Turquoise-eyed Demon Fox Paris looked at the girl in front of her with fear. Her hair was fluttering in the air and her eyes had a hint of gold. Turquoise-eyed Demon Fox Paris turned her head to look at the Silver Fox on his shoulder, only to see that the Silver Fox on his shoulder had tightly closed his eyes in fear, and had even deeply grabbed onto Turquoise-eyed Demon Fox's Berlin's smooth and exquisite shoulder with his claws.

Just what in the world are you... Who was it? Turquoise-eyed Demon Fox Boris asked in horror, her knees involuntarily starting to bend.

Kneel! Submit to me.

I, Turquoise-eyed Demon Fox Paris, swear to submit to my master...

I didn't expect you to be so formidable! I have only heard that Turquoise-eyed Demon Fox Beli has the ability to confuse the mind. As long as it is someone who has been recruited, they have no chance of survival, but I never thought that they would be so weak when compared to you.

Wu Ming stood beside Sang Yu and looked at the two sinister people in front of him. Just now Turquoise-eyed Demon Fox Boris said with reason: This person must be in a state of panic since she was struck by my fox eyes. In less than two hours, she would go crazy and die. If she was unlucky, she might die earlier.

However, from the looks of it, the two of them would most likely die of panic.

Song Yi knelt on the ground, his eyes staring straight at the ground. Within his sea of consciousness, he was still standing on that white colored Ghostly Slaughter Conference, surrounded by people of the Salt Lake City. And he himself would become the future king of Salt Lake City.

My anecdote is naturally the king of future Salt Lake City. Ghost Empress Lin Miaoyin looked at Ghost King.

Ghost King's face was still as calm as ever. He seemed to never like his own son, and in the eyes of Song Yi, his own father actually did not give his son any of his love.

Song Yi saw that the Ghost Empress Lin Miaoyin was looking straight at him. Just now, when Song Yi was fighting a small battle, the sword qi in his hand was released, causing the Broken Love Sword to release an even stronger chill as it pierced through the air, the sword intent striking towards Song Zhong who was not far away.

As long as his own brother was still alive in this world, he would never be able to obtain the Ghost King's recognition. Right at the moment when Song Yi brandished his sword, Ghost Empress Lin Miaoyin's complexion had already turned pale white. She knew that Song Yi's sword was meant to take her brother's life. Song Yi actually wanted to kill his own little brother in this kind of situation, his sword would absolutely not be lenient.

This time, Song Yi's Absolute Love Sword followed the path of extremely fast swords, its flying speed far surpassing that of ordinary flying swords. At this moment, his sword had flown out, and he was confident that no one would have the confidence to block it. Even if it was him, he would probably only be able to hit the flying sword the moment it entered his flesh.

Song Yi looked at his Broken Love Sword, which was caught by a pair of powerful hands.

Song Yi once again lowered his head to look at his chest. There, a bright peach flower had flowed with his own blood. The place where the peach blossoms bloomed was Song Zhong's finger that was as hard as steel.

Song Yi looked at his younger brother in disbelief, while his eyes were still filled with disdain.

Is he still like this? He's been like this since he was a kid. What he hated the most was his current state. Song Zhong had never talked about the difference between him and his brother, as he did not understand the difference between the order of youth and the superiority of seniority.

I am the eldest son of the Song Family ? Song Yi slowly fell to the ground, opening his eyes wide as he screamed in despair: "I am the King of Salt Lake City!"

What was Wang Cheng like? He still couldn't forget it! Wu Ming shook his head: If it weren't for the fact that you are Big Brother Song Zhong, I would have killed you right now.

So you're not going to take his life? The golden light in Sang Yu's eyes disappeared.

Looking at the two people kneeling in front of her, Turquoise-eyed Demon Fox Paris raised her head to look at the young girl in front of her: "I didn't think that my master was someone from the God Clan, please forgive me for my rudeness before. I, Boris, will always obey my master's orders, willing to be his servant for the rest of my life.

What kind of secrets of the Wing Clan were hidden here?

Master, yes. These murals have existed since the time we discovered them, and we heard from the elders that these murals were the secrets of the Salt Lake City Royal Family. Our clansmen are here to guard this secret.

You don't have to call me master. Sang Yu said indifferently.

Turquoise-eyed Demon Fox Paris looked at Sang Yu's young and tender face. "Although I have the demon eye, I also inherited it from the God Clan."

Turquoise-eyed Demon Fox Paris began to talk about the secrets of Salt Lake City. There were seven races living in the Divine Great Land: human, Merman, Savage Clan, Wing Clan, Ghost Clan, Wisdom Clan, and God Clan. Wing Clan was also an ancient race on the Divine Great Land. They had always been pursuing the limits of strength, and the citizens of Salt Lake City were once the descendants of God Clan. This was because they did not have the special power of the pupils to inherit God Clan, but deeply desired this power that was similar to God Clan.

The powerful Wing Clan was powerful and prosperous, their bodies were like steel, and they could cultivate by absorbing heaven and earth origin energy just like how humans could. On the other hand, people with God Clan were few in number. Their bodies were extremely weak and could not accept the essence of heaven and earth for cultivation, but people with God Clan possessed very strong power.

Therefore, the king of Wing Clan and the king of God Clan made a bold hypothesis. Therefore, the king and queen of God Clan were fused together, and there were also some people of God Clan who pursued strength who were fused together.

The king and queen of God Clan were fused together, but their later generations did not obtain the divine power and powerful fleshly body that they longed for. Descendant of the king of God Clan and descendant of the king of Wing Clan, not only did they not obtain the special abilities of the two races, they had also weakened their own abilities.

Descendants who had a portion of the Wing Clan blood in their bodies became commoners whose bodies were only slightly stronger than ordinary people. They guarded the Wing Clan for generations to become servants of the Wing Clan;

As for those people who wanted to obtain the God Clan and bloodline, not only did they lose their powerful physical bodies, they also did not obtain the special gaze power of the God Clan. They crazily switched the eyes of the dead God Clan owner into their own and still did not obtain this ability. In the end, they found a type of Silver Fox in the desert. This Silver Fox might be able to transplant eyes from God Clan, but the power of its pupils were greatly weakened. Even so, the person who owned this Silver Fox still had a very strong eyesight.

I am your servant, and among my clansmen, I have always revered and worshipped this special power of God Clan. Only a few of our people have access to such power. You... Inborn is our master, is the power of our worship, please let me follow you.

Thank you for your support. Thank you for your rewards. Thank you for your praise.

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