Yi Yun, why would the human race want to kill us? The beautiful young princess of the Merman Clan continuously asked the female official beside her. This beautiful female official was the one in charge of teaching the female princess of the Merman Clan. The Queen of the Dragon and the Queen of the Dragon were married not long ago, and only had one daughter. The average lifespan of the Merman s would be around 300 years, and when the Merman s turn 20, they would become adults. The babies of Merman s and humans are extremely similar, and there would usually only be one Merman being born in each birth, with very few of them being two or three. However, the difference with humans was that Merman could only give birth to one child every ten years. Compared to fish, Merman and humans had more similarities. Merman s' physiques were stronger than humans, and their upper bodies were no different from humans. Their lower bodies were fish's tails, which was why humans called them the Merman s.

We, the Merman race, have also lived in peace with humans before, but later on, the human race set their eyes on our endless treasures in the East Sea. Thus, the humans began to massacre our own race, and of course, some of our own kind were killed by our people because humans invaded our territory. The beautiful female official's duty was to teach the princess of the Merman Clan how to grow up, to teach the other clan members in the sea what they do not know.

Are there such cruel races among our brethren? But they said that the humans are very powerful, and that some of them can even kill over a hundred of our clansmen by themselves.

Your Highness, the reason why we Merman are strong is because of our bodies, while the reason why humans are strong is because of cultivation. They trained in a substance called Soul Power to strengthen their body. Some human cultivators were indeed very powerful. However, even more humans did not cultivate. Our Merman s have longer lifespans than humans, if we were all of the same human race, then the human race would definitely not be a match for our Merman s. And once the humans left the ground and came to the water, they would die very quickly.

Then why can't we, the Merman cultivate it? If our clan cultivates Soul Power, will we become very strong?

Because we Merman do not have two legs, we cannot cultivate in Soul Power, we can only strengthen our own bodies.

They say that as long as humans can catch the beautiful women of our race, they will split their tails, and want to make human-like legs. Is that true? How could they be so cruel?

If they split apart the Merman's tail, the Merman would only pay for it with its life. They would never get Merman s with legs.

Yi Yun, can Merman really have two legs? Then do you think we can cultivate Soul Power now that we've become legs?

Only by taking a secret medicine of our royal family can you become a pair of legs, but it will cost you a great deal. It will take a lot of patience and willpower, and no one has ever tried it before." Yi Yun took out a beautiful multicolored shell from her bosom. She knew that this multicolored shell was a box containing pills, and in it was a pill that could split the legs of a merfolk. If you take this pill, you can turn the mermaid into a pair of legs while walking on land, and restore the original fish tail when you enter the water. However, this kind of pill was extremely rare and precious. Furthermore, one needed to experience the kind of pain that an ordinary person would have if they consumed such a pill. Legend said that there were some Draconians that died after taking those pills. Therefore, ordinary Draconians did not dare to try such a precious pill. As Lo stared intently at the multicolored shell, she was awakened by a shout.

Yi Yun... Yi Yun... Sitting in the bumpy carriage, she opened her eyes and knew that she had just had a nightmare. How could she have been reminded in her sleep of so many old times? She was now Yun Niang's niece, and her alias was Yun Xinlan.

Yun Xinlan was awoken by an anxious voice: "Miss Lan, Miss Lan."

When Yun Xinlan realized that everything was a dream, she forced herself to calm down. Looking at her personal servant, Hibiscus, who had woken up, she asked.

Miss Lan, we have reached the Jinling. The maid who had awakened Yun Xinlan was called Hibiscus, Hibiscus smiled as she replied. Furong was the personal maid that Yun Niang had arranged for her, but Yun Xinlan knew that she was also a cultivator. She had once seen a lone bandit whom Furong had single-handedly repelled when she came to Jinling. In that pitch-black night, Yun Xinlan's group of thirty or so people had already set up camp. Everyone was woken up by the cries of the horses, and those who did not have time to react saw the usually weak Hibiscus take out a soft sword from her waist, killing over ten bandits who had come for a sneak attack. Yun Xinlan never thought that Hibiscus's thin body would be able to erupt with such power. When she asked Hibiscus later, Hibiscus said that she was a Soul Master. Yun Xinlan did not know that Soul Master was not the strongest existence among all of the humans, because other than Soul Master, there were also National Scholar, State Grandmaster, Profound Practitioners, Profound Master and Saint Masters.

Yun Xinlan opened the curtain of the sedan, and a blinding ray of sunlight shone directly into her beautiful eyes. The Jinling was blue in the sky and white clouds, and it was especially close to the East Sea, and to his hometown. Yun Xinlan forced herself to put away everything that she had done, and looked unhappily at the small house on the second floor that was right in front of him.

Yes, Lady Lan. As she looked at Yun Xinlan's beautiful face, Furong couldn't help but secretly sigh in her heart: Every single shopkeeper in the Silver Restaurant is indeed a peerless beauty. She has never seen the legendary Boss Feng before, but she doesn't know what kind of shockingly talented person he is.

In the future, call me Manager Lan. Yun Xinlan corrected.

Yes! Manager Lan.

Looking at the blue sky and white heart, Yun Xinlan faintly sighed in her heart: Yi Yun, I wholeheartedly want to avenge my own clansmen. But when I came to the human world, I realized just how small our Merman race was. Our sea area is so vast and possesses endless wealth, yet we are going to be massacred by humans. However, I am unable to defeat the human race alone. I can only avenge myself on the human race. Back then, I ate that pill and endured the pain that an extraordinary person would have to endure before coming to the human world. There are still many of our people alive in this world. I want to rely on my own strength to save our people. Perhaps I cannot defeat humanity, but I want my people to live, me! She swore that from now on, she would live on for the sake of the humiliation we, the Merman s, would endure! I want to rebirth from this moment onwards, from today onwards, my name is Yun Xinlan! I am Manager Lan from the Jinling Silver Building!

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