Tame the Disobedient CEO/C1 This guy really has guts!
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Tame the Disobedient CEO/C1 This guy really has guts!
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C1 This guy really has guts!

City C, Yue Li Hotel.

On the 63rd floor, the elevator door opened with a "ding" sound, and a dozen or so people in black uniforms walked out. The bright crystal lights in the hall illuminated the proud figure of the person in the middle.

Her sword-like eyebrows were handsome, and her starry eyes were lively. Between her eyebrows was a bit of coldness. The corners of her eyes were bewitching. Her figure was distinct, and her demeanor was calm. Her face was handsome to the point of anger. This man looked very young, yet he exuded the aura of a king. He was so dazzling that wherever he went, he was probably inferior to even diamonds.

His almost 1.9m tall and straight body was wrapped in a black shirt. The dark gray suit showed his nobility and his cold indifference. His slender legs walked steadily, not saying a word the whole way.

It was only until they reached the entrance of the presidential suite and the hotel manager, Dai Jie, who had been following behind him, did he finally get the chance to say a few words. "Boss Huo, you've been busy the whole day, are you tired?" While carefully trying to please the man, he observed his expression from the corner of his eyes.

Seeing that the man did not answer, he spoke again. "Old Madem said, may you have a wonderful night."

The ambiguous tone was so suggestive that it succeeded in drawing the man's eyes to his flattering face. The man's eyes were as deep as a pool. A hint of gloom flashed through them as he lightly parted his lips and replied, "I understand."

"Then rest well, I'll go back first."

After he finished speaking, he used the corner of his eyes to quietly observe him, trying to discern a trace of a peculiar expression from his handsome face. Unfortunately, it was the same as before.

This young master Huo Family, was just as the rumors said. His expression remained calm, and his heart seemed to be as deep as the ocean. Even if he had worked for Huo Family for more than thirty years and watched this young master grow up, he still could not decipher the three words "Huo Yunzheng".


Huo Yunzheng slightly nodded his head, his tone remained calm and indifferent. Dajie couldn't help but wonder, did he actually understand the meaning behind his words? Forget it, how could he have guessed their characters so easily?

When the man opened the door and stood in the doorway, he saw a woman lying on a kingsize bed. He narrowed his eyes slightly. Undisguised boredom crawled up the corners of his eyes, added to the coldness.

He never thought that his grandmother would really come back and arrange a woman for him. Other than the woman that he didn't like, did anyone else have the qualifications to become pregnant with Huo Yunzheng's child?

Hehe, Grandma, I'm afraid you're going to be disappointed again.

The slight crease in her brows was clear and cold, mixed with danger. Suppressing the rage that ignited in her heart, she strode towards the bedside.

The woman half covered herself with a blanket, and her soft hair scattered carelessly on the pillow. The white moonlight passed through the window and covered the entire floor, and the person on the bed was like a fairy who had lost her life.

Huo Yunzheng suddenly slowed down his pace and looked at the lady's back. He suddenly thought of the answer in his heart, and unexpectedly, there was a flash of expectation in his heart ?

The moment he saw her face, he was still stunned. In his mind, an image of that elegant little face, that elegant face, appeared one after another. It was almost engraved in his mind, but at the last moment, he realized that she was not qualified!

The pleasant surprise that he had received was instantly drowned by anger. The man forcefully pulled away his blanket, as if he wanted to push something out of his heart. However, he didn't know that the beauty of the scene was enough to suffocate anyone's breathing and cause them to be unable to open their eyes.

At this moment, she was only wearing a light pink nightdress. Perhaps it was because of her sleeping posture, but even when her skirt wrinkled up to her upper thighs, it could barely cover her buttocks. Her two slender and beautiful legs were brightly exposed. The silk ribbon on her shoulders slipped as well as her unstinting shoulders were revealed. The air was filled with more than just a seductive scent. Her cherry coloured lips slightly pouted as if to invite someone over.

With Huo Yunzheng's identity and status, what kind of women had he not seen before? Especially in the recent years, when many women treated him as their lover in their dreams when he was still famous. However, whether it was sexy or pure, he was not interested. No one could easily grab his attention, but today ?

His body suddenly felt like it had been set on fire. The familiar feeling quickly made him understand that the old man, Dade, had drugged him.

Huo Yunzheng was a man with extremely strong self-control and an obsession with cleanliness. Not everyone could obtain his fortune, even the current her. Even though the reaction of his body made him want to explode, he wanted to swallow the woman in front of him. But the images that flashed through his mind forced him to stay awake and decide to throw the woman out of the bed.

Throwing the quilt to the side, he reached out and grabbed the woman's shoulder. His eyes were filled with impatience and disgust. "Get up!"

"Mm ?"

The woman on the bed seemed to be sleeping soundly, and was woken up by this rude action. She let out an uncomfortable moan, and her two delicate eyebrows were tightly knitted, her pink lips were slightly parted, and she was breathing softly. Her innocent appearance was as sweet as the purest fairy in the world, like the most colorful candy that could not help but make people taste it.

His body instinctively wanted to take it, his palms involuntarily attaching to her smooth skin, gently stroking the woman's collarbones from top to bottom, down to a soft desire, moving up and down with the woman's breathing, palm abnormally hot, in an instant, as if there were traces of electricity rushing to his mind. He quickly retracted his hands, but couldn't help but smell her unique scent.

At this moment, the woman, who was originally sleeping soundly, now wrapped around him like a spirit snake. His arms were wrapped around his shoulders and neck. A pleasant fragrance filled his nostrils and his last bit of rationality. This familiar smell from his memory, so fresh and charming, made his heart throb inexplicably.

With the soft and gentle jade in his embrace, Huo Yunzheng didn't know if it was because of the medicinal effect or because she was too beautiful, but he was somewhat unwilling to let go of her.

"Hot ?"

She twisted her graceful body restlessly in his arms, and the softness rubbed against him with her breath, and her white arms tightened around him. He was cool, like a hot desert soaking in a clear spring, but the heat of her lower body made her want more, not enough, not enough.


Why is it so hot...

"Water... I want water... "I want to take a bath," she murmured softly. In her half-sleep, she opened her eyes slightly, but they were as deep as pools of water. Her butterfly-like eyelashes fluttered as she foolishly looked into those hawk-like eyes. It was like a bottomless abyss, but it deeply attracted her and she couldn't help but want to approach it. It wasn't enough to send her soul inside, even though she knew the consequences would be irreparable.

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