C6 Six


Sweet and up-front conversation with Louis was absolutely relaxing. He was an open-minded and composed man. How Damon described him was the opposite of the Louis sitting in front of me. He was laughing so carefree and lively. I might not know about his past, but one thing was for sure. He had moved on.

“I can’t tell Damon about this yet. It's not that I didn't like to join his company, but I realized that it is time for me to create my own world. My brother might’ve stopped counting his money, but I have saved enough for new investment. It is my dream to have a restaurant like this, Nikki. I just love food so much.”

His expression filled with hope, and it was epic to see this side of him. He was a visionary. I was sure he would achieve his dreams in no time.

“Then why do you work in the company?”

“I want to have corporate experience. I need to learn things about management. Starting a new life with a new goal is not easy. There are few complications. But being near my family lessened it a bit,” he explained. I watched him as he sliced off his steak, then ate a big piece. “Hmm...” he hummed, chewing his food. “The steak here is good. By the way, Nikki, how's my brother as a boss?”

“He pays me well, he pays me so well, and he pays me incredibly well.” I exhaled. “That's all. I don’t want to bad mouth him, but your brother is demanding. However, I do receive good compensation and a yearly raise.” It was true. Though working for Damon was torture, my wage was high compared to the other assistants working in a corporate company in Manhattan.

He smirked. “That sounds incredibly boring. My brother is a workaholic.”

“Very much so.”

Louis lifted his glass and took a gulp of his wine. “Do you have any future plans, like being self-employed in your own business?”

I shrugged. “I didn't think of that. I have no time to think about creating a new world like you, but I do admit that it's a good idea.”

“Why don't you join me?”

I blinked. “What?”

“Join me. As I said, I'm building my own restaurant. It's not that I want to steal you away from Damon, but you have your own life and—”

“W-what are you saying? You want me to come work for you in your restaurant? Why?”

“Let's see,” he paused, running his tongue on his lower lip, “I can help you. You won't be stressed anymore. My restaurant would be near the beach, and you’ll have a beautiful view. We could watch the sunset together during breaks. I may not pay as much as my brother is paying you, but I can promise you growth in your career. I did a background check on you, Nikki. You have a double major. You hold a culinary degree, too. You’re definitely fit for the job.”

I can't believe this! How was I supposed to tell Damon? He won’t let me work for Louis—not when I knew he was having second thoughts about me dating him.

“Why me? Why would you want me for your business? I am not capable of—”

He pressed a finger on my lips, shushing me. “You are capable. I want you because I want you. Simple. Everything is ready. I already have what I need. A place, people to work for me, except a competitive assistant like you.”

I wasn’t ready for this. It surprised me, yes, and I liked the idea. But, it still felt wrong.

“I don't know what to say, Louis. Damon won't let me go. He rejected my resignation letters several times. Your brother might get mad at you, or at me. We’re just going to start a misunderstanding.”

“I’m sorry if you think that way. It’s not my intention. I will properly tell my brother about this. Don't worry about it. Just trust me, Nikki. I had a feeling that you would love this, too. Especially when I see how Damon treats you. I’m not saying he is bad, but you need to live your life.” Louis assured as he reached my hand and gave it a tight squeeze. I heard those lines before. Claire quoted it the same way.

“I like it. You said you felt the same. I think we’ll make a great team or maybe something more...” he added.

Didn’t I want to hear him say this? Why did I feel so blue? I couldn’t help but worry about what Damon is going to say. I wanted Louis, yes, but I wasn’t capable of betraying my boss.

“I will think about it,” I concluded. “It's not that I don't like it. It's a great offer, really. But I need time to process this on my own.”

“Right. I can wait, Nikki. Don’t worry, I expected that you would refuse, but I'll tell my brother about this. I just hope you'll want to come with me. Sure, Damon will lose a beautiful and responsible assistant, but I'm certain he'll find a replacement.”

Damon would undoubtedly find a replacement. It made me think of a beautiful blonde he would want. The thought made me sober, but I tried to shake off the feeling.

“Another drink?” he offered.

I nodded and smiled back. “Yeah. Thanks.”

We sat for an hour more, talking about ourselves, but unfortunately, it was time to go. I had a great time. I still wanted to be with him forever, but we had a job to go to the next day. Louis took me home, kissed my cheek and embraced me before he drove away.

It was going to be different tomorrow. I would try to push away the guilt that I had been feeling for going out with Louis.


THE NEXT morning, I delivered Damon’s coffee to his desk, but he wasn’t in. Whenever he was not in the office, he was typically attending a meeting outside. And he didn't like his coffee cold, so I decided to drink it myself. I placed the daily report and the documents he needed on his desk neatly.

An email appeared on my computer screen as soon as I came back to my desk. I clicked the message.

To: [email protected]

CC: [email protected]

From: [email protected]

Subject: Invitation to the Grant and Chester Foundation Auction Night


Dear Mr. Damon Cavendish,

We are delighted to inform you that you are invited to the annual Grant and Chester Foundation Auction Event this Saturday, 7 P.M. at the Prime Hall, London, England. There will be an auction and an evening ball for the special guests and sponsors. It will be our greatest pleasure to have your presence as one of our major benefactors.

Our CEO, Mr. Dominic Grant, extends his regards to you regarding this email. We hope you are well.

Best regards,

Timothy Hamilton

Admin Manager

Hmm. So he was going on a trip again.

When the cats are away, the mice will play...

It’s the usual motto I used to say whenever Damon was away. In the past, this was my only way to at least have a relaxing time with my colleagues during the coffee breaks. But I wasn’t sure why I felt blue when I read the letter.

“What are you doing?” Damon’s baritone voice spoke from behind.

I gasped. My chest abruptly pounded. I felt his finger brushed on my shoulder, and I gulped my throat dry.

“You're invited to a charity event. You weren’t in your office, so I opened the e-mail.”

“Can I see?”

Damon leaned closer, then whispered as he read the message. His face was only an inch away from my left cheek, building a palpable air between us. He smelled of his strong wood scent and musk; the thing I’ve always loved about him.

Loved about him? Oh, God!

“Shit,” he cursed. “The event is tomorrow evening. I need to rush.”

I tore my gaze away, then cleared my throat. “I think so, too, sir.”

“Do you want to come?”

I instantly looked up at him again. “Huh?” I wasn’t sure if I heard him right.

“Come with me.”

“Can I?”

“Yeah.” Damon cleared his throat as he sprang up. I frowned back at my monitor, biting my lip hard. He never asked me to come on his overseas trips before. “I'll give you an early leave. Pack your things and take a rest. I'll just get the jet ready. Our flight is tonight. I’ll tell Jordan to collect you,” he instructed, then he paced back to the office, leaving me dumbfounded.

Should I tell Louis about this? We just started dating, right? But why did my mind keep saying that I should not?


I’D BEEN staring at my phone screen for three hours now. I already packed my things, got a power nap, and the only thing left to do was tell Louis about the business trip.

Maybe Damon has told him already?

I only had an hour left. Telling Louis was the right thing. But why was I so worried? Was it because I felt like I was going to cheat on him with his brother?

Oh, damn! I should stop thinking about Damon. It was only a business trip. It utterly had nothing to do with the kiss. I scrolled through my contacts and searched for Louis’s number, then I called him.

“Hey, Nikki. What’s up?” he answered right away.

I took a deep breath. “Look, there’s something I need to tell you.” I paused, biting my lip. “I’m going with Damon to London, and his driver is coming—”

“Yes,” he said, cutting me off. “Damon already told me.”


“And what?”

“I didn’t tell you earlier so…”

He chuckled. “You thought I was going to be mad?”

“Hmm, yes?”

“Nikki, it’s your job. Why would I get mad? Oh, hey, can we meet?”

“Now? But I don’t have much time—”

A knock on my door suddenly interrupted me. “Jules? Someone’s looking for you,” Claire shouted behind my closed door.

“Wait, Claire! I’m on the phone,” I shouted back. “Louis… I think Damon’s driver is here.”

Claire knocked again. “Jules, your boyfriend is here. He said he’s Louis.”

“What?” I yelped. “Oh, God, Louis!” I instantly jumped off my bed, then opened the door. My jaw dropped.


“Hi,” he greeted with a broad smile. He was really here. I didn’t know what to say. Damon wouldn’t even dare come to my house.

Why the heck am I thinking about him again?

Louis chuckled. “Knock. Knock.”

Claire was silently giggling next to him. “I’m leaving you two to it,” she declared and went downstairs.

Louis stared at me, but it was too quick I didn’t even notice his lips were already firmly pressed against mine. Louis’s hands traveled down my waist, pulling me deeper into his warm body. He pushed me into my room, closing the door behind him while our lips were still attached to each other.

I tried to compose myself as I wrapped my arms around his neck. Louis deepened the kiss by parting my lips with his tongue until he was entirely inside, exploring and tasting me. I shut my eyes hard as my blood pressure raised to every twirl of his tongue with mine. His mouth was sweet and addicting. Louis was a great kisser too.

The kiss was so good, but his skillful touch made it more sensual. His finger slipped into the seam of my panties.

Louis released my mouth to speak. “I had to do this,” he mumbled. I nodded. Then, his mouth covered mine again. His lips sucked my lower lip and pulled it gently into his mouth and moved to my upper lip. “Just in case.”

“Just in case what?”

He smiled. “You’re mine, understand?”

“Sure.” I bit my lip. Deep inside, I was guilty. I kissed Damon, and because of it, my emotions were stirring up.

“Are you mine?” he asked again.

“Louis, we are not even officially in a relationship yet.”

“Of course, but we will be. Can I take you to Damon myself?”

I grinned. “Sure. But how about the chauffeur he sent?”

“What about him?”


“What? Okay,” he said with a chuckle. “I’m going to tell Damon.”

I pouted. “Hmm… bad boy.”


“DAMON,” Louis greeted, patting his brother’s shoulder.

“Louis?” Though sounded surprised, Damon briefly held his brother as well. We were now at the Cavendish Enterprises private airfield.

“I’m sorry I had to do this. I wanted to see Nikki before you leave.”

Damon didn’t look pleased. “It’s only three days.”

“Yeah, I know.” He nodded. “You must know now that I’d like to date your assistant.”

“Date her?” Damon scowled. “Did I approve of that? Since when?”

“Yesterday.” Louis let out a deep sigh. “I’m sorry I didn’t tell you right away. I thought you might disapprove.”

“I never agreed. Anyway, we don’t have much time. We can talk about this later,” Damon dismissed. He ordered an attendant to take our suitcases into the jet.

“Nikki. Call me, okay?” Before I could answer, Louis cupped my face then deeply kissed my lips. I heard Damon grunt then stepped away.

I nodded and embraced him before marching toward the plane.

When I got inside, Damon was already in his seat. A flight attendant was serving clubhouse sandwiches and fruits for refreshments. I watched her as she poured orange juice into the glasses. I awkwardly sat across from Damon.

“Do you want to stay?” he asked, as he sat a linen napkin on his lap.

“No. Please no,” I whispered.

“Then eat.”

“Enjoy your meal, Mr. Cavendish, Ms. Francesca.” The flight attendant said softly before she left.

After the snack, Damon drew out his phone and frowned at the screen. I didn’t notice how gorgeous he was earlier. Dressed in a casual black coat, white dress shirt with two opened buttons on the chest, and a black scarf that hung on his shoulders. He didn’t shave his facial hair, but it was impeccably trimmed, and he smelled marvelous. I instantly ached thinking of running my fingers along his smooth, ample chest down to his stomach.

The pilot abruptly spoke his opening speech, snapping me back to reality. Until then, Damon didn’t say anything.

Was he upset? Was he mad because I came to the airport with Louis? Or he just didn’t really want me for his brother? It would be much better if he at least says something. I cleared my throat.


“Hmm,” he responded, but his focus was still on his phone.

“I want to know what you think of me and Louis.”

He smirked, then shook his head. “What else should I say? Didn’t you want this?”

I shrugged. “I just want to know.”

“Did you do it already?” he asked randomly, his voice rough.

“What?” I mouthed. “Did what?”

“I’m sorry.” He gazed up at me this time. “I mean, did you fuck him already?”


“You heard me.”

“Yes. But why are you asking me like that?”

“Because he’s my brother and I’m curious.”

“Well…” I swallowed, “to answer that question. No, we didn’t.”

His eyes peered. “Why don’t I believe you?”

“Then that is your problem. And so what if I did?”

His jaw clenched. “If you want to do it, at least do it privately.”

Silence. He was talking about the kiss. I pressed my lips into a thin line.

“This is crazy,” he rasped, running his fingers through his hair.

“I know, and all of this began when we kissed. Can we just forget all about that? I’m grateful that Louis feels the same for me.”

He shook his head. “I’m sorry, Nikki. That isn’t simple.”

“Of course, I understand. I shouldn’t have kissed you. I shouldn’t have come over that night, and I shouldn’t have—”

“No, Nikki. I don’t think I’m able to stop.” He looked at me and his expression was unreadable. “Can you do it then? Can you date me behind my brother’s back?”

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