My Rebellious Secretary/C6 My Secretary Is Super Poisonous
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My Rebellious Secretary/C6 My Secretary Is Super Poisonous
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C6 My Secretary Is Super Poisonous

On the way to my company, my phone kept on buzzing. I heard everything from gossips to ridicules to even accusations of being a pimp. And my little stunt was also successful in drawing my mother's attention. She called me, gave me a lecture about this and that, and finally ordered me to come home for dinner and further education in love.

In the afternoon, the gays I "requested" yesterday came to my office. They did all sorts of colorful tricks, and some even straight-up flirted with me in hopes of seducing me. Adding to my annoyance was their perfume—it made me wanna die. Is this the quality of gay people in Beijing? No wonder my secretary wanted to find a boyfriend in Chengdu.

While I was contemplating my death, I saw another man enter my office. He was wearing a gray bespoke suit and had a charming face. Among all those other people, he stood out like an angel. Pleased with his appearance, I hurriedly motioned him to sit down. With a smile on his face, he sat down and gave me a resume. Excellent academic qualifications, quite a lot of skills... Hmm, not bad.

With a kind smile, I said, "Xiao Zhao, does your family support your sexuality?"

Xiao Zhao hesitated for a moment before asking, "Support?"

All of a sudden, I felt the favourability meter decreasing. Supporting means supporting just as opposing means opposing. What's up with that rhetorical question?

"How many boyfriends have you had?"


I found the favourability meter rising. But at the same time, no past relationship meant he has no experience in the field of love. I wondered if he was mature enough to deal with the many issues, including the emotional ones, that life would through at them.

"Do you have a girlfriend or something? Do you even own a house? Are you willing to marry?"

In front of my barrage of questions, Xiao Zhao gave a happy little smile and said, "I'm married, Mr. Wang. I live a stable married life and even have a child in kindergarten. Don't worry, Mr. Wang, I won't waste your time."

"You! You're married? So, why that hell are you here? Do you think this is funny?"

"Umm... "

At this moment, Lin Yiyi entered my office. Initially, he was shocked by the colorful population of gays in my office. But soon, he regained his straight face, walked towards me, and professionally said, "Mr. Wang, this is Zhao Wen. The HR manager and I took his interview; he passed. He would be on probation for a month and will be your administrative secretary for that span."

Only then did I find out how wrong I was. This guy wasn't a Beijing gay — he was actually my next secretary.

I picked up his resume, looked at it carefully, and then said, "If I pay you a million dollars, that too after taxes, would you ever resign?"

Xiao Zhao was shocked and stammered, "O-of course not...I will serve you for a lifetime!"

"Only an idiot would resign for a job like this, right?"

Suddenly, Lin Yiyi decided to butt in. "Will you still do it if you have to work 20 hours a day and then go home to learn Japanese, Spanish, and English? Drive your retarded boss from place to place and, at times, even tell him bedtime stories? Will you still do it?"

"How can I be a retard? This company is what it is today because I'm a wise leader!"

After that, Lin Yiyi and I competed to prove who the actual idiot was.

Witnessing all this was Xiao Zhao, who looked completely terrified. He would stare at me for a second, then at Lin Yiyi for another. All he did was stare at me and Lin Yiyi alternatively with fear and confusion in his eyes. I waved at Xiao Zhao, signaling him to go away, and then said to Lin Yiyi "I don't want him. He is ugly!"

Lin Yi raised his chin at the other gays in my office and said, "Then choose one from them."

"They are here for you." With raised eyebrows, I smiled at him, and said, "Pick one of them."

In neither servile nor overbearing tone, he said, "How can I be worthy of this harem? Only heroes like you are worthy of beauties like them. Mr. Wang, please take your time and enjoy their beauty."

I don't know why, but for some reason, I felt my anger erupting. I ordered all the gay men out of my office and shouted at Lin Yiyi, "You dare treat me like this! Why the hell are you so rebellious now?"

"You are being unreasonable, Mr. Wang." Lin Yi stepped back and gawked at me. "Weren't you the one who found all these people to insult me? You know that I don't like this kind of a show."

"Then what do you like? Are you dating someone online? Is that why you are so eager to go to Chengdu? To meet your online boyfriend?" I pushed Lin Yiyi into a corner. "I will come with you." For some reason, I felt uncomfortable. "There are risks related to online dating. Who knows if your online boyfriend is a perverted murderer or not?"

Lin Yi frowned, "Mr. Wang, please get out of the way."

Instead of giving him a way out, I pushed my hands into his pockets and pulled his phone out. "Where did you meet him? Let me check your chat history!"

"Wang Xiaoming!" Lin Yi stepped forward and tried to push me away. "Can you stop being so unreasonable!"

I wrapped my arms around his waist and pushed him further into the corner. Due to the sudden movement, he lost his balance and fell onto the table. I towered over his body and supported his face with my hand. I looked at his wide eyes and said, "Stop messing around, Lin Yiyi. I can help you check your boyfriend's background. I really can't trust him."

Without blinking, Lin Yi said, "You always say stuff like this Wang Xiaoming you are too much!" After saying that, he pushed me away and hurried out the door without even taking his phone.

I don’t understand. Why did he say that? How am I "too much"?

Is he trying to break my heart?

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