My Rebellious Secretary/C10 My Secretary Is so Warm
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My Rebellious Secretary/C10 My Secretary Is so Warm
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C10 My Secretary Is so Warm

"Can you see me?" I squatted down and slammed my palms against each other in front of Lin Yi's eyes. A gust of wind erupted from my palm, and Lin Yi's hair moved.

After a while, Lin Yiyi asked, "Why are you here?"

"I read your Weibo," Without hiding anything, I said.

All of a sudden, my secretary choked on his own breath, and his white face was now blushing... hard. He stuttered, "Wan-Wang Xiaoming, h-how can you! You are too much! A-are you angry?"

The Lin Yiyi who wrote the Weibo posts and the Lin Yiyi in front of me were like two extremities. Take the subject of waking me up, for example. Every day I opened my eyes to Lin Yiyi's expressionless face. At that time, he would look at me with his stern and condemning gaze, that too without blinking. That gaze was so effective that it straight up killed my desire to even look at my bed. Who knew that all this time Lin Yiyi was actually admiring unparalleled sleeping face? Moreover, he never joked with me, and not just me — everyone who met him felt they were on the edge of a volcano. Honestly, the reason why I didn't find that Lin Yiyi liked me wasn't my low EQ. The real reason was that Lin Yiyi was a little too good at hiding his feelings.

Hiding the crush he had on me was probably the biggest secret he kept from me. Maybe the fact that I knew about his Weibo history scared him. Without thinking anything through, he threw the cat on his lap to me and bolted. Lin Yi couldn't see it, so he didn't know that I was squatting right in front of him and tripped over me. I tried to stop him from falling, but the momentum was too strong. We fell together and rolled on the ground a few times. When we finally stopped, he was pressing me down.

I hugged him and felt very dissatisfied with this sanatorium. "Since you can't see, someone should follow you everywhere! And"—I wiped away the cat fur from my face—"Why are there so many cats here? What if one of them ended up scratching you?"

Lin Yiyi supported me and whispered, "Mr. Wang, let me go."

All of a sudden, I was choking on my words. Lin Yiyi's body felt warm and fluffy under the sunlight. There was an indescribable but pleasant smell wafting from him. "Don't move; let me hold you for a while." Lin Yi didn't speak. He just carefully placed his head on my shoulder. These past few days, I have been incredibly tensed. I feared that Lin Yiyi was suffering in someplace far away, apart from me in a place that I would never find him in. Now that I held him firmly in my arms, I feel much better.

After a while, I whispered, "What's wrong with your eyes? Yiyi, tell me the truth. Don't lie to me."

"The tumor is pressing down on my optic nerve. Sometimes I can see, but usually, all I see is darkness."

"When is the operation?"

I couldn't see his expressions, but I could hear his shallow breathing in my ear. "I went to Germany to seek medical advice. The tumor's position makes it hard to perform a successful surgery; the success rate is low. Even if the surgery is a success, the probability of the tumor returning is high. I have decided against a surgery..."

My face went cold, and I said, "Lin Yiyi, is this your attitude toward your own life? What's so good about the Germans? They are not comparable to our doctors. Go pack your things. I'll take you back to Beijing."

"President Wang." Lin Yi sighed, "You are always so domineering. You never respect my wishes. I said I don't want surgery."

I should have been angry, but was it the warm sun or the feeble but pleasant smelling Lin Yiyi in my arms that calmed me down? "What am I supposed to do if you died? If you left me just like this, I wouldn't be able to get over the grief. I will become a widower for this life. Yiyi, can you give your all for me one last time?"

Lin Yi stiffened, his voice cracked a little as he asked, "Yo-you aren't disgusted by me?"

With a slight reluctance, I said, " You are a bit perverted... but I love you."

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