Song Wan stood on the shore of the cold lake and stared closely at it. In her hands was a small blue cloth bag. From the moment Song Zhong jumped into the cold lake, Song Wan's gaze had never left the surface of the lake.

Just as Song Zhong was about to search the Heavenly Iron's ore, he heard a slight cracking sound. What had shattered? An undetectable transparent fragment floated past Song Zhong's eyes, and he felt a bone-piercing coldness attack his face.

This kind of coldness was like a heavy punch on Song Zhong's face. Song Zhong quickly moved his Soul Power onto his face, and he did not dare to breathe anymore, because he did not know if the Mermaid Silk in his current state could still let him breathe freely in the water.

In just a short span of one breath, Song Zhong discovered that even more transparent fragments were floating past him, and Song Zhong felt as if countless ice spikes had pierced through his body. When the Mermaid Silk shattered, Song Zhong felt as if ten thousand swords were piercing into his heart.

He had been too careless. Not long ago, he had been thinking that entering the cold lake was only mediocre. As expected, there was a reason why the cold lake hid such a huge treasure without anyone guarding it. Most people would die quickly even if they were just lethargic for a short while, and even cultivators who reached the bottom of the lake would become so weak that they wouldn't be able to withstand a single blow.

At this moment, Song Zhong had already realized how terrifying the Frigid Lake was. If not for the Mermaid Silk he was wearing, he would have walked a few rounds in hell. He never thought that the Mermaid Silk had such an effect, not only could it move freely in the water, it could also reduce the damage the Heavenly Iron brought him.

No wonder Uncle Yu would say something like that, no wonder Uncle Yu was so envious when he saw the Mermaid Silk. The next time he met Wu Ming, he would definitely look for him to ask for a few more Mermaid Silk. In any case, this guy was controlling over a thousand Merman.

Fortunately, Song Zhong had reached the bottom of the lake and only needed a little more time to get the Heavenly Iron. Song Zhong sped up the burning of the Soul Power in his body to block the coldness of the Heavenly Iron.

Song Zhong took out a metal cage from his waist. This cage was given to him by Yu Mengran. There was a mechanism on the handle of this small metal cage. As long as he used his strength to squeeze the handle, the cage would turn into something like a claw.

Song Zhong used his strength to hold onto the metal cage, causing the cage to immediately open. A few Heavenly Iron s were surrounded by the cage. Song Zhong loosened the grip on his hand and the claws immediately closed, Song Zhong then pressed on a small switch on his hand. The switch was designed to seal the metal cage.

After doing all of this, Song Zhong felt that his consciousness was no longer clear. He let go of the metal cage in his hands and tried his best to swim towards the surface of the lake. Song Zhong felt that his consciousness had already started to dissipate. The metal cage was pulled by a rope, and this rope was tied to Song Zhong's waist.

A slight wave rose up from the surface of the cold lake as Song Wan retrieved a roll of rope from her chest and quickly tidied it up in her hands. She tied her rope to a boulder and then tied the rope around her waist.

jumped into the water and felt as if her body was being pierced by millions of ice spikes. However, she was still able to swim towards the white silhouette in the water. Just as she grabbed onto Song Zhong, she felt her body becoming lighter, allowing Song Zhong and Song Wan's bodies to escape the water's surface.

Uncle Yu. Song Wan looked at the middle-aged man who had saved him. This man had been taking care of him and his brother like a father all these years.

The one who saved the two of them from the water was precisely Yu Mengran. Yu Mengran stood on the shore and held onto the rope tied around Song Wan's waist with his left hand.

Song Zhong had already lost consciousness, he anxiously left the water surface, her hand holding onto Song Zhong, was not tiring at all. Song Zhong placed Song Zhong on a large rock in the cold lake. Song Wan looked at the unconscious Song Zhong on the ground and opened the small blue cloth bag in his hands. Inside the bag were rows and rows of silver needles.

Song Wan quickly applied acupuncture on all of Song Zhong's acupoints. Her delicate hands seemed to be boneless, as her orchid-like fingers held onto three silver needles at the same time, with Song Wan's Soul Power s attached to them.

Only after being busy for a long time did Song Wan heave a sigh of relief. Looking at the unmoving Song Zhong lying on the ground, she said: "No wonder even the Frigid Lake does not need people to guard it, it turns out the lake water is actually this strong."

You only remember to treat Song Zhong's injuries, but you don't really care about your own body.

My body is fine, I really want to know what kind of friend could make you do this. After Song Wan got out of the water, he quickly checked his own body. Only after discovering that there was nothing strange with his body, did she begin to recuperate from her treatment of Song Zhong's internal energy.

Haha, your clothes are still wet right now. No matter how strong your physique is, you can still get sick sometimes.

Only then did Song Wan realize that she had actually forgotten to use the Soul Power to shake the water droplets on her body, trying to save second brother after getting out of the water. Only then did she start to operate the Soul Power to release the water vapor on her clothes.

You little girls won't understand the friendship between men.

Do men sometimes have friendships that surpass love?

Yu Mengran felt as if his weak spot was found by a junior, and anxiously changed the topic: Song Zhong himself is disdainful of using weapons to compete with others, he did not expect that he would sacrifice his life for someone else.

Just who was it? He just wanted a weapon, and actually needed the life of the future king of Ghost Clan.

Because he said that person was too easy to deal with.

Yu Mengran had a strange expression on his face. He had thought that the person who would be able to become Song Zhong's friend would definitely be a top cultivation genius, even if he wasn't a peerless expert.

He never thought that Song Zhong would actually have such a friend.

Song Wan began to remove the rope around Song Zhong's waist, and the last metal cage left the water surface, there were a few black ores inside. The surface of these ores was grayish-black, and they were covered with dense, small holes.

This is the Heavenly Iron? If it wasn't for the fact that we entered the cold lake, I really couldn't imagine how terrifying this ore would be, to be able to come out of the water with nothing special about it.

All things in the world are incompatible, and man is but one of the smallest things in the universe. After Yu Mengran finished speaking, he looked at Song Zhong and asked: Do you plan to keep him lying by the lake like this?

Because I suddenly feel that the Heavenly Iron is a good thing. Song Wan pouted and continued: It's her fault that he only remembered that bad friend in her heart, but didn't remember that she had a sister like me. There are only enough Heavenly Iron here to forge a sword, but not enough for me to use.

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