My Rebellious Secretary/C1 My Secretary Is Super Fierce
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My Rebellious Secretary/C1 My Secretary Is Super Fierce
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C1 My Secretary Is Super Fierce

Yesterday, my secretary said he wanted to resign.

He has been following me ever since he graduated from college. He worked under me for seven years, but surprisingly, he said he wanted to resign yesterday. I thought about his decision long and hard, but I could only think of one reason, and it was an absurd one: was it because I spanked him yesterday?

Mind you, I'm straight. Can't a straight man hook shoulders with his friend, touch him, or you know... spank him a bit. If he felt that bad about it, he could have spanked me back. I wouldn't have minded, but you know what he did? He said he wanted to resign. Remember, he is a 29-year-old man, not an innocent little girl. Moreover, it wasn't like I wanted to spank him or anything. It's just that, yesterday, my pen fell under the table, so I asked him to pick it up. He bent over and pushed his shapely butt right in front of me. I didn't want to spank him even then, despite his tight pants clearly enticing me. However, he spent what seemed like years just picking a pen. Now, any normal person would snap at this point, and so did I. I just struck the first surface I could. After that, he stood up with a jolt and just stared at me with disbelief. At that time, I didn't know that it would be such a big deal, so I simply asked, "Do you work out? Your body is quite firm. Which gym? I'm getting married in a few months, so I was thinking about working out. Gotta get that beach body."

Who knew that Mr. Secretary would get so angry? I have never seen him this angry; he threw the pen at my desk and yelled, "I quit! I am leaving!"

I'm not someone with a good temper. What he did was akin to a slap in the face for me. Had it been anyone else, they wouldn't have left my office with their arms and legs. But he... it's just that his arms are so thin, and his legs are so soft... I just let him go.

While I was in my musings, my secretary came with a stack of documents.

Mr. Secretary is a 1.83-meter tall unremarkable man. Even though many female employees say that he looks like that famous actor Huo Jianhua because of his short eyelashes and dainty nose bridges, I just find the notion ridiculous. Although he is plain and unremarkable, he is way more pleasing to the eye than Huo Jianhua.

"Director Wang, this is my personnel transfer arrangement. Please take a look."

Mr. Secretary always had a polite and detached attitude. He was neither too servile nor too overbearing; I liked that about him. However, I'm not liking his current attitude much. I looked after him for seven years, and now that he is resigning, not a single word of appreciation is leaving his mouth. Did I raise an ingrate all these years?

"I won't allow it!." I raised my chin and said in a stern tone, "Why are you even quitting? Isn't it just a little spanking?"

Mr. Secretary just pursed his lips and remained silent.

Since the stick wasn't working, I decided to use the carrot. In a gentle tone, I said, "I apologize, okay? Let me tell you a story. When I was studying, my buddies and I would often use the public bath. Under the row of faucets, we, being the young and energetic bunch, would throw slippers at each other, hit each other, and would just have a fun time. This is what being friends and being on good terms is like. So, let's be on good terms and forget about the past. I'll even bring you to eat tonight."

"Director Wang." Mr. Secretary interrupted me, looking a bit speechless. "I'm not resigning because of... that. I've actually been planning this for a long time. It's just that I officially proposed it yesterday."

For some reason, I got even angrier. "That is to say when I took you to Britain before the New Year's Eve, gave you gifts during the eve, increased your pay after the eve, all you were thinking about was resigning?"

Mr. Secretary took a deep breath and said, "Yes."

"Have I been bad to you over the years? Your salary is six times that of your colleagues. Every year I gave you a secret bonus on New Year's eve. Lin Yiyi, everything you have today is because of me! If not for me, you would've been a helpless rabbit after graduation for those real estate wolves!"

Mr. Secretary held his breath and wondered whether to let his anger out or not. Regardless, his face was slowly going crimson. "I owed you money, but I paid you back three years ago."

"From the salary I paid you?"

After keeping it in for a few moments more, Mr. Secretary erupted. "Seven years! Wang Xiaoming, for seven whole years, I've slaved away for you! Every day, I had to start my day at 6 a.m. sharp, wait for you downstairs, wait for you to dress up, wait for you to eat, and then I have to drive you around! If you decide to work at night, I have to stay awake, too, and make your midnight snacks. Even if you feel like sleeping, I have to stay awake and make sure that you are covered with a quilt! I work during the day and even the night! I already counted myself lucky if I could sleep by midnight! Nanny, Driver, Housekeeper, Cook, Cleaner, and then Secretary! I deserve more than that six times salary!"

I couldn't help but choke when my name came up in such a fierce shout. I have been mocked many times, but the only thing that angers me is someone shouting my full name. "You're not allowed to call me by my full name! And why are you making such a big deal about it! Since you're not happy with the pay, I can simply raise it! Seven times? Nine times? How much do you want! Come on, tell me how much you want — I will give you that! If you are tired of something, then don't do it; I'll hire someone else for that! Keep in mind, if you resign, you can no longer live in my house. You'll have to buy your own house, pay for it, pay for the water, pay for the electricity! Think about it!"

Suddenly, Lin Yiyi regained his calm and composed his face. "I have thought everything through, Mr. Wang. It'll take a month for the transfer to take effect. Don't worry, director, I'll take care of the paperwork for you."

I had nowhere to vent my anger, so I kicked the desk, and it consequently fell to the ground. Unlike his usual self, Lin Yiyi ignored me. He stopped, opened the door, and left without looking back.

I'm furious!

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