My Rebellious Secretary/C11 My Secretary Is so Cute!
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My Rebellious Secretary/C11 My Secretary Is so Cute!
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C11 My Secretary Is so Cute!

Initially, I assumed after I said something so touching, Lin Yiyi would be touched and would further snuggle into my arms. Who knew that he would abruptly start struggling! Bewildered, I asked him to let me hold him for a little longer; in response — he just coped with even more vigor. "Wang Xiaoming! Where's your beer belly!"

"Hey... that wasn't a beer belly!" Right now, I was quite anxious and really cared about my image in his mind. "That was at best a... small belly, you know. What's wrong with a 38-year-old having a slight belly fat? It shows my maturity and looks quite sexy! Also, pay attention to what you say, Secretary Lin. I'm your boss!"

Lin Yi paused, touched my face with his hand, and his eyes teared up again. "First, you have lost so much fat, and now my favorite double chin is also gone!"


Right now, I had some serious questions about Lin Yiyi's sense of beauty. He was completely ignoring the main point — I was slim and trim right now. Being fat made even youths look like fat middle-aged men. In the past, I always had a bad stomach, so I never got fat. I used to have eight-pack abs, and countless women in Beijing used to wait upon me. When I attended social gatherings, some superstars would pop out of nowhere and annoy me. But ever since I got the blessed belly, these kinds of harassment have decreased by a lot.

Wait, I suddenly remembered that I only got fat after Lin Yiyi began supervising my meals. He changed my diet plan and provided me with nutritious meals every day. He would even force-feed me my meals if I refused to eat. Under his supervision, I ate five square meals a day. Sometimes in the middle of the night, he would get up and make me some snacks fearing that I would vomit blood due to hunger. Now think about it, did Lin Yiyi deliberately fatten me up? Trying to keep the girls away from me? So perverted... I like it!

Lin Yi touched my stomach, and with tears of pain streaming down his face, he said, "Did you get thin because of me? Did I worry you so much?"

I raised my hand to wipe his tears and coaxed him, "Don’t cry; It's not your fault. Yiyi, if you really feel sorry for me, go for the surgery. I can’t live without you. I only love the food you cook for me. You’re still young, so you can push through it. All these years, I haven't given you a single vacation; I'm sorry. How about we go for a vacation for a couple of years after this is all over? If you listen to me, you will be cured for sure."

Lin Yi sniffed and shook his head lightly. "I understand that you like my food, so I will cook it for you. But that's it. Now that you know I like you, it would be too unfair to my sister-in-law. Thank you, Director Wang, but there is no need for all that."

Lin Yiyi sure knew a hundred ways to irritate me. I snorted, "You can't think straight, can you? Sister-in-law, my ass! Do you think I'm a two-timing bastard? Lin Yiyi, listen to me: from now on, I will be your man! My people, my money, and my family — everything is at yours! You don't have to worry about anything, just try to live for me." I sat on the rocking chair with Lin Yiyi. "Wait, I will show you the marriage certificate."

When he heard me, he almost fell down. "M-marriage certificate? With whom..."

"Of course, you!" I opened the bag, flipped through it, and took out a small red book from it. "I read your Weibo. Didn't you say you want it? I even posted my photo. Don't even mention how good-looking I am. When you get better, you have to admire the handsome Brother Wang."

"You photoshopped my image?"

"No. Your skin is good. You don't need photoshop."

Lin Yi stroked the hardcover, his wrists trembling; he circled the book's corners with his fingers bent. I feared that this might excitation might harm him, so I said, "Custom Chanel delivery — crocodile skin cover."


"I asked my father to visit the Civil Affairs Bureau and get it stamped and ready. Although the law does not recognize it, you have a share of my property. A while ago, I was getting married, right? When you are cured, we will hold that wedding with you, okay?"

"Uncle and aunt..."

"Don't worry, they agree. My dad is retired, and I am the richest person in the family; no one can control me. By the way, don't forget that I forced myself upon you."


Later, I brought Lin Yiyi back to his room. He was very anxious as he kept on crying until his tears and snot were everywhere. I didn't bring any tissue paper. Who would even bring that thing? Well, actually, Lin Yiyi used to bring it for me.

While tightly hugging the marriage certificate, he laid on my shoulder, and his sniffling sound kept ringing in my ears.

"Is that your tears or your snot on my shoulder?"

With a strong nasal tone, he said, feeling wronged, "Tears."

"You can clean my clothes later. Anyway, why are your tears so thick and slimy?"

"No..." Lin Yi paused and said, "Your clothes are too expensive."

Originally, I planned on returning to Beijing with Lin Yiyi this afternoon. However, I was surprised to find that Lin Yiyi had donated half a million dollars to the panda breeding base just to make an appointment there — he wanted to pet a panda. Yes, one of the reasons he returned to Chengdu was that he wanted to touch a panda. Yes, there were people like Lin Yiyi in the world who would spend absurd amounts of money just to touch the national treasure — Panda! Some people really had a lot of money and nowhere to spend it.

Since Lin Yiyi cried a lot yesterday, he now had dark circles under his eyes. The breeder came out while gently carrying a baby panda. When he saw the baby panda, Lin Yiyi became very happy and lightly touched its ears. The breeder asked him if he wanted to hug the panda. Even though Lin Yiyi wanted to do that, he knew it was against the rules to hug a baby panda. The breeder reassured him and said it was okay because Lin Yiyi was their lucky customer, and he could hold it. Lin Yiyi was overjoyed, and he immediately hugged the baby panda like it was a toddler. He whispered to me, "Boss, look I'm so lucky!" I hummed and helped Lin Yi take a photo.

While taking the photo, I thought, "Luck my ass! Of course, You can hold it; after all, I have donated a million to their breeding base!"

After playing with the baby panda for a while, we went to see his favorite giant panda. When I got there, I saw a panda sitting on the stool with his legs crossed, gnawing away at a bamboo. He was quite an old man, so Lin Yiyi told me that the panda looked like me. I was about to disagree, but since it was Lin Yiyi's favorite panda, I felt a little happy. I lowered my head and kissed Lin Yi. Lin Yiyi covered his face and blushed. After watching the pandas, we returned to Beijing.

To a certain extent, death is fair. Regardless of your wealth or poverty — you would only live a hundred years. I had lived for 38 years and those years were smooth sailing. I never imagined that the biggest hurdle in my life would be Lin Yiyi's health. Lin Yiyi's surgery was scheduled ten days from today. During this span, I barely closed my eyes in the night. I would lay next to him and watch him as he falls asleep. I would lie beside him, close my eyes, hold his wrist and count his pulse until he woke up. I feared that if I didn't pay attention to his pulse, they just might disappear and leave me alone. The tumor was pressing down on the blood vessels in his head. If they were ruptured due to the pressure, he would die. I only got the opportunity to rest when my mother would come to chat with Lin Yiyi. Then, I would go to my car and either cry or get a wink of sleep. I was very anxious. But I cannot collapse because I am Lin Yiyi's spiritual pillar.

The night before the operation, Lin Yi climbed onto my bed. This time, I didn't kick him off and instead took him in my arms.

"What's wrong? Cold?"

Lin Yiyi snuggled into my arms further and said, "I'm afraid."

My eyes were sore due to the lack of sleep, and even I was anxious. However, I couldn't show my fear, so I smiled and said, "Afraid of what? It's just a minor operation; I'll wait for you at the door of the operation theatre. I'm sure that even Lord Yama won't dare to take you away from me! It's okay, go to sleep."

Lin Yi nodded slightly and suddenly said, "Nowadays, I feel that I have wasted the past seven years. Had I been a little brave, I would have confessed to you earlier. What if tomorrow I... I regret it so much..." Lin Yiyi was about to cry again. I was afraid that it would affect his surgery tomorrow, so I hurriedly said, "Well, actually, had you confessed to me earlier, I would've fired you. You know how difficult dealing with me is, right?"

Actually, I have had girlfriends in the past. The first time was during my high school years. My love at that time was what people call puppy love. My girlfriend, at that time, wasn't very good at mathematics. She would pester me with her doubts about maths day and night; that annoyed me, and I broke up with her. I made my second girlfriend when I was 28. She was a pure and innocent internet celebrity. However, she was a little too frail and emotionally dependent. She would even ask me to unscrew bottle caps for her. If she had nothing better to do, she would just throw a tantrum. Soon, I exhausted my energy coaxing her day in, day out, so I broke up with her. At that time, I came to the conclusion that women were nothing but trouble. And since then, I have never had a girlfriend anymore. Anyway, my own hands were way more comfortable. Finally, came to me was Lin Yiyi, my secretary, the best in the world, my little baby.

Lin Yi thought for a while and said, "It makes sense. You would've spanked me again. I guess that tumor came at just the right time."

When I heard his nonsense, I couldn't help scolding him. But by now, he was used to my scoldings. He just showed a satisfied expression and said, "Boss, do you want me?"

"Not now. You will feel better after your surgery."

"Just in case… "

I shouted, "Stop your nonsense — there is no 'just in case!'"

Lin Yi nodded and said hurriedly, "No, no, President Wang. Please, don't get angry."

I pinched his chin and bit Lin Yi's lips. The duo then kissed like cats in heat and only stopped once they were out of breath. This was the first time they had kissed. After the kiss, Lin Yi laid down and panted in my arms and said, "You're so fierce." While he was gasping, I was thinking about the taste of his lips. His lips were like a lime-flavored beverage — sour but sweet.

When we finally calmed down, with a grave face, I said, "You've always been unlucky, and I lucky. So, I'll give you all of my luck. You must make it through."

Lin Yiyi's eyes were moist and bright. Seven years ago, when he came to apply for the job, he had a similar expression. "Boss, I won't let you down. I will live, and I will take care of you when you are old."

Lin Yiyi's last sentence completely ruined the atmosphere, but I was so touched that I just hugged him to sleep. Sleeping peacefully was a new thing for me after not sleeping for ten days straight.

Lin Yiyi’s operation lasted thirteen hours. For the entirety of that duration, I stood outside the door and guarded it. I had promised him that I would stand by him. I even feared that if I failed to watch the door well, he would get angry and refuse to come back to me. After the long grueling hours, he was brought out with a respirator on his face. Right now, my anxiousness was peeking. It was only after the doctor assured me that the operation was a success did I feel relieved. After Lin Yi woke up, I was completely relieved and slept like a baby that night. A craniotomy required the shaving of one's head. So, right now, Lin Yiyi looked like a handsome little monk. By the day of our marriage, his hair had only grown out a bit — he looked ravishing. Also, I was at the peak of my physical beauty today. In the past few months, apart from taking care of Lin Yiyi, I had actively exercised my body. My eight-pack abs reappeared, and my hair was now thick and black. Even though my brother made fun of me for organizing such a hasty wedding, I was happy with our marriage.

Our wedding was Western-themed, held in a wide-open area with a lot of people. All our guests congratulated us, the happy couple, with a smile on their faces. I urged Lin Yi to post the video of our oath on Weibo. Lin Yi hesitated and said: "It's not appropriate, Mr. Wang. You have to walk under everyone's scrutinizing gaze from now on."

"What does my sexuality have to do with anyone? If a man and a woman can post their vows, why can't we do the same? It's love — doesn't matter if it's heterosexual or homosexual."

Lin Yi was stunned for a second, then he smiled and said, "That's right, this is our style."

My wedding was quite a shocking spectacle for the entire world. Even though Lin Yiyi advised me to be low-profile about it, I wasn't going to listen to him this one time. Lin Yiyi is my lover, so it doesn't matter to me if he is a male or a female — I love him. I want everyone to know this and shut up about my relationship because I'm much happier than them.

In the video, the sun looked just right and the blue sky witnessed our union. We are standing on the green grass, wearing our wedding suits, staring at each other, smiled, and exchanged rings.

"...I'm yours, and you are mine, from this day to my last..."

I held Lin Yiyi and kissed him; this one was quite the passionate one. After the kiss, I told him to call me husband instead of boss from now on.

Lin Yiyi's face wasn't as broad as mine, so I could clearly see his blushing, red ears. In a whisper, he called me husband, and that was enough for me to erupt in joy. In a loud voice, I announced, "From today onwards, Lin Yiyi is my husband. I welcome everyone to be jealous of my happy married life!" Lin Yiyi hid behind me in embarrassment. I pulled him out and kissed him again.

We were on a honeymoon for two entire years. We went around the world and had fun in every place that Lin Yi wanted to go. After coming back, Wang Xiaoming, the dragon among the men, finally lived the blissful married life with his secretary. Regrettably, love is a blessing, but my abdominal muscles turned to jelly because of all that... fun.

New chapter is coming soon
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