The white waves of the sea were rolling and imprinting themselves on the white clouds in the sky. Yun Xinlan sat on the boat, allowing the sea breeze to gently wave her hair. Today, she was wearing a light blue muslin dress. She was as beautiful as a fairy that had descended from the sky.

The boat that Yun Xinlan was on was the most ordinary black boat, the entire boat was completely black. Yun Xinlan and Gu Qingpin did not deliberately hide it. The boat they were riding on was an ordinary fishing boat.

Yun Xinlan sat crossed legged in the boat, her black hair gently hanging down to her waist. On top of a black charcoal stove was a black iron pot. Yun Xinlan put a handful of tea into the teapot, while watching the battle on the beach with her own eyes.

Two groups of soldiers wearing different clothes were fighting on the seashore. Red robes were revealed under one set of armor, while the other set of armor had black linings.

This was a battle between the Holy Sheng Empire's army and the Flame Emperor's army. Countless blade-like weapons were scattered all over the ground, and jet-black blood flowed into the sea. It was difficult to find traces of them after they had merged into the sea but the ground on the shore was like a sea of blood.

They never thought that the Flame Emperor's power would develop so quickly. Emperor of Holy Sheng had wanted to send troops to suppress them several times, but he ended up losing troops instead.

Gu Qingpin raised the teacups on the tables and took a sip: "This Jinling can be used to attack and defend, and furthermore, is extremely rich, it was originally a good place for us to set our eyes on, but now it has become Wu Xu's territory.

Yun Xinlan glanced at the hot metal pot on the table. She lifted it up and poured some boiling water into the pot.

Wouldn't that be better? Let them focus all their energies on Yan Jun and let them consume each other. My clansmen can just hide in the sea.

Look, the Flame Emperor's army is about to be defeated.

Do you need us to help them? Yun Xinlan smiled and continued: Or should I kill them all?

What are you going to do? Gu Qingpin trusted Yun Xinlan a lot, and he also trusted Yun Xinlan's abilities.

Yun Xinlan looked at the boats parked on the shore. Those troops were here by boat, they would not stay in the Jinling for long periods of time. As long as we are in the sea, our clansmen can easily cut open the bottom of their boats and feed them to big fishes.

Gu Qingpin felt a slight chill on his body. He put down the teacup in his hand: No wonder people said not to offend women, especially beautiful women.

You humans have always been my enemies. Yun Xinlan blinked her eyes and said: Besides... You're wrong, I'm not a beautiful woman.

Gu Qingpin looked at Yun Xinlan's beautiful face and felt that she had already sunk into the pair of eyes that were as clear as spring water. He only saw Yun Xinlan giving him a smile: "I am an exceptional beauty."

Yun Xinlan paused for a moment before continuing, "What I said just now was not accurate. The majority of humans are my enemies, but I have also acquired a lot of friends.

A black-armored soldier stood at the prow, his young face smeared with blood and grime. He was raising anchor with trembling hands that had just experienced a cruel war. He knew that he would be able to have a good night's sleep once he retracted the anchor. Therefore, he felt even happier when he retracted the anchor.

After that battle, he was the one who had survived. As long as they were able to move into the sea, they wouldn't need to worry about being surrounded and annihilated by the Flame Emperor's army.

The young black armored soldier was originally a farmer. He did not understand why his uncle and nephew were fighting. But after half a year of fighting, he understood that if he didn't kill his enemies on the battlefield, they would kill him.

The five black ships set sail, heading for the center of the sea.

As the young black-armored soldier retrieved his anchor, he looked at the beach that was getting further and further away from him. He could feel a cool air coming from his nose. It was the smell of salt in the air. Looking at the beautiful scenery of the sea and sky made him feel safe and at ease.

The young black armored soldier put away the heavy anchor and fell to the deck, closing his eyes.

The five large black ships moved further and further away from the shore, and a dozen black shadows appeared at the bottom of the ship. A dozen black shadows, their lower bodies covered in fish-like tails. They were like ghosts in the water, agile as swimming dragons.

The black bottom of the boat had only been in the sea for a month, but it was covered with oysters and shells. If it had been an ordinary person, it would have felt slippery and difficult to use his strength. The black shadows easily pierced holes in the bottom of the boat with their axes.

Not only did the Black Armored Army on the ship not sense the approaching danger, they didn't even feel the fatal blow from the waves.

The water began to pour violently into the bottom of the boat, and the Black Armored Army soldiers began to shout. The young black armored soldier that had fallen asleep due to exhaustion woke up due to the noisy shouting.

The first thing the young black-armored soldier did when he woke up was that his body was very cold. Was he dreaming? Then he saw that the boat was full of water and that he seemed to be parallel to the sea.

How could this be? Then the young black-armored soldier saw many people begin to jump into the sea, some of them holding onto the wood of the boat as they jumped into the sea. Only now did the young black-armored soldier realize that the ship was about to sink.

The young black-armored soldier stood up. The water had reached his knees. He also wanted to jump into the sea and sink with the boat. His eyes began to search the surface for driftwood, but to his horror, he saw that the brothers who had jumped into the sea with the planks were all gone.

Many Black Armored Soldiers appeared on the surface of the sea, but most of them were facing downwards.

The young black-armored soldier began to despair, because he saw strange black shadows swimming beneath the corpses. These black shadows looked like a big fish, agile as a swimming dragon in the water.

In this world, there was only one kind of creature that could do this, and that was the Merman.

It was said that Merman were invincible in the water, so these Merman all hated humans.

The young black-armored soldier stood dumbly on the deck. Even when the seawater had already flooded his chest, he still did not know what to do. The sea that had once made him feel incomparable peace, had now become like hell on earth.

The young black-armored soldier looked at his brother, who had fought alongside him before, and jumped into the sea with the wooden board in his arms. Before he could finish shouting, "Don't jump!"

The moment the soldier jumped into the sea, he was immediately dragged into the water by the black figure. The young black-armored soldier stood blankly on the spot, and the sea had already drowned his shoulders. The young black armored soldier looked at the sea in despair. Standing on the boat was a dead man, so even if he jumped into the sea, there was only death waiting for him.

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