excitement.

" It's amazing. seeing all species in a single academy. Will there be Werewolfs? fairies?" I questioned.

" Yes. Of course," he said taking something small from his pocket. It's a blood bag. but it's pocket-sized.

" Do you really need to drink blood right now? and why is it so small?" I raised my eyebrow.

" Yes. Small blood bags are manufactured here in Slateville to use in need. You stopped me from feeding on a human and Like I said I will be hungry when Iam angry. Speaking of the sapphire academy, I remember my ex who will be joining in the same school. I don't like to see her again." he said and drank the blood instantly. He has an ex. How can that girl dump a boy like him? But I can't tell you that I really need to know more about him.

" Who is she? Is she a vampire?" I eagerly asked to know about her.

" She's a banshee. She's been my girlfriend for more than two years. Lately, we had many fights and she dumped me and within some weeks she found a new boyfriend. I think she did it on purpose by already having a crush on another one and got rid of me easily to go after him." Jacen frustrated said and threw the blood bag on the ground.

Iam not sure of saying anything. That girl seems to be a bad girlfriend. But I can't advise or encourage Jacen. I have never been in a relationship. Now I need to say something to get up out of his frustrated mood.

" You don't need to worry about the girl. If she didn't care about you why are you still thinking? I don't know anything about the relationship but anger doesn't suit you. Just smile." I calmly said and after some moment of silence, he's back to himself.

" I talked more about me now tell me do you have a boyfriend?" he asked me even though he knows I never talked with anyone.

" You already know the answer, Jacen. Don't be an annoying person." I hit in his arms lightly.

" Maybe you have any on the internet. Any internet boyfriend?" I tried to hit him again and he noticed my book.

" What are you holding?" he grabbed my book and read the title.

" Give it back to me. My aunt bought it for me." I tried to get it but he kept his hands higher and away from me.

" It's a beginner book for children. Your aunt should have bought it when you are 7 years old," he said still keeping it away from me.

" Who cares about that? I need to read it. It's mine."

" I already read it. If you want I will tell you. You don't need this." he smiled and kept it even away from my hands. He's probably making me move closer to him and I don't care about that. All I need is my book back.

I kept my one hand on his chest and leaned to get it. He's so taller than me and especially his hands. Soon enough, both our bodies are close to each other, and Iam literally on his lap on the bench. Finally, he gave up by giving my book back. When he returned by book, he acted fastly my kissing me mouth to mouth, keeping his one hand on my waist and other on my hair. I was caught up in the moment and felt nervous to the core. I can feel his lips on me. I dropped my book which I have been trying to get this whole time.

I broke the kiss by coming back to consciousness. I can't kiss a guy who I only met an hour ago. Even though he seemed to be a good person in character and a hot boy, Iam not supposed to kiss him. My aunt should never know about this.

" I need to go." I got up from his lap took my book from the ground. I turned red like a tomato. I can't look at him or I will feel an irresistible attraction towards him which shouldn't happen in a day.

" Um...okay. But will I meet you again," he asked running a hand on his brown hair.

" I think I won't come again. My aunt will be searching for me right now." I replied waiting for his reply. My heart doesn't want to walk away but my mind thinks of Lydia who will be searching for me. I shouldn't be caught in front of her eyes with a boy.

" At least can we talk in the home? Can you give your number?" He asked with some hope. I can't say no to him. I will regret that.

I looked into his eyes for some seconds and I gave him my number. I only have a phone number with one contact of aunt Lydia to call her when she's gone to work to do any spells for others.

He saved my number in his phone and stared at me." I will walk you home." he suggested.

" It's not that far, Jacen. Bye," I replied and hurried. I didn't look back to see him again. But my mind is still thinking about him.

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