On Song Zhong's arm, there was a mess of whip marks as thick as a finger. Under the whip marks, some dark red flesh flew about. Song Wan carefully cleaned the whip marks on Song Zhong's arm.

It was extremely troublesome to deal with the wooden spikes on Song Zhong's arms. She needed to clean them repeatedly in many places and even pull them out using a special tool. Fortunately, Song Wan had helped her second brother treat his wounds since he was young, and things like this usually happened in her hands.

Song Wan quickly took care of the wounds on Song Zhong's body. The black cleansing medicine started to flow down Song Zhong's arm. The medicine Song Wan used to wash the wound was a medicinal herb concocted by her himself, Song Wan used a combination of a few other medicinal herbs, it had an extremely good disinfecting effect on the wound, and also had the ability to rot muscles.

An ordinary doctor would probably add some mint herb to the solution, which would greatly increase the comfort of the injured person. However, Song Wan did not add any medicine to the cleaning medicine to soothe the injured. She thought that it would reduce the effectiveness of the medicine, because the Song Family had trained many abnormal things since young, almost no one was afraid of pain.

If it was anyone else, they would have cried out in pain, but Song Zhong did not feel that way. His calm expression did not look like he was cleaning up his wounds, but instead looked more like he was sipping tea.

Song Wan skillfully sprinkled the medicinal powder on top of her body. Her method was more like playing the zither, and the medicinal powder, under the control of the Soul Power, evenly and gently sprinkled on the wounds on Song Zhong's body.

Song Zhong put on the clothes and smiled: As expected, Third Sister's method is the best, it's not painful at all.

Song Wan covered her face and laughed: Second brother is so funny, if not for second brother's thick skin, other people would have already shouted loudly.

Although Song Wan only had the cultivation of National Scholar, she was not considered strong within them. Ghost King's father, Song Yan, and the Ghost Emperor's grandfather, Song Tian, were like gods. His older brother, Song Yi, had recently broken through to the Great State Grandmaster's level, while his second brother, Song Zhong, had already broken through to the State Grandmaster's level half a year ago.

In comparison to Song Wan, the little sister, who was naturally weaker than her brothers, she was different from the other cultivators in Salt Lake City. Although her talent in cultivation was extremely high, she was not keen on cultivation. She preferred to study the way of medicine.

Heh heh, you fellow. It is said that our ancestors had the bloodline that licked the blood off their blades. Yet, you love to save the dying and help the wounded all day long. He even likes all kinds of dishes when he has nothing to do ?

Without waiting for Song Zhong to finish speaking, Song Wan corrected him and said, "Those are the herbs I grew.

"Ugh ?" Anyway, it's more or less the same.

Song Wan casually tucked a bit of hair that fell behind her ear, highlighting her pink face. Song Wan started to organize the healing tools that she brought along with him: "Second Brother, if you don't want to temper your Qi with Big Brother, I don't need to worry about that. No one can make him so angry except you.

If it weren't for me being injured a little more, where would all these people from the Salt Lake City be able to conduct your experiments?

Song Wan shook her head: "Although our Song Family cultivates in a different way than others, we focus on endurance and willpower." How can you be like you, second brother, who bullied your big brother all day long, causing you to be covered in injuries?

Didn't I follow our ancestors here? He was not afraid of the torment from the blood and flesh.

Second Brother... Song Wan paused, as though she had difficulty saying the following words.

What's wrong?

Song Wan used her beautiful eyes to look at her second brother. If it was not because of the whip scars all over Song Zhong's body, then Song Zhong was indeed the most beautiful man among the ten thousand, but the scars all over his body added to the manliness on Song Zhong's body. Song Wan asked.

Song Zhong understood the meaning of Song Wan's words and looked at Song Wan in shock: How did you know?

It was my mother who told me that my father and grandfather are both alive. You clearly didn't need to go so early, so why did you ask my grandfather to perform that ceremony three years earlier?

Because I feel that this Salt Lake City is boring. Song Zhong stretched his arm that was slightly numb from using the medicine.

There is clearly a gap between your cultivation and Big Bro's, even if you are a genius in cultivation, if you ? If your big brother wins, he will definitely not let you off.

If I win, I can control a lot of things, and I can openly walk out of the Salt Lake City to the place I want to go.

With your patience, how could you not endure these three years? If another three years passes, I believe that you will definitely be able to defeat Big Brother. I'll tell my mother to ask her to persuade my father not to allow you to carry out the Ghosts Slaughtering Ceremony in advance.

Song Zhong laughed: I think there's a guy waiting for me, that's why I couldn't help but want to go out with him. I was happy to think about the time I spent with him. I had never felt so relaxed to be able to practice with someone else, even though that guy was very stupid.

Second brother has a girl he loves? Could it be that his second brother had a lover? Thinking about that, Song Wan blurted out a question.

Song Zhong almost choked on his own saliva: Ah! No! Don't spout nonsense, he's a man.

Second brother, you ? Like... Man? Song Wan opened her already huge eyes even wider, staring straight at Song Zhong while stuttering and asking.

Song Zhong felt that he was about to vomit blood, he anxiously explained: What are you thinking? Why would I like a man when I'm so handsome and elegant.

Then why did she say she wanted to be with him? I thought you fell in love with someone else's girl and got together. Song Wan patted her chest, as if she was relieved.

Cultivation! Cultivation! Cultivate together! Even though that guy is one of the dumbest cultivators I've ever seen. What are you thinking about in your head? What does a girl like you say about this? Song Zhong emphasized her again and again. It was unknown what nonsense his sister was thinking about every single day.

Is he your friend? Song Wan asked as she looked at Song Zhong with her beautiful big eyes.

Friend? Song Zhong was a little taken aback. The only lesson the clan had taught them since childhood was: Cruel and cold-blooded. Song Zhong thought about it and nodded: If you say it like that, then I think using the word friend is extremely suitable.

It's good to have a friend. If I have the chance, I would like to have a friend. After Song Wan packed his stuff and carried it on her shoulder, she turned around and said when she walked out of the door: "No matter what, I will still plead with Mother. I really can't think of any possibility of you winning, if you lose, you will leave from here, you know ?" That's what I really don't want.

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