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My Rebellious Secretary/C7 My Secretary Is Super Cold
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C7 My Secretary Is Super Cold

After running away from my grasps, Lin Yiyi began deliberately avoiding me to the point that he did not even bother with asking his phone back. He had two phones — one for office use, the other for personal use. The one in my hand was the personal one. It seemed very lonesome as in the entire day, he didn't receive a single call.

At that time, I was also angry. I always gave Lin Yiyi some leeway, but he, on the other hand, kept on walking all over my kindness.

I swallowed my anger and returned home. The butler smiled and said, "Mr. Wang, you are back. The bathwater is ready."

After I was finished taking a shower, I looked at the time and found that it was almost ten o'clock. I began going over the documents from today. Meanwhile, the butler came with a glass of milk and put it on my desk. Without looking up, I grabbed his hand and said, "Yiyi, help me look after them..."

The housekeeper froze, and so did I.

Sometimes, habits are a terrifying ordeal. For me, it turned my parting with Lin Yiyi into a blunt knife carving at my flesh.

"Thank you." Trying to hide my embossment, I nonchalantly released his hand. "Go to sleep."

I was no longer in the mood to work, so I laid down on the bed. As I laid on my bed, I found that despite all the furniture in my house, it seemed empty and lonely. Actually, living alone wasn't all that hard. What was hard was dealing with the uncomfortableness one felt alone.

Finally, I gave in and called Lin Yiyi. After a few beeps, he picked up; I could hear his soft breathing. After a while, which seemed like an eternity to me, he said, "Mr. Wang, what's the matter?"

"Your phone is still with me. When are you coming to get it?"

"President Wang, you can handle it as you like." Lin Yiyi said lightly, "That number is for you alone; I only receive calls from you on that number."

So if you resign, you won't be able to use it anymore, right?!

I took a deep breath and said, "I will invite you to dinner in three days. Clear out some time."

"I don't like group dinners, you know," Lin Yi said.

"Just the two of us. We have to have a good meal together. If not as colleagues, a meal as friends would work just fine. What do you think?"

"Mr. Wang, I already booked my ticket for Chengdu; they are for tomorrow."

"You have to be rebellious to the end, don't you? Lin Yiyi, what's wrong with you!"

"Mr. Wang, good night."

Lin Yi hung up the phone abruptly. This was the first time he hung up on me. Something like this would make anyone think that he was avoiding something. So, I called him back, but this time he didn't pick up. Where did he go in the middle of the night? Annoyed, I threw my phone away and just stared at the roof till morning.

The next day, I bought some ingredients and went home for dinner. Before I could even enter, my mother looked behind me and asked, "Yiyi? Why didn't he come?"

Lin Yiyi was a beloved character in my family, and my mother seemed to love him more than me. According to her, only he understood fashion, whereas the rest of us, my father and me, were just dumb idiots. Over the years, She had only deemed Lin Yiyi worthy of shopping with her. So, I decided to keep her in the dark about his resignation for the time being. If she found out that he was resigning, she would drown me with her annoying questions.

"The cutest son in the entire world is back. You didn't even take a second look at him. It really hurts my heart."

To this, my mother said, "Cute my ass! What's going on with your WeChat Moments? Do you know how many calls I've received in the past two days? I had to explain to everyone that you're not gay? I feel my tongue is about to break!"

I smiled and asked, "What if I am?"

My mother was stunned for a second but soon found out that I was joking, so she just rolled her eyes. "You are already this old, but you are still so rude. How can a man at your age not even find a wife?"

"Didn't I find one?"

At my rebuttal, my mother looked a little worried "I don't know where you found her, but I don't like her. She is willful and cares about everything but you. Just like you — you are just as stubborn. Only Yiyi took care of you all these years." Amid her rant, my mother kept on thumped her chest and stomping her foot occasionally. "If only Yiyi was a girl..."

My mother was still nagging me, but nothing that she entered my head. It was already occupied with a completely insane idea.

I was trying so hard to find a talented and handsome man for Lin Yiyi, but who was more talented and handsome than me?

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