My Rebellious Secretary/C4 My Secretary Is Super Poor
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My Rebellious Secretary/C4 My Secretary Is Super Poor
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C4 My Secretary Is Super Poor

It was already the middle of the night, yet I was wide awake, lying on my bed, feeling irritated, confused, and in disbelief.

"How could my secretary be gay?"

Weren't gays born short and stubborn? Weren't they the people who wore eyeliners and rolled their eyes at everything? Weren't they frail-looking men with foul mouths?

If I follow the preconceived notions, only one thing about Lin Yiyi points at him being gay—every day, he would wear a fresh pair of socks. Other than that, everything he did exuded masculinity. Now that I know he is gay, no wonder he got so angry when I spanked him. Wouldn't spanking a gay man during work come under sexual harassment in the workplace?

Damn it! All of a sudden, my mind made recalled the sensation I felt when I spanked him. My heartbeats became erratic when I thought about a man "bullying" Lin Yiyi. And... what if two-man "bullied" Lin Yiyi together? According to Lin Yiyi's character, he would not even tell anyone else about it.

I unconsciously looked up and wondered if Lin Yiyi was asleep in his room upstairs.

Lin Yiyi has been living with me for the past five years. It was such a long time that many female employees had begun joking that Lin Yiyi was my daughter-in-law. Back then, when I thought he was an ordinary women-loving man, I would hug him around the waist and ask, "What daughter-in-law? A wife would be more appropriate, right?" Lin Yiyi would always get away from me in a panic and then look at me solemnly with his cheeks blushing. Now that I think about it, straight men would never have such a reaction. They would have pushed me away and felt disgusted.

So, why was he living with me, to begin with? Before living with me, he lived in a run-down neighborhood that didn't even have a proper heating facility. Consequently, he caught a cold and was suffering from a burning fever. Instead of informing me or staying at home, he came to work like natural.

That day, he mistyped the PPT data I was going to use in a meeting. So, I was left embarrassed when I gave the presentation. Honestly, that mistake was just an innocent mistake. However, five years ago, I didn't spoil Lin Yiyi as much as I do now; to say—I treated him like a normal secretary. I scolded him, made him stand in front of me, and reflect on his mistakes.

I deliberately left him standing in the cold air for almost three hours. After three hours, I didn't even look up from my work and just motioned him to go away. Only when I heard a loud bang did I realize that he had collapsed outside the room.

The moment I touched his hand, I found that his body was burning from fever. I immediately sent him to a hospital and found that the official examination diagnosed him with pneumonia.

I felt worse than ever. Would asking for a leave kill him? Didn't he know that pneumonia is way more dangerous than the common cold? The recovery period for pneumonia is much longer, and the patient would be in pain too. I accompanied him while he was recovering and offered to send him back when he was cured. However, Lin Yiyi vehemently refused.

"If you aren't going back with me, are you planning on flying there?"

In a daze, Lin Yiyi squinted his eyes and said, "My house isn't very good. You would feel embarrassed."

"I once lived in a thatched hut while on a business trip. I'm sure your house is better than that."

Lin Yiyi still shook his head and said, "On the way to my home, there is a section of unpaved road. Since it rained a few days ago, it should be filled with mud. If you step in it, your shoes will be ruined. I-I can't afford a new pair to replace them."

At that time, I thought he was mocking me. I got angry and pulled him out of the co-pilot seat and carried him all the way back to his home.

His house was indeed a small, dilapidated, leaky mess. I even saw a mouse disappear in the seems of his sofa. I was stunned and scolded, "I pay you $250,000 annually. So, even if you repay me $50,000 from it, you are still left with $200,000. How can you live in such a house despite being paid so much? If others found out, they will think that I mistreat my employees."

While clenching the medicines, Lin Yiyi whispered, "I sent it to my mother."

Lin Yiyi's mother was in no sense of the word "thrifty". If his father was a gambling addict, then his mother was a Mahjong fanatic. He also had an honest brother, but he was poor as dirt.

"All of it?"


"How much do you have in saving now?"

"Um... T-ten thousand."

When I heard that, I couldn't help but scold him again. Feeling a bit thirsty, I went to the kitchen to get a cup of water. Maybe he was particularly emotional that day; when I returned, I saw him crying on the floor. When he saw me, he stopped and lowered his head to wipe his tears. Seeing him being such a miserable crying mess, I gave him my cup of water and helped him sit up. Feeling a bit helpless, I asked why did he do such a stupid thing? When he heard my question, he began tearing up again. He told me that if he stopped sending his mother money, she would come and make trouble for him. After that, Lin Yiyi looked at me with tears in his eyes.

I felt confused. What could Lin Yiyi's mother get by making trouble in this lousy house? If she wanted to make trouble, she should've dared to do that at my company.

"For the time being, you can stay with me." I went towards his closet and packed a few clothes for him. "Recover should be your main focus now. Don't worry about other things."

I brought Lin Yiyi home and hired a private doctor to take care of him for the month. As for his mother, I sent her to the nursing home. It was then, I found that Lin Yiyi's cooking was quite delicious. Most importantly, he was a physics major, so he could repair circuits and make generators, quite a nifty thing.

I am a heartless capitalist. I make money by squeezing the surplus value of my employees. So I fired my butler, housekeeper, chef and made Lin Yiyi take charge of everything.

When I thought that my one for all, Lin Yiyi, was about to leave, I was so sad that I couldn't sleep. All of a sudden, an idea struck me. So what if Chengdu has more gays? That doesn't mean that Beijing has no gays. So I took out my phone and sent a message to my WeChat Moments.

"I am looking for a good-looking gay. Help me find him! It's quite urgent, and I'll need him by tomorrow."

After posting that, I slept like a baby. If Lin Yiyi can find a gay partner in Beijing, he wouldn't leave and wouldn't resign. I can even help him run a check on his boyfriend. Wang Xiaoming, why are you so smart?

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