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In an extremely dark cave which wasn't only dark but dead silent, so quiet that one could hear the echo of a tiny needle dropping to the floor, footsteps could be heard approaching. One couldn't see the face of the visitor, but not until it came into view thanks to the small rays of the sun entering the cave.

It turned out to be a young and handsome guy. But looking at his face, one could see he was scared, one could see the fear in his eyes as they roamed around, trying to familiarize themselves with the place.

" Sebastian ... " A very hoarse, deep, and terrifying voice boomed over the whole cave, making the ground vibrate. The guy jolted up as his heart skipped in fear. Swallowing hard,

" Y...e...s " He stuttered.

" You came after all, didn't you? " The voice laughed slightly.

" You knew...I would come? " Sebastian questioned in shock and surprise.

" I know everything, Sebastian " The voice boomed again. Gathering enough courage, Sebastian, whose head had been bowed since hearing the voice, finally raised it.

" Since you know everything...I guess... you already know why... I...Erm... I'm here " He tried not to stutter again.

" You have only but one wish, one chance, so hit straight to the point " Exhaling deeply,

" My only one wish is to have... money, wealth, fame, riches...call it whatever, I want everything that has to do with money... "

" That's four wishes, Sebastian! " The voice thundered in anger and Sebastian flinched in terror.

" I'm... sorry " He apologized immediately with a bow.

" I'd like to wish for all those things I listed to be granted " He requested instead.

" It's a simple wish, easy to be granted " The voice hummed and Sebastian was already smirking in satisfaction.

" But ... " His smirk vanished immediately.

" Are you ready to give me whatever I want? " The voice questioned.

" Of course, I'm ready to give you anything, absolutely anything. Just tell me what it is and I'll... "

" I need your firstborn male child " The voice cut him off. Sebastian frowned his brows in confusion.

" But... I'm...not...even... married yet " He stammered, trying not to anger the voice.

" But you eventually will, won't you? You have this lady... Kelsey, who you are madly in love with and planning to marry soon, which was why you wanted this money in the first place " Sebastian's lips parted in more shock at the revelation.

" How did he know that? " He thought to himself, but thinking about it made him more convinced that he indeed came to the right source.

" Stop wondering how I knew and give me an answer! " The voice snapped him out.

" Of course, I'm ready to give you anything, even if it is my firstborn child. I don't care. All I want right now is money. I want so much money that I'll be on the list of the richest men in history. I want so much money that people will bow down at my feet and worship me, I want them to tremble at the mention of my name, I want my wealth and power to terrify them ..."

" Leave...now! " The voice cut him off.

" Huh? "

" Leave and your wish will be granted " The voice thundered, making the whole cave vibrate yet again. Fear engulfed Sebastian.


" Leave... now! " The voice roared in anger and Sebastian took on his heels. He ran out of the cave, all the way to where he parked his car without looking back, his heart skipping and beating in terror.

Finally getting to where his car was, he banged on the window repeatedly, panting heavily. The window winced down, revealing another guy.

" Open the fucking door! " He snapped and immediately the door opened, he dived inside and slammed it close. Seeing he was safe, he exhaled deeply, resting his head fully on the chair. There was yet another guy in the front seat who stared at him in surprise.

" So how was your journey? "The guy who opened the door for him asked in anticipation, but Sebastian didn't even spare him a glance. They both turned out to be his friends, one named Kyle and the other Charlie.

" Come on, tell us " Charlie demanded, and Sebastian finally opened his eyes.

" Let's leave... now " was the only reply he gave.

×. ×. ×

" I found an Aladdin's very special lamp. When I rubbed it...a genie appeared and asked me 'Tell me your wish master and I will..."

" Hey, why did you turn off the music? " Kyle, who was driving, snapped at Charlie.

" Aren't you being insensitive right now? Sebastian just had a horrific encounter with a genie and here you are listening to a song about it? " Charlie snapped at Kyle.

" Oh please, what should I do then...cry? " Kyle rolled his eyes.

" He already said the genie accepted to grant his wish and asked for his firstborn male child in return. If the deal is done, then what? "

" It's not as if you want me to believe all the nonsense he just told us anyway " He added with a hiss.

" What is wrong with you dude?! Genie's do exist just like every other mythical creature " Charlie glared at him.

" Fine then... let's just say the so-called genies do exist. What do they do for humans? " Kyle demanded.

" They are supposed to help people but ..they end up demanding for those they help to worship them and do whatever they want " Charlie explained.

" Oh, let's just say... they are some kind of spiritual NGO, right? " Kyle teased with a hiss.

" This is fucking serious dude, wake up! " Charlie groaned.

" Ok, ok. What then happens if you don't give them what they want from you? "

" They come to collect it themselves " Kyle burst out, laughing making Sebastian who has been quiet all this while, and Charlie glare at him.

" Come on. Don't give me that look. You don't blame me, do you? It's just as if you're telling bedtime stories to kids " Kyle shrugged.

" Listen, guys, let's be realistic here. Genie's or whatever you call them don't...

Kyle's eyes widened in horror almost immediately and he pulled a long brake. A screeching sound can be heard as the car spin around in circles. Sebastian and Charlie almost flew out of the car when it finally stopped spinning, if not for their seatbelts.

" Dude, what the heck is wrong with you? " Charlie yelled at Kyle, who started shaking while staring ahead. His hands were trembling on the steering wheel.

" L...o...o...k " He managed to speak, pointing ahead with a shaking finger. Following the direction of his finger, Charlie and Sebastian's eyes too widened in great horror.

Standing not too far from them was an extremely huge figure, more like a giant putting on a garment that covered its whole body with only its extremely huge feet, hands, and sharp jawline showing.

Dark smoke was revolving around it and it soon covered the environment. Even the clouds too darkened and it started raining heavily all of a sudden. The figure turned out to be a man.

He only took a step forward and that got the ground cracking and trembling. He started approaching the car and that was when the three friends snapped out of their shock.

" Dude, drive! " Charlie and Sebastian yelled at Kyle, who immediately tried reversing. But to their greatest horror... the car wasn't moving.

" What are you doing Kyle, get us out of here! " Charlie bellowed angrily at him.

" The car is not moving! " He yelled back in frustration.

" Let's get out of this car," Sebastian said seeing the car was still not moving. They gripped the door, trying to open it, but it was stuck. Terror engulfed the three of them and they started shaking even more as the giant approached closer. And to worsen the matter, lightning was striking down everything around them.

The giant stopped on getting to their car and, compared to his feet, the car could only measure up to one of his toes. He bent over and peeped at them through the window. Seeing the extraordinary big eye glaring at them, they all flinched back in fear, their heart almost popping out of their chest.

" Please don't kill me! I'm sorry I doubted you. I should have known you did exist. Please spare me, I don't want to die, please! " Kyle pleaded as tears rolled down freely on his cheeks. He had already peed in his pants, trembling without control.

" Please don't kill us, we all want to live. We'll do anything you want, please! " Charlie yelled out in tears. Sebastian was even crying too.

The giant just opened the back seat and took Sebastian with a finger, flinging him away into the bushes which were already on fire due to too much lighting. Sebastian landed with a great thud on the ground and passed out.

Using only but two of his fingers, the giant squashed the windows of the car, which shattered to pieces, pinning Charlie and Kyle to death. He took the car and squashed it to pieces with only one hand. Blood can be seen squishing on the windows of the car as the giant threw away the car which landed right beside Sebastian who was still unconscious, blood rolling down his forehead. Before you knew it...the car exploded...

New chapter is coming soon
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