Tai Chi Is the King/C8 Escape Regression
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Tai Chi Is the King/C8 Escape Regression
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C8 Escape Regression

"No way. Just as I escaped the wolf's mouth, another giant alligator came. " Yue Chen laughed bitterly, ignoring the pain on his body, he scrambled up the cliff.

Swoosh. Swoosh. The crocodile obviously wouldn't let the food near its mouth escape. Its blood-red mouth opened wide, and numerous ice blades shot out, spinning and shooting towards Yue Chen who was fleeing.

The moment Yue Chen discovered the Giant Alligator, he immediately entered the Tai Chi State. Only by doing this could he maintain his agility and be able to sense danger at the first possible moment.

When the ice blade attacked, Yue Chen, who was in his Tai Chi state, noticed it immediately. A lazy donkey rolling around evaded the ice blade. He stole a glance at the giant crocodile. The Giant Alligator seemed to be unwilling to leave the river. After it discovered that the ice blades were unable to hurt Yue Chen, it turned its head back step by step and returned to the river reluctantly.

"Whew." Yue Chen sat up with difficulty, not caring about the dangers of this place. He found a place where he could hide himself, sat down in meditation, and began to circulate the dense purple gas. The dense purple gas was a martial art, it had the effect of healing wounds and strengthening the body.

Perhaps it was because he was in adversity and had gone through the tribulations of death and death. After going through three cycles, Yue Chen's dense Purple Clouds had actually made a breakthrough and reached the late Refinement Stage. With one more step, he would be able to enter the Spirit Refinement Stage. At the same time, Yue Chen's spiritual force also made a breakthrough, jumping two levels and reaching 1-star level 1.

For the next three days, it could be said that Yue Chen experienced all sorts of hardships. There were several times when he was able to escape. If it wasn't for the Tai Chi Intent Domain that helped him conceal his body's aura, he would have already been a demon beast's belly.

He looked at the cliff in front of him. Despair appeared in Yue Chen's eyes. He thought he could find a way out by following the flow of the water. He didn't expect that the valley's lowest point was actually a deep pool. Moreover, the deep pond was located right below the Southern Mountain's Guan Ming Peak.

Yue Chen really wanted to dive into the deep pool to see if there was any other way out. However, when he saw the dark green pool water, the courage in Yue Chen's heart instantly vanished like smoke in thin air. There were very few magical beasts in the vicinity of the deep pond, and this was the deepest part of the valley.

"This is the end. Do we have to go back the way we came?" "Giant wolves, giant crocodiles, and all sorts of ferocious magical beasts appeared in front of me." Heavens, isn't it said that the hero after transmigration is very powerful? Why am I so unlucky? " Yue Chen laid on top of a large rock in dejection.

"What's that?" Yue Chen noticed that there was a black shadow flying in the sky. The closer the black figure flew, the more excited Yue Chen became. "A person. That's a person."

Yue Chen quickly got up, waving both of his arms on the boulder, jumping and roaring, all in hopes of attracting the attention of his opponent. The effect of Yue Chen's actions was obvious, the other party was flying straight towards him.

"Teacher?" Yue Chen's cheeks streamed with tears, he was extremely excited.

Na Yi looked to be in a very sorry state. His magic robe was torn in many places, and there was a deep, bone-deep wound on his right chest. Obviously, Na Yi had been through more than one battle.

"Yue Chen, I've finally found you. It's good that he's alive, it's good that he's alive. " Na Yi looked excited. When he saw that Yue Chen's clothes were already worn down to the point that it covered the sky, he felt even more sorrowful. This is... This place is very dangerous, let's go quickly. " Na Yi looked at the deep pool fearfully, then pulled Yue Chen into the air, flying towards the cliff.

"Hua Hua …" Not long after Yue Chen and Na Yi left, the spring water in the deep pond started to churn violently. A beast's head that was a third of the size of the pool appeared from within the pool. A pair of sinister eyes stared in the direction where the two men had disappeared, letting out a thunderous roar.


At the Great Magic Tower of Lei Ba City.

"You guys say that Eldest Brother and Ninth Brother have already gone to the Obon Magic Academy." Which one of them has the most possibility of being the direct disciple? " An acolyte asked while busying himself with his work.

"Fifth Senior Brother is no longer here, why does Master still want to keep his seat?" One of the acolytes seemed to be dissatisfied.

"This acolyte immediately met with resistance from his companions." What are you talking about? If it wasn't for fifth senior brother, how many of us would have escaped that time? Even if Fifth Senior Brother is truly gone, he should still keep his position. "

"That's right, I've also heard about it. Fifth senior brother had long since reached 1-star. If he's still here, he and eldest senior brother will be the ones who will be going to Oben.

"Yeah, I heard about it too. The funny thing is, we used to laugh at Fifth Brother for being a crane tail." All of a sudden, this acolyte seemed to freeze, and stared stupidly out of the window. "Fifth senior brother?"

"Haha, Lil 'Six, even if you miss Fifth Senior Brother, you don't need to do this, right?" The acolyte beside him teased.

Little Six acted as if he did not hear anything, he rubbed his eyes vigorously and looked outside the window once again. He shouted excitedly, "It's really Fifth Brother! Look, it's really Master and Fifth Brother. "

His companion beside him looked outside in the direction of the six fingers with a skeptical look on his face.

In the square in front of the tower, a despondent, yet elegant figure was walking towards it.

"Fifth senior brother, it really is." "Fifth senior brother isn't dead." They all recognized that Xiao Se was their fifth senior brother.

Yue Chen slowly walked towards the tower, his mind filled with endless thoughts. Did the magic test take place? Nisan said someone tried to kill him. Looking at the entrance of the tower, a strong killing intent rose from Yue Chen's body. "Nisan, I'm back. Are you ready for punishment?" Suddenly, Yue Chen stopped.

"A group of neatly arranged people walked out of the tower's entrance." "Fifth Brother, welcome back. Welcome back, Master." Tears were already flowing out of the eyes of many disciples. Only when a person was in trouble could he understand who was the true person.

Yue Chen was moved and said, "I'm back." His eyes scanned the crowd, searching for Nisan.

"It's good that you're back, it's good that you're back. "Come, let's enter the tower and have a good chat between our teacher and disciple." Na Yi said happily, she didn't notice at all that Yue Chen's expression was a little different than usual.

The seven rooms of the pagoda, Na Yi's training room.

"Yue Chen, you've worked hard these past fifteen days." As soon as he entered the training room, Na Yi said apologetically.

"Teacher." Yue Chen walked in front of Na Yi and bowed respectfully. They had known each other by chance on the way. In the fifteen days he had been missing, Na Yi had been searching for him in the Hundred Beast Valley, except for the day the magic test was held. Several times I almost lost my life. With such a good master, what else could he possibly have to blame.

The only regret Yue Chen had was that he was unable to take the test. Of all the disciples, only Tholte and Nisan had reached the ninth step. Two slots for the O'Brien Academy were placed for them.

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