A profound energy warrior was knocked to the ground with a single slash from the Ming Prince Wu Ming, and the body of the Savage Clan warrior was sent flying through the air with countless broken grass on the ground. This was already the thirteenth battle between Ming Prince Wu Ming and Song Zhong at Jinyun Mountain Pulse.

Sou sou sou ? The arrows on the battlefield were being fired, but the barbarians on Savage Clan were not afraid of these arrows, which were not very powerful to them. However, when there were not enough soldiers on the spot, the Black Cavalry soldiers would use these arrows to fill in the gap.

During the several small scale battles on the Savage Clan, Ming Prince Wu Ming's cultivation had increased by a lot, and he was already infatuated with the feeling of fighting. Song Zhong appeared very relaxed in the entire battlefield, he was even changing how he killed the enemies of Savage Clan faster.

In these three months, no matter how many of these barbarians from the Savage Clan had died, they would always charge towards the army of ten thousand people. Only when they found out that someone had unknowingly opened the enormous iron cage, did they realize that the people from the Savage Clan were trying to rescue the Savages in the cage.

Ming Prince Wu Ming and Song Zhong rode on one horse each, with Song Zhong leading the way and quickly chasing. Tracking was a very skillful skill to Song Zhong, but Ming Prince Wu Ming had never doubted his young friend.

The two of them chased for three incense sticks' worth of time, and indeed, they saw the figure in the huge iron cage. When this person from Savage Clan came out from the cage, he seemed especially tall and big. When he stood in front of the two youths, he looked like a metal tower.

Boom! * Savages threw a huge boulder on the ground directly towards the two of them, and smashed the boulder onto the ground ruthlessly. A huge pit suddenly appeared on the ground, and a powerful aura overflowed, causing ripples on the grass and mud on the ground.

Ming Prince Wu Ming and Song Zhong rolled in the wave-like aura.

Originally, I only thought you were an extremely important figure in Savage Clan, but it seems that it wasn't just that, you are actually a cultivator! Song Zhong was a little surprised, he did not expect that people with Savage Clan could actually cultivate.

Due to the body, ordinary Savages was already ten times stronger than ordinary people, what would happen if one cultivated Savages? Could it be that although these savage barbarians possessed larger bodies, their internal structure was no different from that of humans? If conditions permitted, he really wanted to carry the savage's corpse back to the Salt Lake City and look at it.

Song Zhong's expression started to become excited, and Ming Prince Wu Ming realized that this was a powerful Savage Clan Warrior.

The corner of Song Zhong's mouth curled up, as if he had seen a good prey. He was a genius at cultivation, born for fighting.

Song Zhong's feet quickly started to run, both of his feet fell on the surface of the lake like raindrops. As his body leaned forward, he instantly arrived beside Savages. When his hands neared Savages, his hands became as hard as steel, and as his body swayed, his hands chopped towards Savages's neck.

A pair of ice-cold hands cut through the skin on Savages's neck, and a thick black liquid slowly flowed out. Just as Song Zhong had thought, this person's skin was far tougher than an ordinary person's. This kind of skin came from the inheritance of the Savages's blood, and wasn't like a human's, who relied on the protection of Soul Power.

Song Zhong had only cut his skin, and Savages had already dodged the vital points of this strike. Just as Song Zhong was about to turn around and strike again, his hand was already firmly grabbed by the Savages.

This person's Savages was far more powerful than Song Zhong had imagined. Song Zhong only felt a blur before his eyes and he had already been ruthlessly thrown out by the Savages.

Song Zhong! Ming Prince Wu Ming shouted as he swung his blade. His slash went along the arm of the savage barbarian in order to stop his next attack on Song Zhong. The Desolate Savage was not afraid of the Ming Prince Wu Ming's [Dark Blade] at all, he only picked up a rock by the side of the road to receive Wu Ming's attack.

Ming Prince Wu Ming felt his body being struck by a huge gust of air. At this time, he had already covered his entire body with Soul Power s, but this strike still brought him no harm. He felt that there were parts of his body that were not as agile as before.

Song Zhong had already climbed up from the ground, and couldn't help but let out a laugh: "I originally thought you were only slightly taller than others, I didn't expect you to be such a good opponent.

A kind of black, wild aura was emitted from Song Zhong's body, and his face seemed to have transformed into someone else. But the cultivation of a beginner Imperial Advisor! How interesting... Hahaha ? You're the most challenging person I've met since I came out!

The Ming Prince Wu Ming looked at Song Zhong whose body was emitting black flames. This was a side of Song Zhong that he had never heard of. Ming Prince Wu Ming felt that if Song Zhong was his enemy, he would not be able to fight under this aura.

Song Zhong's body curled up, and nimbly jumped about like a leopard cat. He pointed his hand at the wound on Savages's neck once again. He believed that this time, he would definitely be able to focus the neck of this Savage Clan.

No! A frail little girl wearing a light green cheongsam pounced in front of Savages!

The frail and little girl fearlessly stood in front of the Savages, just as Song Zhong's hand was about to tear the Savages and the little girl apart.

The moment Ming Prince Wu Ming saw the little girl, he also shouted "No" at the same time!

Hide! The savage's voice was actually so gentle.

You are no match for him, Assad! The frail girl opened up her hands and held Song Zhong in front of her.

Song Zhong! No! Don't hurt them!

Song Zhong did not stop because of the appearance of this frail little girl. Fortunately, Song Zhong had received and received them with ease long ago. He straightened his body and retreated back a few steps to Ming Prince Wu Ming's side, then started to size up the little girl who was standing in front of the Savage King.

This little girl looked very normal, and her body didn't have any Soul Power's energy waves. This little girl wasn't a cultivator, she was just an ordinary child, and looked to be no more than twelve or thirteen years old.

Second Young Master, you've become a little hesitant while you're gone, so Salt Lake City cultivation method is more suitable for you. A burst of cold voice came from behind Song Zhong, who felt as if he was in a cold ice cellar.

Song Zhong's originally cold face forced out a stiff smile, and two words came out of his mouth: Yu... Uncle Yu ?

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