My Rebellious Secretary/C2 My Secretary Is Super Miserable
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My Rebellious Secretary/C2 My Secretary Is Super Miserable
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C2 My Secretary Is Super Miserable

I was furious, yet my mind was filled with Lin Yiyi's memories. I vividly remembered the first time Lin Yiyi and I met seven years ago. Actually, our first encounter was quite a cliche, like a third-rate rich CEO drama.

Speaking of our first encounter, I do have to mention a particularly oleaginous real estate boss. He had three kids of his own and was open-minded, not in a good way, though. He was interested in college students but not of the opposite gender—male college students, to explain.

For starters, I despise him. Reason being... there is no reason; I just loathe his very existence. However, the world of adults never danced on one's whims. We are all bound in a circle and will meet each other one day.

That day, I was in a private part... the kind with smoke, drinks, and people I hate everywhere. Looking at all those loathsome faces, I drank a few glasses; I'm not that big of a drinker, so I got a headache from them. I decided to message my driver to come and get me out of this hellhole. Just when I was about to send the message, I heard a tearing sound.

Turning around, I saw that greasy fat man pushing a man down on the table. That idiot had clamped his neck and was forcing alcohol down his throat. From where I stood, I could clearly see that the man was unwilling and was in pain. Other loathsome people just stood around, laughing at his plight, documenting his embarrassment on their phone. Actually, I wasn't all that surprised. It was a common thing: selling your dignity to be put on a show. And at times, you would be forced to sell it even if you were unwilling. I just rubbed my nose bridge and looked at the scene indifferently. I would've just left like that, but that oleaginous fat freakin' idiot went too far. Not only did he decide to do the deed with that man right then and there, he even had the nerve to invite me.

At that time, I felt that my very being was being insulted. Honestly, I'm not Jack Ma or even Jianlin Wang, but both my parents are on the Forbes list. My two elder brothers are respected scholars, and even I'm a Wharton graduate. How can these idiots, who only know how to destroy other people's dignity with money, be like me?

I was furious at that time too. Without holding back, I criticized each and every single one of those idiots. I knew I was going to offend a lot of powerful people, but so what? They could've destroyed me had I been poor, but I'm rich. So, jokes on them. Haha!

After my barrage of insults, I opened the door to leave and was about to slam it shut as the last show of anger. But, from the corner of my eyes, I saw that helpless man lying on the table. That man was Lin Yiyi, and even though I couldn't remember what he looked like back then, I remember him looking at me and just closing his eyes. He looked like a lamb getting ready for its own slaughter.

I want you to understand that I'm not a kind and good-hearted individual, but even I found his plight miserable. I knew the moment I left that room—would the moment those bastards vent their anger on him. They wouldn't kill him, but they knew 100 different ways to humiliate and break him. After a brief consideration, I waked through the stunned speechless crowd, pushed that fat idiot off Lin Yiyi, took my coat off, covered Lin Yiyi with it, picked him up, and then left. Over the next seven years, I became grateful to my past self for making that decision.

"This guy—he is mine! Whoever dares to touch him would go bankrupt!"

I looked quite handsome and domineering at that time, but honestly, I couldn't have been more out of my elements that day. You have to understand that Lin Yiyi was an adult male with a 1.83-meter tall body; he was like a dead weight. Add to all that—me. Someone so drunk that, if need be, would fail to even differentiate a human from an animal. So, I couldn't even walk more than ten meters before I had to put him down and say, "Get lost."

Instead of going away, he looked at me steadily and asked with his hoarse tone, "Boss, do you want me?"

Palm prints on his face, red wine stains on his lips, exposed pale skin—he was the picture-perfect miserable human. At the end of the day, he was just a plain, ordinary man; I had no interest in men.

Feeling impatient and frustrated, I said, "If you want to sell yourself, go back! Why would I want a grown man like you? Are you a woman? Can you give birth?"

Lin Yiyi just shook his head and bit his lips as they slowly turned white.

I was too lazy to talk more. At that time, I wondered how angry that fat man must be. From what I knew, that oleaginous man had paid a high price to "acquire" Lin Yiyi. But why did Lin Yiyi need so much money? Maybe he wanted to make some quick bucks? Anyway, it was his own choice. I'm not his family member, so I have no right or reason to scold him.

I ignored Lin Yiyi, walked a few steps forward, and suddenly received a call from my driver. My driver got lost! He was supposed to be a good driver, so how could he not even find his own way! And then his nerve to ask a drunk guy like me for directions! This was simply intolerable! I couldn't be bothered with talking to him; I just hung up and came to a calm and collected decision—I was going to fire him.

At that moment, I felt that my subordinates were all trash.

I turned around and found that Lin Yiyi hadn't left yet, so I pointed at him and said, "You, help me get a room."

Apparently, Lin Yiyi completely misunderstood the meaning behind my statement. I was dizzy and just wanted to sleep; he thought I wanted to do the deed with him. Consequently, as soon as I got in my bed, someone slithered into my arms. I did the natural thing and kicked them off.

Dumbfounded, Lin Yiyi just sat there on the ground and stared at me. I sneered in anger, "If you dare to come up again, I'll kick you to death."

Probably getting the message loud and clear, Lin Yiyi settled on the sofa. In the middle of the night, I felt a bit thirsty, so I sat up in a daze and called the housekeeper to pour me water. Only after drinking a few sips of warm water did I remember that I was in a hotel, and Lin Yiyi was the one who handed me the glass of water.

Under the night light, Lin Yiyi's face looked oddly reliable. It suddenly reminded me of my former secretary who resigned as she had a baby to deliver or something. And then there was the driver who would get lost on a straight road. Wasn't I lacking a little too many subordinates—especially the reliable ones?

"What's your name?"

"Lin Yiyi."

Lin Yiyi? What kind of name is that? Is that even a men's name?

"Which university?" I asked him again.

He said he was a physics major from the XX University. I was surprised. That university was already one of the top universities, and being a physics major from there was akin to being the crème de la crème. I just couldn't fathom why he would sell himself like that.

I took out my business card and threw it to Lin Yiyi. "I need a secretary. If you want to do something serious, come for an interview tomorrow."

Lin Yiyi seriously looked at my card, nodded solemnly, and then said thank you.

The next day, he came, passed the interview, and became my secretary-cum-driver.

I sent some people to investigate his background and found that his father owed money to some loan sharks. The principal sum was $200,000, and the interest made the sum jump up to $1,130,000. His father couldn't pay them back and jumped off a building. Since those loan sharks couldn't get the money from his father, they sold Lin Yiyi to that greasy fat man to settle the debt. I helped Lin Yiyi settle the loan sharks. I paid him $200,000, and he signed a seven-year contract with me. For the first four years, he was paid $50,000 annually. After that and for the next three years, his salary was on a constant ascent. Until today, the day he said he was going to resign.

I don't understand why he wanted to resign. Is it because I haven't pampered him enough, or is it because I'm not cute enough?

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