My Rebellious Secretary/C9 My Secretary Is a Prick
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My Rebellious Secretary/C9 My Secretary Is a Prick
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C9 My Secretary Is a Prick

At three in the morning, I found out that I am supposedly a savage and my secretary was dying.

I kept calling Lin Yi, but he had turned off his phone. I called his friends, but no one knew where he was. In the end, I drove to the police station and asked a friend of mine to locate him.

After going around looking for him everywhere till ten o'clock in the morning, I found out where he had gone. Last night, he took a plane to Munich, Germany. I presume that he went to see a doctor, but the problem is that other than knowing that he was in Germany, I knew next to nothing. Also, I had no connections or friends in Germany. So, without any dilly-dally, I took the first flight to Munich.

I was extremely anxious at that time. I even thought that I was the reason behind Lin Yiyi's cancer. Because of me, he could neither sleep nor eat well. When he was ill, I even punished him by making him stand for hours. After a week, I returned to China and placed a prize of 10 million on his exact whereabouts. During this time, I didn't think about food or tea or even sleeping. My anxiety turned me from a greasy middle-aged man to a thin young man. Almost everyone in the Beijing business circle knew that I was trying to find my secretary like crazy. Fortunately, I knew many people from every walk of life, and these connections helped me a lot in my endeavor. I was very grateful that I didn't lose the support of my family and my business associates at such a challenging time. After another three days, I finally learned the precise address of Lin Yiyi, and without wasting any second, I went to a sanatorium in Chengdu.

Chengdu had a lot of mountains. Lin Yiyi's sanatorium was deep in the mountains and forests. There was also a panda breeding base next to it.

It was around the time winter was being melted away by the summer that I finally saw Lin Yiyi. When I saw him, he looked like a different person. He wore a loose white sweater and had a small walking stick beside his hand. He was lying comfortably on the rocking chair and basking in the sun. On his head rested a pair of headphones, and near his feet was curled a milk cat. The cat meowed, and he bent down to stretch out his hand. The kitten skillfully jumped into his palm. It curled up into a white ball and slept on his knees. All this while, Lin Yiyi didn't open his eyes. He just curled his lips and gently rocked himself and the cat on the chair. He looked happy and relaxed. He looked nothing like a dying, sickly man, nothing like I imagined him to look like. Moreover, he even had gained a bit of flesh on his face. His skin had also gotten better.

In just ten days, Wang Xiaoming, the virtuous and talented boss, lost 30 kilograms and suffered a dozen stomach problems. Right now, he looked more like a dying patient than Lin Yiyi. Wait, was this Lin Yiyi's idea of a prank?

Regardless, I was happy to see Lin Yiyi alive and healthy. I stood by his side and waited for him to open his eyes and see me. I thought that he would definitely say, "Wang Xiaoming, why are you here?" with a silly expression when he would notice me. So, I took my phone out and began recording Lin Yiyi as he brushed the cat on his lap. I saw his slender and white index finger shuttle through the soft cat fur. Under the dazzling warm sun, it gave me the illusion of white jade on snow-white feline fur. Lin Yiyi had once said that he wanted to keep a cat at our home. When I thought that my secretary would be distracted by those long-haired animals and would only care about them, I felt irritated and refused. So, he secretly began feeding stray cats. He couldn't control his hands and kept on touching their soft furs. Wild cats obviously weren't like domestic cats — they were quite fierce. Over the seven years he lived with me, he had to be vaccinated for cat bites and scratches four times. Even then he didn't stop and kept on petting strays until they scratched him. He won't stop until he was scratched. Scolding was useless as he would feed them regardless. He always did this for the things he loved, stupidly pushing forward, not fearing pain.

While I was in my reverie, a big and fierce-looking cat came and sat near his legs. He scraped Lin Yi's trousers, but Lin Yiyi did not open his eyes and instead put his hands down. It seemed that he was waiting for the cat to rub his palm. For a second, even the cat looked shocked. It raised its paw and was about to scratch the back of Lin Yi's hand. I immediately grabbed his palm and scolded, "How many times do I have to tell you? Don’t touch stray cats and dogs! Do you think you can keep getting vaccinated your entire life?"

Lin Yi opened his eyes abruptly and clutched my hand firmly. His breathing was a bit rugged, and it took him a long time to utter, "You... Mr. Wang... How could you..."

I snorted, "What do you mean?"

"I..." Lin Yi stared, and a big teardrop rolled down his eyes. He smiled through his tears and said, "I was afraid that you'll come... but I was even more afraid that you won't come..."

While he was tearing up, I discovered a serious problem. Lin Yiyi's eyes were out of focus. I found that he wasn't looking at me while speaking; instead, he had his ears facing me.

He kept his eyes closed. Was he completely blind now?

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