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C1 The world loves money

It was really too ridiculous.

If she hadn't seen it with her own eyes, Liangxia definitely wouldn't have believed that what she saw now was the truth. She would never believe that she would ever do something so stupid.

In the spacious villa at the top of the mountain, in the spacious and bright hall, under the resplendent crystal lamp, dozens of well-dressed and beautiful young women with elegant demeanors were spread out. They were holding wine cups in their hands, seemingly talking to each other, but in reality, they were testing each other.

However, the real owner had yet to show up.

Only the well-behaved attendants wore appropriate smiles on their faces as they shuttled back and forth between these famous ladies and daughters.

It was a big blind date dinner, but they were both people who were being looked at. Moreover, he was being looked at by a single person.

Xiao Yan was the kind of person who had single-handedly created a business empire.

How laughable that an old man of thirty-two years of age was able to make such illustrious and famous people flock to him like a flock of ducks.

There was only one reason, this man was too rich.

The world loved money, and no one was an exception.

The so-called aloof and proud, it was just for sale.

Cold summer has always been magnanimous and realistic, never feeling that love of money is any shortcoming.

Just like today, if it wasn't for that crystal necklace that she had been thinking about for a long time, she wouldn't have appeared here as an impostor.

It was too boring. The most important thing was that he had to accept all kinds of looks from all directions.

Although these famous women came from various cities, there were still people who knew her identity well.

For example, the Southern Group's daughter who looked over at her for the seventh time, as well as the few girls beside her, were all good at playing with Shen Rui. Naturally, they knew her identity like the back of their hand.

It was clear that they were thinking about why the only person who came here was a legitimate daughter of a famous woman, and why she had appeared at such an occasion.

However, because of their upbringing and identity, although these people had doubts in their hearts, they would not actually come to find out the truth. They were afraid that if they showed a little bit of incongruity to this scene, it would affect their image or the impression that the business emperor had of them.

The cool summer really loved these rules, which saved her a lot of trouble.

However, there were also some people who were walking towards her direction. They were Shi Mingyan, the beauty of their school.

Eyebrows... She had to be careful when dealing with people who came with ill intentions.

Shen Rui had said that although she didn't want to be chosen, she didn't want her reputation to be tarnished either.

That means she can't do as she pleases.

He lazily leaned on the white leather sofa with his legs crossed and his red skirt swaying in the wind, revealing a beautiful, white, flawlessly shaped calf. The corner of his mouth was curved, and his eyes rippled with water.

Seeing her appearance, Shi Mingyan's eyes couldn't help but twitch. Her eyes were already filled with the usual loathing. To think that this woman would appear in the same situation as her, it was the greatest insult to her pride and nobility.

This was something she could not tolerate. In school, their names were often mentioned together, and it was the most unbearable thing for her to see this person again.

Walking up and down, looking down at the girl on the sofa, Shi Mingyan's question was direct and rough, "Shen Liangxia, how did you end up in such a situation?"

In the end, she still had some brains, so she knew that she shouldn't make such a ruckus at this occasion. Thus, she intentionally lowered her voice. However, his aggressive attitude did not diminish in the slightest. It was as if he had a deep grudge with the girl in front of him.

However, he didn't know that his current appearance was already seen by the people. In the study on the third floor, a man with a pair of peach blossom eyes was staring at the display screen with interest as he looked at the situation in the hall. He smiled and said to the man beside him, "After being cooped up for such a long time, I can finally see something interesting." In fact, his gaze had never left the girl in the red frock since the moment she walked into the hall.

However, the man beside him was noncommittal. On the smooth screen of the computer, a well-defined face was reflected. His eyes fell on the brightest red spot on the screen. The red dress was so beautiful. Lightly opening his lips, the man concluded, "Too frivolous."

The Peach Blossom Eyes smiled. "There's a sense of beauty in them."

Liang Xia's gaze wavered, her red lips parted, and her voice entered his ears, "Why can't I appear here?"

When the girl thought of the past, her heart was filled with anger, and she immediately said in an evil tone, "Do you know your identity, and do you know what kind of occasion this is?"

At just 32 years of age, he had already monopolized the electronics industries in all the major provinces and cities of the country. Regardless of his looks, he was already an excellent candidate to be the son-in-law of a noble family.

Naturally, she, Shen Liangxia, had no right to appear here.

This was not only an insult to her, but an insult to everyone present.

She took a sip of the red wine in the cup and licked the remaining red liquid at the corner of her mouth with the tip of her pink tongue. Liangxia laughed so hard that Meng Lang started laughing, "That's right. I was wondering why even you gold ladies would be here when you said I could appear at any time." "Aiyo, is this simply an insult to all of you?"

A coquettish voice, really hateful. Shi Mingyan couldn't hold it in any longer. She felt the anger in her chest gushing out, making her want to tear that disgusting mouth in front of her.

Just as he was about to take action, his arm was grabbed by someone, "A Yan, what are you guys talking about, it's so lively here?"

It was the southern garden.

When Shi Mingyan saw her, her expression couldn't help but change. Her anger had already turned into grievance, "Elder sister from the Southern Garden, look at her …"

The Southern Courtyard smiled. Their elegance and noble aura quietly resolved the conflict in front of them, but they glanced around them and said, "The two of you are hiding here for a while, you're quite beautiful. Let's go, let's go over there, A Nan, A, Nong, and the others are all here, let's have a chat together."

His gaze fell on Shi Mingyan's face, as his lips opened and closed. He intentionally lowered his voice, but aside from the three of them, no one else could hear him, "What is she, worthy of you losing your composure. Don't forget what kind of occasion this is, and what sort of status do you have? "

With that, he turned to look at the summer. His smile was still impeccable and elegant. His voice returned to normal, "Shall we go together?"

Liangxia pursed her lips and replied with the same smile, "Seeing you carry it like this, I feel very tired for you. I'm afraid that if I get along with you guys for too long, I might end up suffering from indigestion. "

The southern garden's expression changed slightly. What she was most afraid of was that the cool summer would act so arrogantly without even opening her mouth, without even saying anything. He didn't have time to bother with Yuan Yuan at the moment, and quickly dragged the still unhappy Shi Mingyan away.

His thin eyebrows twitched, and he said to himself in the cool summer, "Cheers!" It was a pity that school belle Shi's glass of wine hadn't been spilled. Otherwise, she would have had an excuse to leave. What should she do now? Don't tell me you want to sit down here like a fool.

Peach eyes to the people on the screen said together, "Cheeers!", the glass of red wine in one gulp.

The man beside him raised his eyebrows slightly and once again came to a conclusion. "Demonic Qi!"

His every word and gesture was elegant, but it was too dissolute. Such a person was not the standard that he wanted to choose.

Peach Blossom eye disagrees with him: "How nice, those expressions are not the same, a thousand people, how tiresome, it is still better to be so lively and fragrant. Of course, you like virtuous ladies with all your heart, that's none of my business. "It's great that you're giving me this kind of lively fragrance. I have something to do tonight."

Xiao Yan's thick eyebrows wrinkled with enthusiasm, obviously impatient: "Whatever."

Liang Yu was his friend. After all, he hated the new and hated the old. He was already used to playing games. Xiao Yan did not obstruct her cordially. She was just a woman who appeared at his blind date ceremony and had nothing to do with him, so of course he would follow Liang Yu.

With her approval, Liang Yu stood up and tidied up her clothes, "It's about time. If you, as the host, don't show up, even if you're Xiao Yan, these young mistresses will not buy it."

He adjusted his tie in the mirror and could not help but complain again, "I really don't understand. If you want to get married, then go and find one. Why do you want to make it look like a project tender?

"Save the trouble, time, and effort!" The man behind him spoke concisely.

Liang Yu rolled her eyes, "This matter is really full of crap. Not to mention, even if a lady from a noble family is willing to come, there's still a high chance that she came for your money. What kind of feelings are there? Don't you think she's being a little too hasty?"

"That's better, simpler, don't bother."

The two of them went downstairs one after the other. One of them was expressionless while the other carefully probed, "Don't blame me for exposing you. In the end, you're still brooding over the past. That's why you're cowering in your emotions and don't dare to take the risk."


"You have been bitten by a snake for ten years and are afraid of being bitten by a rope. Think about it, is it worth it for you to be so careful of your feelings? It's not like they don't dare to come out from their shells. Have you ever thought about what kind of life it would be to marry a woman you don't love? "

Xiao Yan's feet paused as a complicated expression appeared on his face.

Could he still love her?

When the word "love" was written, it was too extravagant, and when it came, it was too tragic. Not just anyone could have it as they pleased.

After such a long and arduous journey, why did he still have to think about it?

As the two appeared, they attracted a lot of attention. Xiao Yan's stature was majestic and his looks handsome. However, this person's expression was cold and his entire body exuded a feeling of unapprobation. No one dared to approach him. Add to that the fact that he had been in power for a long time, his aura would naturally be very strong.

Even the handsome and noble Liang Yu, who was by his side, could only be regarded as a foil.

Shen Liangxia looked at the host through the red liquid in the cup. Ye Zichen suddenly understood. No wonder he put on such a show. A thirty-two year old man's capital is considered decent.

His face was as distinct as a sculpture. His eyebrows were sharp and his eyes were sharp. The bridge of his nose was pointed, but his lips were thin. He did not seem to be someone who cared deeply about relationships.

Her comment was quite interesting, but she suddenly met with a pair of eyes that were cold and profound. She shivered and quickly retracted her gaze.

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