Great Conquering General Yi Yuntian finally figured out the identity of the old man in front of him after exchanging twenty or thirty blows with the same Divine Judge. The temple that had once fallen in the previous dynasty had gradually vanished due to offending the ancestor of the previous dynasty, the Jiang Xia temple that eventually disappeared.

I never thought that the evil remnants of the Jiang Xia Divine Palace would still exist in this world. The Yan Prince was indeed well-prepared and hidden for many years. Great Conquering General Yi Yuntian laughed coldly.

I never thought that the general would know of the Jiang Xia temple. This old man is just a remnant of a wandering soul that has been left in the mortal world. The gray-robed old man's eyes were somewhat unsteady. The Divine General Yi Yuntian's words made his heart feel a little touched, but because it was far too old, it couldn't stir up much of a commotion.

Back then, the River Xia Divine Hall had almost collapsed, but fortunately, the Yan Prince had helped to preserve some of the Jiang Xia Divine Hall's bloodlines and heritage. For the past few years, the old man had lived on like a ghost. He only hoped that one day, he would be able to bring glory to the Jiang Xia temple again.

You are a worthy opponent, you should not die without a name.

However, the old man remained calm. He was just one of the lowest servants in the hall. He had become the grand elder of the hall after receiving the inheritance. The old man calmly said, "My surname is Xia, and my name is Qingshan."

Great Conquering General Yi Yuntian's brows knitted slightly. This name was very familiar, it seemed like the old man in front of him was indeed someone difficult to deal with.

The River Xia Divine Hall is no longer here, so naturally there is no Great Clan Elder. Right now, there is only the old me, Xia Qingshan.

The two continued to talk, but the fight in their hands didn't stop. In just a few words, the two sides had already exchanged more than ten moves.

What a pity ? As the two fought, Xia Qingshan couldn't help but let out a sigh.

Do you think that you can disturb this general's mind just like that?

Xia Qingshan shook his head: You are already an Elementary Profound Practitioner at such a young age, and there aren't many with such talent in Jian Ling. I didn't think that you would die in this old man's hands today.

Victory or defeat had not yet been decided, it was still unknown who would win! As a Great Conquering General, Yi Yuntian would naturally not let Xia Qingshan's few words affect his state of mind, he had her own ways and confidence as a great cultivator that would be able to adjust his state of mind.

If you were the same age as this old man, I'm afraid your cultivation would be much higher. Unfortunately ? This old man is many years older than you.

No matter what, in the end, strength was the only thing that mattered in this world! With an angry shout, Great Conquering General Yi Yuntian spouted out a Soul Power. Xia Qingshan quickly executed a seal with his hands, causing two clouds of dust to tremble under his feet. The ball of light in his hands suddenly became even brighter, like two yellow lotuses, and Xia Qingshan directly sent Great Conquering General Yi Yuntian flying five meters away.

Great Conquering General's Yi Yuntian felt a sweet and fishy feeling in her throat and couldn't help but start to cough lightly.

After that, Xia Qingshan's body also rose into the air, and the yellow lotus flower in his hand seemed to rain out a morning light. Although this was already the best opportunity for to make his move, even if it was only a slight change in the force of the sword, Xia Qingshan's right foot fiercely stomped onto Yi Yuntian's chest like a heavy hammer.

When a dull thumping sound was emitted from beneath Xia Qingshan's feet, a wave of power, like the rotation of a top, instantly condensed into a wave. The yellow ball of light in his hand accurately hit the left side of Great Conquering General's chest.

Great Conquering General Yi Yuntian groaned as he stumbled and landed. No matter if it was in terms of strength, speed, or even the ability to grasp the time to attack, Xia Qingshan was much more experienced than Yi Yuntian in the Great Conquering General.

Great Conquering General Yi Yuntian's body stiffened where he stood, and was no longer able to move. The fear in the depths of his heart surged, and her body violently trembled. Her expression instantly became as white as paper, and fresh blood flowed out of his mouth like bright red peach blossoms.

What Xia Qingshan said was not wrong, even his own cultivation genius could not compare to a grand cultivator who had already stepped across the threshold of the Elementary Profound Realm. The Soul Power within Yi Yuntian's body had already surged to the limit. In the battle against the archer previously, he had already exhausted all of the Soul Power on his body.

Even the tiny Soul Power s on his body could no longer hold on because of an oil lamp that had been burnt to a crisp. Great Conquering General was already powerless to continue fighting, he waited for his eyes to see Xia Qingshan, who was not far away.

Xia Qingshan's grey divine robe fluttered in the sea breeze, but his face did not look tired at all. Great Conquering General Yi Yuntian did not believe that she would fail, and even more so, could not accept her failure. Although he was at a disadvantage when facing Xia Qingshan at every turn, and at this moment, Great Conquering General Yi Yuntian felt that death was approaching, he was naturally unwilling to die just like that.

Great Conquering General Yi Yuntian watched as Xia Qingshan walked in. He could feel that the blood in his body was draining away from him as if it was the energy in his body draining him. It was already too late.

Great Conquering General's eyes were filled with despair: To kill me, Yan Prince actually sent a rare profound practitioner. Cultivators like him, who were at the initial stage of the Xuan realm, were already walking monsters in the world.

My family will avenge me. Even if Great Conquering General Yi Yuntian did not want to die willingly, she was not willing to lose in terms of aura.

Hehe ? Xia Qingshan turned around. No matter how strong the Yi family was, he did not care.

Empress Wu of the Yu Xiang Palace was about to give birth, so the Wu Mian, Emperor of Holy Sheng was no longer in the mood to care about other things. Even the biggest matter couldn't compare to the continuation of the dragon fountain. In the past few days, Wu Mian, Emperor of Holy Sheng had always stayed at the Imperial Palace to accompany Empress Wu. Just when Wu Mian, Emperor of Holy Sheng thought that the world had been set in stone, he received an unexpected piece of news.

Yan Prince Wu Xu claimed the title of emperor in his Jinling and proclaimed himself the Flame Emperor. When the Wu Mian, Emperor of Holy Sheng, who was sitting on the Dragon Throne, heard the news, he did not get angry, because the Yan Prince did not count as a big deal in his eyes.

In the eyes of the Wu Mian, Emperor of Holy Sheng, the Yan Prince was just a fish struggling to live, he could not get out of the big river, but the Wu Mian, Emperor of Holy Sheng was just a sea.

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