My Rebellious Secretary/C5 My Secretary Is Super Handsome
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My Rebellious Secretary/C5 My Secretary Is Super Handsome
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C5 My Secretary Is Super Handsome

"Wang Xiaoming!!"

Early next morning, I was woken up by the hysterical screams of my secretary. Next, his long eyelashes and bloodshot eyes covered my entire field of vision. "Delete it! Hurry up and delete your WeChat moment from last night!"

Still sleepy, I yawned and said with drowsy eyes, "I'm not delating anything. It's not like I mentioned or anything. Why are you so worried about? Secondly, you aren't allowed to call me by my full name."

Mr. Secretaey was indeed a qualified secretary. Soon, he got his emotions and desperation in control. "Mr. Wang, your post will mislead people into believing that you are gay."

I say up and sluggishly put on my socks. "I know. What about it? Just leave them alone."

Lin Yiyi said, "Where about uncle and aunt? How would explain it to them?"

With a slouch, I walked into the washroom to wash my face. "I am their son. Do you think there is anything about me they don't know? I'm a straight man about to marry a woman. They have nothing to worry about."

When I turned, I saw Lin Yiyi standing near the window. Behind him was the rising sun, and he stood against the light. The morning light gently bounced off his long eyelashes and landed on his lips, turning them a light golden. The person who stood before me was not the same timid and youthful man—he was a mature 30-year-old man. Time had turned him into a refined and dignified man. For a second, I was stunned, and all I could think was how I have never thought about Lin Yiyi as anything but my secretary. After a while, I unfolded my arms and said, "Clothes. "

Lin Yiyi was used to dressing me up; after all, he had done it for the past five years. He had been comfortable with it for the past years, but today, he felt a bit awkward. He adjusted my collar with his eyelashed around my shoulder. His eyelashes dropped as he tied my tie. His eyelashes were now at his nose level as he removed the creases from my suit. Men focused on their work indeed looked beautiful. I could hear his faint breathing, and I could also reach out to hug him and... grab that butt.

Wait, wait, wait! What the heck, Brain? I scolded myself for those thoughts as my adam's apple moved up and down. "What are you thinking! Lin Yiyi is a man! Don't! Just don't think about it..."

To distract myself, I turned my face and peered into the void. So, when Lin Yiyi hugged me, I couldn't react in time. As soon as he hugged me, my whole body went stiff. Lin Yiyi must have noticed this too, so he gave me a light hug and then let go.

With a genuine smile on his face, he said, "Mr. Wang, thank you for the many years you have taken care of me. It was because of you I got a new life seven years ago. Without your help, I would've never had what I have today. I thank you from the bottom of my heart. Yo-you must take care..." By the end, his eyes were red, and he was choking on his tears.

But wasn't he the one resigning? If he was feeling so aggrieved, why leave in the first place?

"Then don't leave, okay? I'll give you whatever you want."

Lin Yiyi shook his head firmly and said with a smile, "Mr. Wang, I will move out today. A moving company will come to deal with my stuff. I'll be troubling you one last time."

In a complete daze, I followed him and found that his luggage was already prepared. There was also an uncle-looking boss at the door. It was as if he was an elite butler who had graduated from the elite British Butler's Academy. I mean Lin Yiyi had packed his luggage before I could even wake up. Packing so much luggage without making any sound—What was it if not "elite"?

"Where are you going to live?" I asked hard.

"I'll stay in the hotel for a few days first. I will go back to Chengdu after settling everything here." Lin Yi nodded at me and said, "Mr. Wang, thank you for taking care of you for so many years. I..."

Thank you, thank you, he will only say thank you. He must be really grateful to me, so why was he still resigning so decisively? How can he treat me like this!

"Alright, alright. I get it. Thank you and whatever. I'm leaving. You can handle your own affairs." I picked up the car key and left.

I knew that there were no endless buffets in this world, but for years we had sat at the table. Is that why I thought only death could do us part?

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