Taming A Zambie/C4 Team Beautiful Girls
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Taming A Zambie/C4 Team Beautiful Girls
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C4 Team Beautiful Girls

Outside the door between the laboratory and the outside world, a group of zombies quickly looked over. They all smelled the scent of food. The eyes of the low-grade zombies could not see anything. However, their strong sense of smell was dozens of times stronger than humans.

Chen Cheng's speed had increased by ten times since he put on Ghost Steps skates, and these low-grade zombies moved slowly. Chen Cheng was not worried at all. These zombies could be treated as a parting gift for Xia Weiwei.

In an instant, Chen Cheng disappeared in front of these zombies. The zombies raised their heads and looked in the direction Chen Cheng had left, as if they did not understand why the food had disappeared. Then, the zombies smelled a familiar scent coming from inside the door. A group of zombies frantically squeezed into the laboratory. They were very hungry.

This secret underground laboratory was in the center of the city. If not for the outbreak of the virus, who would have thought that there would be such a laboratory under their feet? The exit of the laboratory was in an emergency passage in a building. To enter the laboratory, one had to answer the password correctly. Moreover, the entrance was behind one of the walls of the emergency passage. He was truly worthy of being called a god by his father. To be able to find Xia Weiwei like this, there was no one else! He really wanted to ridicule himself!

After leaving the experiment, he turned a few streets and arrived at an abandoned garbage dump. He had written that Xia Weiwei had prepared a military vehicle filled with supplies. This child probably did not know how he knew that she hid the vehicle. As expected, Chen Cheng found the military vehicle in this abandoned dump.

There was no one in the dump to begin with, so there were no zombies or survivors here for the time being. After taking off his Ghost Steps skates, Chen Cheng arranged for Da Bai to sit in the co-pilot seat and helped him put on his seat belt. Da Bai's expression was serious as he obediently allowed himself to be manipulated. His focused gaze made Chen Cheng feel inexplicably pressured. From a certain point of view, this pair of Ghost Steps glasses made him a little unhappy!

Rubbing his sore and swollen temples, Chen Cheng skillfully started the car. Looking at the sun, it should be noon by now. He had to rush to the next city by night. Without cars and supplies, Xia Weiwei would not be able to leave the city in a few days.

The continuous use of mind control consumed most of Chen Cheng's mind power. At this moment, Chen Cheng felt that his strength and mind could not keep up with the consumption. He kept fighting with his eyelids.

"This boring highway is used to hypnotize people, isn't it?" After forcing himself to focus for a while, Chen Cheng started playing with the loudspeaker. The military car's loudspeaker was very loud.

Not far from the road, in a dense forest, a group of people were practicing.

"Everyone, be quiet. Listen. Is there a car honking?" The one who spoke was Lee Dazhu. He was the only man in this group of women. He was also the captain of this team.

"Captain, we found a military car from H City driving on the highway." A woman in the team reported with a telescope.

"Gather the whole team." Hearing the assembly, the orderly few people quickly stood up and stood straight with determined eyes. Lee Dazhu looked at the five women in front of him with satisfaction. They were the elites among the elites that he had brought out. After the zombie exploded, he brought them to quickly clean up the base. Even in the face of their former comrades, these female soldiers did not hesitate at all and absolutely obeyed the orders.

"Everyone, five minutes. Bring your supplies and weapons and gather at the same spot. It's time for us to leave this place." With a few simple orders that no one could refuse, the few of them did not ask any more questions. They would absolutely obey!

"Yes, captain." With a uniform pace, the few of them quickly left.

In fact, they could live very well if they stayed here. The supplies in the base were sufficient for them. The zombie wouldn't attack them for a while if they stayed far away from the crowd. Even if the zombies came, the absolute defense zombies of the base wouldn't be able to break through. As a soldier, living in the harbor was a kind of humiliation. Not to mention, their families in various cities did not know if they were still alive or dead.

Very quickly, five minutes later, the few of them gathered with guns on their backs, carrying backpacks that were several times larger than their own bodies. As soldiers, they had excellent conditions in all aspects.

"Run, run, walk." Under Lee Dazhu's lead, the group of people walked in unison once again.

Chen Cheng, who was driving at high speed, had a flushed face at this moment, as if he was enduring something. After that, he finally stopped.

"Creak ~" The car stopped on the highway. Chen Cheng quickly jumped off the car. (You can't park on the highway. It's only stopped after doomsday. Please don't imitate it.)

"I can't stop the car on the highway. It only stopped after doomsday. Please don't imitate it." "I can't hold it in anymore. Finally, there is a clean place to settle it." Chen Cheng was in a hurry to pee after he had finished his meal in the car. There were many cars parked on the road, and the zombies inside were showing their fangs and claws.

Opening his pants, Chen Cheng let out a comfortable feeling. At this moment, Chen Cheng cautiously felt someone approaching him from behind. This person is...

"Huh? Da Bai, how did you get out of the car?" Da Bai stood silently beside Chen Cheng. When he heard Chen Cheng's question, he stepped forward. Chen Cheng heaved a sigh of relief when he realized it was Da Bai. However, he didn't remember untying his seatbelt just now.

Da Bai didn't say anything. He didn't stare at his face as usual. He followed his serious gaze and looked down. Chen Cheng immediately felt his lower body tighten.

"What the f * ck! Da Bai, what are you doing staring at my little brother so dangerously!" He quickly zipped up his shirt, buttoned his shirt with one hand, and poked Da Bai's head with the other.

"Bai... Bai..." Although he couldn't say it clearly, it sounded like a child learning to speak, but Chen Cheng was still surprised.

"You... you know how to speak? Da Bai?" Chen Cheng was so surprised that he stuttered.

Da Bai seemed to be responding. "Bai." His voice was very clear. For a moment, he forgot that Da Bai had just seen through his dilemma. Chen Cheng wished he could take out a blackboard and teach him how to spell now. He had no choice but to say something. Lao Lao Chen Cheng was just so excited. How could he break it?!

"Host..." The System was about to say something, but it suddenly stopped. A dangerous gaze swept past the eyes behind a certain person's glasses.

What's wrong? System? Chen Cheng felt that his heart just now had a kind of hairy feeling. Could it be that there was some hidden danger nearby?

Just as the System was silent, he felt a team quickly approaching. "A team is approaching, triggering the Doomsday Quest and subduing the team."

A small team appeared in a place like this. Chen Cheng looked at the carriage of supplies in his military vehicle. He seemed to have understood something.

Soon, a well-trained team appeared in front of Chen Cheng. The leader was a middle-aged man with thick eyebrows and a bald head. He looked surprisingly honest and honest. He looked like the boss of the bun shop downstairs.

"Hello, I'm the captain of this team, Lee Dazhu. You can call me Old Li." If Chen Cheng hadn't seen him leading a well-equipped team, Chen Cheng would never have thought that such an honest and honest man would be their captain.

Chen Cheng held Lee Dazhu's hand and acted very natural, as if he did not see the guns on them. "Hello, Captain Li. My name is Chen Cheng. This is my partner, Da Bai. Do you have anything to say to Captain Li?"

Lee Dazhu had a good impression of Chen Cheng after hearing the name of Captain Li. This man who looked like he was only 23 or 24 was actually so calm. Was he not afraid that they would have bad intentions?

"If Mr. Chen doesn't mind, can you take us for a ride? In return, we can protect your safety along the way." In Lee Dazhu's opinion, two people without weapons were not a threat at all. Even if they didn't agree to use guns, they had to agree.

"Of course. Captain Li, let's talk in the car slowly. We must rush to Gcheng before dark and find a safe building to spend the night." Chen Cheng suggested sincerely.

"Okay. We will have to trouble you, Mr. Chen." Soon, the car continued to drive at high speed toward G-City.

In order to better take into account the danger around them, Lee Dazhu asked two members to sit in front of him. One was driving, and the other was holding a gun and observing the surroundings. Other than the driver's seat and the co-driver's seat, the middle section of the military vehicle could be used for resting. In addition to that, the middle section could be used for resting. Lee Dazhu and the other three were not very crowded with each other. Chen Cheng, who was happy to rest, began to communicate with Lee Dazhu.

"Captain Lee's team is really good. What's the name of the team, Captain Lee?" Of course it was good. They were all good girls. What kind of cheat did this Captain Li have to be so lucky?

Lee Dazhu looked like he was having a hard time talking. The honest man sat there with his face red to his neck. He took a deep breath and said, "The name of the team was unanimously thought out by the members of the team. It's called Team Beautiful Girl!" After he said that, he did not hear any surprise or mockery. Lee Dazhu only saw Chen Cheng's clear eyes.

"I believe that Captain Lee and his team will have great achievements in the future."

That's right. Team Beautiful Girl. This was a team that he wrote later on. This team was full of righteousness. In the post-apocalyptic world where humans ate humans, they had selflessly helped many human survivors. Later on, they met Xia Weiwei in a battle and became an existence in Xia Weiwei's team that could not be underestimated!

What Chen Cheng said was true. Lee Dazhu saw the affirmation in this unfamiliar man's eyes. Immediately, his impression of Chen Cheng increased. The two of them immediately became old friends.

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