I've said it before, these cultivation methods are not suitable for you, Second Young Master.

Song Zhong turned around with a flattering smile on his face, and said two words: Yu... Uncle Yu ?

Yu Mengran walked over. He was wearing a coarse hemp blue robe that he washed in water. His hair and robe had been tidied up to perfection. He put his hands behind his back, and the fine beard on his face fluttered in the wind.

Second Young Master, do you need me to help you deal with this Savage Wilderness? Although Yu Mengran called himself despicable, his expression and actions were filled with pride.

Uncle Yu, no ? No... To use. In front of this man called Uncle Yu, Song Zhong's aura had completely dissipated. Just now, because he had found an excellent opponent, his excitement had completely disappeared, and he had instantly changed into a well-behaved youth.

Assad looked at the man in the blue robe. He was shocked to find that he couldn't move a muscle.

Please don't kill him!

Sang Yu! Why are you here?

Wu Ming, please don't kill Assad.

So you know each other.

Second Young Lord, the Saint asked this lowly one to bring you back.

If I leave, my friend will not be a match for that savage barbarian. Song Zhong looked at the little girl and Savages with some hesitation.

This will allow you to leave in peace. Yu Mengran took a step forward, as long as he killed this Second Young Master Barbarian from the Savage Clan, there would be no reason for him not to return to the Salt Lake City with him.

I promise! Assad would not hurt Wu Ming. Sang Yu looked at Wu Ming with an inquiring look: "Wu Ming, are you the same as well?

Ming Prince Wu Ming looked at Sang Yu. Savage Clan and human beings were eternal irreconcilable enemies. In the end, Wu Ming said with certainty: "I won't hurt him."

Uncle Yu, please give me some time.

As the two friends who were about to leave stood under the tree, Song Zhong apologetically said: "I'm sorry that I haven't told you my identity for so long."

Ming Prince Wu Ming laughed and patted his brother's shoulder: Don't be silly, I said that I would always trust you, because we are friends.

My family lives in a place called Salt Lake City. Our Salt Lake City was an ancient killer family, and our family members were all obsessed with the art of killing. Your Salt Lake City has another name called Ghost Clan. My father is the Ghost King your Great Sheng Dynasty has mentioned, but people of our Salt Lake City do not call him that. I know that someone from our Ghost Clan had once assassinated your father.

I already knew that your identity was not ordinary. Ming Prince Wu Ming was very dull when facing his good friend's confession.

It is also because of this that I did not tell you that my father was the Ghost King. And that's what I'm going to tell you. It wasn't my father who was trying to assassinate your father. I only know that they call him An Prince, so you have to be careful of him. Even my father said that the An Prince's thoughts were deep, he did not want to use us to kill your father, but to achieve some other goal. It seems that you were born into a very complicated clan. All I know is that you have to rely on yourself for the rest.

Although he had not interacted with Song Zhong for a long time, their feelings were extremely profound and he had incomparable trust Song Zhong on the battlefield, and had handed his life to him. They cultivated together and fought together ?

Now, this old friend of his wanted to leave him, and at the same time, this friend told him a shocking secret. The An Prince who looked like he had no intention to fight for the throne actually had such ambition.

My father is calling me back, and I must go.

You must take care.

I will come out again, my good brother! I hope that we can cultivate and fight together again at that time!

Definitely! My good brother! To separate meant to say goodbye.

Song Zhong took a few steps forward, then suddenly turned and made a face: You have to cultivate faster, your cultivation is truly terrible.

I know! I won't let you down!

Sang Yu, why are you protecting him? In the eyes of the Ming Prince Wu Ming, how could a little girl like Sang Yu be together with someone from the Savage Clan?

Humanity and Savage Clan were mortal enemies.

You are my friend, and Assad is my friend.

We are mortal enemies with the people of Savage Clan, just how many commoners have they killed?!

Haven't you ever killed a member of the Wilderness? Don't they have parents, brothers, sisters?

Yeah, I have also killed many people with Savage Clan on the battlefield before. Those people with Savage Clan all had parents, brothers and sisters. In the eyes of these Savages, he was also the murderer who slaughtered their relatives.

They live in these three forests with Savage Clan that you don't know about. But they had no food and no cloth. In the winter, they could only starve to death. Many times, they could only watch as their children starved to death or froze to death.

Sang Yu looked at Assad, and Assad's eyes were filled with sorrow.

It is indeed wrong for them to rob your people, but they also didn't really mean to kill your people. What they need more is food and cloth.

Even if you didn't deliberately hurt those civilians, those people would still be hungry after their belongings were taken by you. Some commoners might even become sick because of your injuries. Why can't you grow your own grain? Learn to weave by yourself?

Your Great Sheng Dynasty people have always regarded them as monsters, so no one is willing to help them.

If you could eat your fill, would you not collapse your Jinyun Mountain Pulse and snatch their food from the common people?

Of course.

Assad was the king of Savage Clan, he could guarantee that.

If... I mean, if, one day, I am able to do it, I hope that you all will keep your promise and not harm the people of Great Sheng Dynasty.

A cacophony of voices came from not far away, and the Ming Prince Wu Ming said to Assad, Go southwest. I will tell them that you have gone northwest.

If clan members can eat their fill from now on and the children no longer lose their lives from the cold, Savage Clan would forever be Wu Ming's friend.

I will do my best! If that's the case, why would I look for you?

Assad removed a ring from his finger. It was inlaid with a strange blue stone.

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