The Archer Master turned his left hand to support his right hand, while his right hand firmly gripped onto his sword hilt.

You are from the Deng Family? The Ming Prince Wu Ming asked calmly.

That's right. The Archer Master didn't deny it.

Deng Hanyan is already dead, this duke really can't think of anyone else with Deng Family who would hate me to this extent. They actually sent someone to pass through the Jinyun Mountain Pulse to come to the Wildlands to kill me.

The Archer Master was silent.

I'm going to die anyway, so why don't I be a ghost. Ming Prince Wu Ming believed that this proud Archer Master would definitely not think that he still had a chance to live on.

Sang Yu stood behind Ming Prince Wu Ming. She did not speak, and only stared closely at the powerful Archer Master in front of her.

Although the empress was dead, there would still be empress in the future.

Ming Prince Wu Ming frowned, thinking about the words of the powerful Archer Master: Empress? There will be empress in the future?

The future Queen? Ming Prince Wu Ming's mind was spinning very quickly. He had already received Sun Xuanqing's letter and was very familiar with the situation in the palace.

How laughable. This King really did not expect that the person who wanted to kill me in the end would be his own sister.

The Archer Master suddenly laughed: You don't seem to be afraid of death?

Why should This King die? If he didn't die, then he wouldn't be afraid. Ming Prince Wu Ming shook his head and said to Sang Yu in a low voice: "Step back, stay away from me. The farther the better!"

Sang Yu nodded her head and ran as fast as she could. She was very clear that she was not a cultivator, even if it was the remnants of the sword intent on both sides, they could still kill her.

You are only an early stage National Scholar, how can you expect to surpass me? Your psychological warfare tactics are useless and boring. The Archer Master shook his head and did not say another word.

A Archer Master had even thrown away their common weapons, what was there to be afraid of? Facing cultivators of three stages higher than him, Ming Prince Wu Ming did indeed have no chance of winning. But after Ming Prince Wu Ming got to know Song Zhong, he changed many of his cultivation methods. Although he was unable to cultivate in a way that was almost as abusive to him as Song Zhong, he had successfully fought many times above his level.

However, this time, he was going to face a cultivator who was three levels stronger than him. This was almost impossible.

The powerful Archer Master slashed out a sword, bringing a powerful Soul Power with him as he charged straight at the Ming Prince Wu Ming.

There was originally a huge gap between the primary stage State Grandmaster and the primary stage National Scholar, so they did not need any fancy sword moves or techniques.

Ming Prince Wu Ming pulled out his sword from his waist and stepped forward to receive the attack. After participating in a few formal battles, Ming Prince Wu Ming felt that the joint blade was not a suitable weapon for him. This sword was the treasured sword given by Mr. Sun called Gale, and was a light and thin sharp blade. As its name implied, this sword was sharp and light, and was very suitable for Ming Prince Wu Ming who did not cultivate very high.

Sensing the powerful aura of the other party, he forcefully suppressed the surging blood aura in his body. He did not forcefully receive it, but rather followed the sword intent and lightly moved out of the way.

The sword did not cause too much damage to him, but Ming Prince Wu Ming could not help but spit out a mouthful of blood, and fell down to the ground in a sorry state. This was the difference between an early stage State Grandmaster and an early stage National Scholar.

It turns out that I had such a treasured sword, and as an early stage National Scholar, I probably relied on it as well. The tone of the powerful Archer Master was filled with ridicule.

Sang Yu stared at Archer Master from afar, her gaze firm and cold. Even though she was not a cultivator, she was waiting for a suitable opportunity.

Ming Prince Wu Ming tenaciously stood up, he did his best to welcome every sword attack from the powerful Archer Master. Although the strong Archer Master did not directly pierce him, the strong sword intent still directly cut open countless wounds on the Ming Prince Wu Ming's body. Under the pressure of the Soul Power, fresh blood quickly flowed out from these wounds.

Ming Prince Wu Ming's face also started to turn ashen. This powerful Archer Master was purposely using this method to humiliate Ming Prince Wu Ming.

Ming Prince Wu Ming fell down once again. He smiled as he looked at Archer Master: You must love her a lot right?

The powerful Archer Master paused for a moment, then said with a pitiful tone: "You loved my sister deeply, but you could only watch helplessly as she went from being a noble princess to being compatible with her own blood uncle. All you can do is kill her brother for her.

She was forced! The Archer Master shouted angrily: "She was forced!

The swords of the powerful Archer Master began to become less resolute.

Don't lie to me, people of the royal family are all slaves of desire!

The two swords clashed once again, the Archer Master felt a dull pain from his chest. Is that heartache? He lowered his head to look at his wound. The tip of a sword had pierced into the heart meridian in his chest. A stream of blood slowly flowed out from the groove on the sword that was emitting blue light.

The wound was shallow, but his heart was in pain. It was a pain he could only beg for.

Ming Prince Wu Ming's injuries were worse, but his sword pierced the strong Archer Master's heart and veins. His sword was only able to pierce very lightly into it before being unable to advance any further.

Ah!" I'll kill you!

The Archer Master retreated a few steps and pulled out the tip of his sword. He stabbed out with his right hand as much as he could, wanting to kill the man who insulted him so many times! The two were too close to each other, so it was impossible for Ming Prince Wu Ming to dodge.

Right at this moment, Sang Yu's eyes suddenly opened, and her dark brown eyes became a dazzling gold.

The powerful Archer Master suddenly felt a sharp pain in his eyes, and his mind started to become muddled.

The gale that had just pierced his chest pierced his chest once again. This time, his blood gushed out of the gash in the gale. The immense power that had originally permeated his body was now completely gone from his body.

The Archer Master felt his heart ache. He realized that he couldn't even take one more step forward. Due to the conceit and true disdain in his heart, the confidence and arrogance on his face instantly turned into despair and bewilderment.

How is this possible?

How could he lose to an early stage National Scholar?

The strong Archer Master's vision had already completely darkened, and his head drooped down heavily. He felt something strange. When he thought of that beautiful and noble woman, he thought of his own pride. Why didn't he use his most proficient bow and arrow to kill her?

It was because he didn't want his sister to kill his own brother, which was a dirty thing that tainted his bow and arrows. That was why he threw away his dark red bow and arrow before the battle, even though he hadn't slept a wink.

The Archer Master felt as if he had fallen into the deepest and darkest place underground. He closed his eyes, but he still felt pain in his heart at the very last moment.

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