Take The Sweet Wife In Hand

Modern Romance
34 Chapters
2 ups / day
9.4 (13 Ratings)
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Latest Release: C34
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Gan Tian was not at ease, and advised: "Lulu, the matter has already reached this point, just give up, there are still many outstanding men in this world …" "Enough Tiantian, Jiang Shen is my birthday today, and you're his girlfriend. Quickly go and accompany him, I don't want to be resented by Jiang Shen." Huang Lou did not want to listen to her advice. It was just like how he did not want to ad


Before meeting Lu Zhiyuan, Su Xi Wei's heart was so cold that he didn't believe anything about love. After she met Lu Zhiyuan, her love for him had been devilishly overwhelming. She finally believed it. However, only after she was badly injured did she realize that love was a lie …


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