Tales of Burning Corpse/C1 I am a mortician
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Tales of Burning Corpse/C1 I am a mortician
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C1 I am a mortician

My name is Luo Sheng, I'm a corpse creator.

Compared to the previous treatment, the crematorium workers these days were much better. After all, these were all high-tech equipment. In the early 1980s, it was still the same type of iron stove. One had to use a hook to slowly pull the corpse into the iron stove before turning it off.

Occasionally, the corpses would curl up in the large cages due to their nerves and muscles, and even emit "bang bang bang" sounds, which were especially terrifying.

My father was a mortician, and when he accidentally died he gave me his seat, but by then the funeral home was much better off and new things were being introduced. At that time, it was very comfortable burning the corpse. As long as I put the corpse inside and use something like a valve to lock it up, it would basically be all I had to do.

The temperature inside the furnace was as high as 6000 degrees Celsius, and it was especially thick. Every crematorium was like a small room, about 10 square meters. Most of the time, I would throw the corpse inside and sit outside and read the newspaper.

One day, the leader called me into his office and said: "Luo Sheng, the things that you have to do right now are so simple. You don't need three people to burn them, you only need one person to burn them, but modern equipment has its drawbacks, after the corpse has been burning it for a period of time, it will leave some residue inside, so you and Lin Jiang will be in charge of cleaning it up, and the salary for clearing it once a week is even higher than burning the corpse."

When I heard this, my interest was piqued. In the past, this leader was just a scrooge in my eyes. Why did he suddenly become so kind?

"How much?"

Most importantly, it is more comfortable than burning corpses. For your father's sake, I gave you a spot, and for the other creator, Chen Hai, you can't even ask for one. " After saying that, the Leader scratched his bald head.

My eyes were practically glowing. To think that such a pie would fall on my head. Originally, the salary for cleaning workers wasn't very high, but it wasn't low either. A month's worth of work was more than 6,000 yuan.

Chen Hai and I have lived in the same dorm. He is extremely unhygienic and often uses my things. I'm not a stingy person, but he never told me. He always let me find out.

Chen Hai would sometimes chew on my tongue, acting like a woman. That's why when the leader mentioned Chen Hai's name, I immediately agreed. This guy must be angry that he failed to accomplish the job that he dreamed of doing.

Besides, it's easier to work four times a month than to burn a corpse, and the pay is so high that I can do other things. After signing the contract with the leader, I walked out of the office and strutted around.

Just as I walked out, I heard Uncle Liu calling me, "Luo Sheng, come over quickly. There's something you need."

Uncle Liu usually takes good care of me. He specially went to the scene to retrieve the corpses, so he has connections with the police. He has two disciples, and under normal circumstances, only his two disciples can make a move. If he makes a move, it would mean that there is a corpse that is not easy to deal with. My eyes immediately lit up.

As for Uncle Liu, he would often talk about what had happened when he was young. Most of the things that happened were due to the strange nature of a monster.

Sitting on the hearse, Uncle Liu started to nag, "When you go later, I can't take it anymore. You can wait for me outside if you don't want to go. This is a case of mummification, I heard from the police."

When I heard this, my eyes lit up. "You're talking about a case that caused a sensation in the city a month ago. The case was solved?"

Only if the case was solved would the body come to the funeral home.

"Look at you, who only wants to stir up trouble," Uncle Liu rolled his eyes in annoyance. "The case was solved long ago, but it's never been made public. What, do you really want to see a homicidal maniac?"

The name Murderer Demons was spread among the rumors later on. This was because such a vile thing had never happened in this peaceful small city. After all sorts of rumors had spread, this matter gradually evolved into a homicidal case similar to the British Ripper Jack.

A fictional homicidal maniac, appearing in the city.

The victim, a 16-year-old girl, was found with her belly cut open and only her torso, head and limbs missing. The first person to find the body was a cleaner. Later, the police found parts of the little girl in a rubbish dump in the city, under some unremarkable sculpture in the square, and in all sorts of strange and unexpected places.

Thus, weird rumors started spreading all over the place. I had always thought that a homicidal maniac had appeared outside, killing everyone he saw, and even warned the little girl at the funeral parlor to be careful when she returns at night.

Now that Uncle Liu had said this, he was slightly disappointed. "So that's how it is. Then who is the murderer?"

"It's just a few ignorant kids who don't know how to discipline others. It's too much to watch on TV. They're just imitating others by dismembering their corpses." Uncle Liu's words were filled with disdain, but I felt a chill that went straight from my feet to my heart.

How could this brat have such great ability?

Uncle Liu told me that the people who killed the little girl were all her classmates. The little girl was originally studying in a high school in this city. At night, she would go home to study by herself. On the way, she met a few boys from the same class. These boys were following the flow of society. The hooligan is learning to rob.

The girl gave all the money she had to the boy. The boys were going to leave when they got the money, but the money was gone. The hooligan, however, was excited at the sight of the opposite sex.

In fact, the girl was less than a hundred meters away from her own home. The hooligan did such a shameless thing, but was afraid that the girl would expose herself, so he covered the girl's mouth. Who knew that he would directly kill her. After killing people, all the streams … The hooligan panicked. Afraid that the police would find out about him, he would not hesitate to cut the girl into pieces.

and going through a lot of streams. The hooligan cooperated with his classmate and placed the girl's corpse in every corner of the city. He thought that it would be impossible to find it flawlessly, but he didn't expect it to leave behind even more flaws. The case was solved on the third day.

This case was too vile, so after the police solved the case, they didn't reveal anything, nor did they announce it. This caused the people to think that there was an evil demon hiding in the city.

However, I still prefer this to be the case of a demon that kills people. The truth is far more cruel than we have imagined.

Since the girl's case was solved, the police would naturally bring the girl's corpse over to be burned. Soon, the girl's parents would definitely arrive at the funeral parlor as well.

However, in my opinion, this is a very simple matter. Why did you ask Uncle Liu to help?

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