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My Rebellious Secretary/C3 My Secretary Is Super Gay
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C3 My Secretary Is Super Gay

When I got back, I saw that Lin Yiyi was still living in my house. Since we fought just recently, I thought that he wouldn't make me any supper. Surprisingly though, he still brought me a bowl of millet porridge.

In the past, I used to have stomach problems. It stemmed from my habit of working while completely forgetting about eating. A few years ago, I was talking to him, and all of a sudden, I spat a mouthful of blood; I had stomach ulcers then. At that time, Lin Yiyi was so scared that he nearly lost control of the steering wheel. After I hired him as my cook, I rarely had gastric issues. So, if he left now, wouldn't I be like a helpless duckling? I have been personally training him since the day he joined. I used to scold him at least ten times a day until he reached perfection. Even the dishes he cooked now were so delicious. At this point, even if I went out with a searchlight to find someone like him, I would come back empty-handed.

Lin Yiyi sat in front of me and was also drinking porridge. I asked, "Why are you resigning? Give me one good reason."

Without even looking up from his porridge, he said, "My mother is calling me back to my hometown to get married."

Marry? All of a sudden, I felt that porridge stick to my throat as I had difficulty swallowing it down. Over the years, I never once thought that Lin Yiyi would get married one day. He had lived with me for years, yet he didn't bring a single girl into my house. Let alone bringing one, he wouldn't even initiate a conversation with the opposite gender. Men or women, beautiful or ugly—he would never spare them a single extra glance. Therefore, I always felt that he was simply too young and was devoted to his job. He didn't care about the messy stuff and would be by my side till he retired.

After thinking about it a bit, I felt that it was right. Being a secretary was just a profession. A grown man like him should indeed have his own family, just like me. Although there is no real love between my fiancee and me, we still married each other as we are grown, responsible adults. I am 38, and she is 40, so even if our marriage lacks love, it still has plenty of money to make up for it. After we get married, the market value of our companies would double within three years.

I suppressed my discomfort and said calmly, "Can you even find a good woman in your hometown? After living for so long in Beijing, why do you want to go back to that rural mountain area? Is there something wrong with your brain? Since you are already here, why don't you just get married here? How about I hold your wedding?"

All of a sudden, my secretary's complexion became pale. With gritted teeth, he said, "You...hold a wedding for me?"

(Actually, I don't want you to get married, to begin with. So, why would I want to hold your wedding?)

I tried my best to act like a reliable grown man and said, "If you don't like it, I won't interfere. Find a good wedding company, and I'll pay for it. The one that's taking care of my marriage isn't bad. Quite professional, I recommend them."

Before Lin Yiyi replied, I saw him clenching his fists. "I won't marry in Beijiang; I want to go home."

"Let's talk about it one at a time." I rubbed my nose and said helplessly, "All your connections that you made by working hard for seven years are in Beijing and Shanghai. Why do you want to throw them away? What are you trying to do? What's so special about Chengdu? You won't lose anything if you don't go back to Chengdu. Do you want to go back and open a hotpot restaurant at such a young age?"

"I'm 30 years old this year." Lin Yi kept a hard stare on my face.

I tried to persuade him. "30, 31—it doesn't matter! I have never once been in love, and I'm already 38. How about I give you a holiday? You can go to your hometown, play around for a few months, relax, and then come back. You can marry a woman worthy of you here or there; I don't care. If you are tired of being my secretary, you can become the boss of our branch office. I was about to promote the general manager anyway, so I can just promote you instead. You can be the big boss, okay?"

"I don't need you to worry about me."

I was trying my best to persuade him, and all he did was refuse my kindness. I got angry and said, "I don't care if your mother's urging you to get married. Why would you listen to a woman who never cared about you? Let alone caring about you, she bets her own life at Mahjong every day. Even if you married a woman there, what about your children? Where would they even go for their schooling? Is there a good school in Chengdu? Do you even know how many kids from the countryside dream about studying in Beijing? Don't you want your children to be capable just like you? Lin Yiyi, when did you even find your wife? Huh? You never mentioned her before. Give me a picture and her ID number, I'll run a check for you."

During my entire rant, Lin Yiyi just sat there and stared at me. I decided to go at it like him and gave him a dead stare. After a long time, he said, "There is no woman."

Finally, he relented, so I raised my eyebrows in victory. "What marriage has no woman in it?"

... "I like men."


As if afraid that I didn't hear him loud and clear, he raised his head and reiterated. "I like men. Chengdu has more gay people."


I once again felt strong hate towards my life.

My secretary is about to resign. My secretary is about to get married. My secretary just came out to me.

Damn, is it suffocating!

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