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Tales of Mortal Cultivator/C1 Wuzhuang monastery
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C1 Wuzhuang monastery

Hehe, why is his surname Li? His master said that before he became a Taoist, his surname was Li. Seeing that Hu Zi didn't have a name, he decided to use his surname. As for the tiger, because he had picked it up at that time, it was rather cute. Furthermore, the tiger was rather domineering, so he randomly chose a name for it.

The Wuzhuang Monastery was a Taoist temple! A thousand years ago, it was rather popular, and the founder of the sect, Taoist Yi Ren, was quite famous in the cultivation world. Bringing along a puppet that he had forged himself, he had roamed the world. No one was willing to offend him, and he was respected.

At that time, demons and monsters ran rampant. Daoist Yi Ren, with his own strength, fought against five old monsters during the tribulation period and was eventually destroyed. Later on, he improved his puppet techniques to establish his own sect and taught his disciples to control corpses and catch ghosts. Back then, the incense was burning hot, and people loved and feared everyone.

Right now, there were only 3 wild cats in the audience, master + disciple = wild cat {what? Say, Mouse, I think you are really hopeless. That wild cat has been going through the entire temple almost every day, and she's crying out in hunger! If you do see it, it's a skeleton rat.

A few days ago, Huzi Zi Zi said to his master: "Let's catch that wild cat and kill it! We can still have a meal now. After this, let's see which famous sect can take in some servants. Let's just vote for him instead. Look at the current you, aside from the jade pendant on your waist, it's worth a few copper coins. Look at the whole picture, how could it be worth any silver coins.

I heard that the lowest level disciples there will have a small piece of low-grade crystal stones to use for cultivation. I've been with you for 12 years now, but I've never seen what crystal stones look like before. "

As soon as he said that, he saw his master's wrinkled old face. First it was white, then it was red, and finally it was purple. He foamed at the mouth, and his eyes were white as he fainted! He waited for Hu Zi to wake his master up, crying, shouting, pinching, and pressing.

His master immediately took out the peach wood sword that had been passed down for thousands of years from his Cosmos Sack. Hu Zi, who was in hot pursuit, jumped up and down.

His master scolded him as he chased after him, "Your father has raised you for more than ten years, so it can be considered as me raising you for nothing. I've even taught you all your abilities, but now you're so good! When your wings grow hard, you feel like flying! See if I don't chop you little bastard to death. As he spoke, he brought the thousand year peach wood sword over and hacked at Hu Zi, scaring him into running down the mountain from the main entrance.

As soon as he went out of the door, he turned around and saw his master. He probably couldn't catch up with him in time, so he threw the peach wood sword over like a concealed weapon. Hu Zi did not manage to land one blow, but he could hear his teacher screaming in pain.

"Aiyo!" My thousand year peach wood sword! My ancestor! How can you break it? I have let down the Old Ancestor! "

When Hu Zi heard this, his body shivered. He had never seen this old Master in such a bad shape. He was so scared that he ran down the mountain without even daring to turn his head back.

Only after a whole week had passed did Hu Zi dare to return to the village to enjoy the sight. He was still far away from the village, so he could still hear a few women cursing from within.

Woman A: "My family has lost four chickens recently, I don't know which f * cker stole them."

Woman B: "My dog was also stolen. He just had a litter of puppies and lost them before he was even weaned! This thief has lived for eight lifetimes. "

Woman C: "You guys are okay. I got my underwear touched too. "Let me catch that pervert, and I'll cut him off and feed him to the dogs."

When Hu Zi heard this, he trembled in fear! I stole the chicken and I stole the dog, but what does the underwear have to do with me? I don't have this hobby either! While muttering to himself, he used his hands to cover his lower body and quickly ran towards Wuzhuang Monastery.

Stretching his head out, he used a knife to do the same. This old master is usually pretty nice to me too! I think it's better if I come back and admit my wrongs, admit my wrongs, admit my wrongs, admit my wrongs, admit my wrongs! With such an old age, don't be angry at me for being kind. With this thought, Hu Zi pushed open the door of the Wuzhuang Monastery.

The courtyard was completely silent. Not a single sound could be heard. Seeing this, Hu Zi let out a loud howl. Old ghost, you don't need to be a teacher to kill my biological grandfather! I won't be angry at you anymore! "

"I'm not dead yet, what are you bawling for? "Enter the ancestral hall."

Hu Zi lowered his head and promised, before entering the ancestral hall.

As soon as he entered, he heard the old master saying, "Come! When I fell to my knees, I kowtowed a few times to my ancestors

Hu Zi walked over without making a sound and kowtowed a few times. He stealthily glanced at the old ghost master from the corner of his eyes and thought to himself, "What kind of crazy behavior does this old ghost master have? He didn't even allow me to enter this room, so I thought there was some good stuff." After sneaking in a few times, other than a few memorial tablets, what else can we do? "

Just at this time, he heard the old master mumbling to himself, "The seventh generation disciple, Wu Songzi, kowtows to the ancestors. Due to disciple's incompetence and shallow aptitude, Wuzhuang Monastery was not able to grow! Now that the position of Sect Leader is removed, and the eighth generation disciple Li Hu can take over, I hope that the ancestors' spirits in heaven can protect our Wuzhuang Monastery!

Eighth generation disciple, Li Hu, received the Sect Leader Token! With that, he handed over the jade pendant that represented the Sect Leader's medallion with both hands.

What!? Sect Leader? Li Hu still did not understand what happened as he stared blankly. The old man handed over the token representing the Sect Leader, and he accepted it in a daze, only reacting after receiving it.

"I'm not doing it, I'm not growing up yet! I am not going to be the Sect Leader of this shitty shitty sect, it's not beneficial at all, I protest! "

"The protest is ineffective. If you don't take the Sect Leader's order badge, what else can you do? If I accept it, you will have to shoulder the responsibility of the Sect Leader, "Old Ghost laughed as he spoke, looking at Li Hu with a look of schadenfreude.

"Hey, hey, you forced my hand. Tomorrow, I will sell the Wuzhuang Monastery to you, hehe."

He thought that the old ghost would get angry after saying that, but he didn't expect that the old ghost didn't show any signs of getting angry at all. Sell it! I'm already old and I don't have many years left to live. In any case, you're the Sect Leader now, so what you say is true! Do what you like, I'm relieved of this burden! at least you have let your ancestors down. "

After saying all that, he looked at Li Hu who was in a daze, and continued: "Since you're the Sect Leader now, I'll have to let you know the secret of our sect!"

The old master walked under the altar and pressed his hand against a stone tile underneath the altar. Then he saw that the ground was slightly shaking, and right in the middle of the altar, a stone brick about one meter tall slowly fell down, falling about one and a half meters, and stopped moving.

"Follow me!" With that, the old master jumped down.

Li Hu looked at the black hole and thought, I've been here for more than ten years, how come I haven't found such a mechanism? This old fogey isn't plotting to kill me right? I don't have any money now, hehe …

Just as he was lost in his thoughts, he heard his master urging him on, so he jumped down.

As soon as he went down, he saw the old master lighting up a large white candle. Only then did Li Hu have the chance to survey his surroundings. The ground was very wide, and was not the meter wide hole he saw from above. On the contrary, after a few steps, the tunnel was as wide as a tunnel.

When the old master saw him come down, he slapped the wall somewhere. The hole that had just come down slowly closed, and then he walked forward with the candle in his hand.

"Master, wait for me, don't go so fast, I'm really scared!" With that said, Li Hu chased after him.

"The passageway was not very long, and after walking for about twenty meters, we saw that Master had stopped." Give me the jade pendant and let me remove the restrictions. "

Li Hu quickly passed over the jade pendant, and when his master took it, he poured a bit of True Essence into it, and a transparent cover appeared with the jade pendant as the center. If you don't want to enter, then forget it! "

Hearing his master's words, Li Hu immediately went closer to his master. As soon as he got closer, he saw that there was a hole in the barrier. After entering, he grabbed it and quickly closed it.

Then his teacher led him forward, and after walking for about ten meters, they saw a door in front of them. On each side of the door stood a statue, black and shiny. Without even looking, Master pushed the door and entered. After entering, she gave the jade pendant to Li Hu.

The room was not big, so it could be easily seen. In one corner of the wall were two coffins and a table in the middle. On the table were a book, a pill bottle, a bag, a ring, and a small sword.

"Disciple!" This is the last secret and property of our Wuzhuang Monastery. Now I will hand it over to you, let me tell you the use of these things!

That book is a secret manual from our Wuzhuang Monastery. It is unknown what material it is made of, but it hasn't rotted after more than a thousand years.

That pill bottle contains Foundation Establishment Pills. Originally, there were only ten pills left. I ate a few and had your martial uncle take a few. Now, there's only one left.

A bag is a body bag, intermediate level magical equipment. I don't even know how much can be contained inside.

That ring was a storage ring, a high class magic treasure. It was much more expensive than the ones in the Cosmic Bag. Originally, there were some crystals and materials inside, but they were all taken away by your Martial Uncle. Now, there is only a ring left.

That small sword was the real thousand year peach wood sword. It was a top-grade magic tool, the sect's guardian treasure. As for the two coffins, they contain two Flying Ants, and the two at the door are black fur. I can't even control them with my meagre mana, you'll know when you finish reading that manual.

Li Hu's mouth was agape, his eyes were still rolling around, no one knew if he was surprised or planning something.

"I know you don't understand. There are a lot of things I want to ask you. At first, I was like you, but now you just listen." From the creation of the Wuzhuang Monastery by our ancestor, until our ancestor failed to transcend the tribulation, it was the most popular time of our sect.

At that time, even if the lowest level disciples went out to gain experience and met those so-called famous sects, they would still treat them with respect. Even if it was a large crystal mine, there were still quite a few places in the sect.

He did not know how the news about the Old Ancestor's failure to pass the tribulation had spread, but since then, our sect had been bullied and provoked by the various big sects, saying that the Wuzhuang Monastery was not the proper sect, and was completely a evil sect. He spent his days dealing with demons and ghosts, controlling some corpses to harm others. At this time, the Devil Dao also stood up and pointed out that the Wuzhuang Monastery was a part of the Devil Dao and a branch of the Devil Dao.

The senior of the sect could not bear to see this, so he went to each of the big sects for a reason. He did not expect the big sects to find a reason to gang up on him until he died, when he was already at the Mahayana Period Realm.

From then on, our sect began to decline bit by bit. Whenever our sect's disciples went out to gain experience, they would mysteriously disappear as long as they were left alone or in a small number. The Devil Dao also took the opportunity to take advantage of this situation, letting our sect join the Devil Dao and hand over our secret scriptures. Otherwise, he would flatten the Wuzhuang Monastery and not leave anything behind.

He didn't know what kind of agreement the two sides had reached, but when they saw that their sect wasn't going to obey, this war of wills started five hundred years ago. The Demonic Dao sent an army to surround and annihilate the Wuzhuang Monastery.

During that battle, our sect relied on the Great Sect Protection Formation to fight against the Demonic Way for more than a month. Both sides suffered heavy casualties, and the Demonic Way was not allowed to retreat.

From then on, Wuzhuang Monastery was in a state of failure, her prestige and reputation was gone. The righteous path was afraid that the Wuzhuang Monastery would rise again, so they began to bewitch the villagers, lowering the standards for accepting disciples. They said that the Wuzhuang Monastery was filled with demons that would kill people without blinking an eye, that they would not even let go of death itself, and that they would turn into corpses controlled by them.

From the beginning, Wuzhuang Monastery could not accept a single disciple. After the great battle, there were almost no experts left in our sect, only low-level disciples remained, some ran, and some judges invested their resources into the sect and slowly became like this.

No one knew when it started, but the cultivation world started to be divided into four categories: cultivator, Demonic Cultivator, cultivation of demons, and cultivation of ghosts.

The division of realms was also very chaotic. Because there were more cultivators and Demonic Cultivator cultivators, there were people who divided the realms, and no one objected. As time passed, the cultivation world tacitly agreed to this division of realms.

The divisions of realms, from low to high, were the innate realm, stage of qi refinement, heart stage, Building Foundation Period, Golden Pill Period, Core Formation stage, Infant Period, Spirit Severing stage, Mahayana Period, tribulation stage, and also some Rogue Immortals, Demonic Spread, Demonic Spread, and Demonic Spread Ghost.

Since the Rogue Immortals and the scattered devils all belonged to the body of a half-immortal, and there were only a few special existences, they were divided according to how many times they had gone through the tribulation, from one tribulation Rogue Immortals to ten tribulations.

Demonic Cultivators and Demonic Cultivators cultivated differently from humans. Their cultivation time was longer and harder.

Cultivators mainly have enlightenment, spirit, recovery, spirit refining, demonic core, manifestation, spiritual sense, void, space, and transcending tribulation.

The Ghost Cultivators mainly consisted of the Ghost Soul, Ghost Spirit, Ghost Servant, Ghost Soldier, Ghost Messenger, Ghost Witch, Ghost Lord, Ghost General, Ghost King, and Ghost Emperor.

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