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C1 Marriage

Ivanna blinked twice, not sure what kind of emotion was overcoming her at the news she just received from her parents. It was so sudden and unexpected that she found it hard to believe.

"You're lying right dad? He will never... He... " Her voice trailed down as realization dawned on her.

Could it be that she had been the only one thinking they were in love?

Could it be that he was oblivious to the feeling she had for him?

Her parents just informed her that the man who she mostly spends her time with was about to get married to another woman.

"Its not him. Its the emperor's decision. I advice you not to do anything stupid from now on" Said her dad. "We cannot afford to offend the emperor"

She finally believed her parents with the tears threatening to spill down her face. She suddenly stood up glancing at her mom who had a neutral expression and her dad keeping a stern face.

"I cannot leave him!" She announced. Not waiting to see their reaction, she ran out of the house. Maybe it was time to make things clear. Tell him how she really felt.

Just thinking about him getting married to another woman hurt her heart in Ways she could not explain. For seven years, they had been together. Although, they were not officially a couple, she always felt like they were one.

"Ivanna stop" She heard her brother (Noel) say as he ran after her but she didn't stop and kept on running while murmering "I won't let you get married. I... I won't let you"

Noel quickly caught up with her, stretching his hands to turn her around.

"Ivanna!" He grabbed her shoulders "You're not thinking straight right now. What you're about to do will cause so much damage to your future. Don't you get it?!"

"I don't care about my future if its not with him" She yelled back struggling to get his hands off her.

"The emperor arranged for this marriage himself and you want to stop it? What do you think will happen when you enrage him? Our whole family would be wiped out with just a snap of his fingers. I believe you aren't that selfish"

"Think properly, it might just be one sided love from you. What if he loves his bride and he's not being forced? It would be so embarrassing for you and all of us" Noel clamped her hands together. He hated to see the pain in her eyes. He wasn't surprised she had fallen this deep for the prince not that he could do anything about it. Their status was too low compared to the emperor.

"In life we can't always get what we want. Though the emperor is a little bit fond of you. It would not make him hesitate to destroy anything threatening to spoil his plans"

Ivanna went silent. Thinking it through, she knew he was right. Her family comes first before any other worldly desires. She lowered her gaze as if she had just been abandoned "What should I do?"

Noel patted her head with a sigh "Good girl, all you need to do is relax and let fate take its course"

"Fate huh?" She sighed. It better work in her favour.

Ivanna didn't go to the palace for several days. Normally, she'd be there everyday but she just had to force herself not to think about going but i guess that couldn't last for too long.

A ring sounded and the caller Id on her phone read 'Fifi'.

Ivanna became excited and quickly answered it "Fifi" She called.

"Ivy! I've missed you so much. Why didn't you come? Brother bullied me so much and made me so busy I couldn't come to see you. Is everything alright? Will you come visit today? Remember it barley's birthday"

Ivanna tapped her forehead. She totally forgot about that. Barley was a puppy they both picked when he was abandoned by its owner. At that time the puppy was so thin and frail it would have died any moment. Fiona (Fifi) was the first to spot it and together they took it to a vet for proper treatment. Now barley was so plump and fluffy. One would kill just to touch it. They had decided to celebrate its birthday the day they found it which just happened to be today.

"I'll be there in five minutes" She said into the phone. Her house was quite close to the palace so she knew she could get there in five minutes if she hurried. Grabbing her bag she dashed away.

When she got there she was greeted by the servants who were already familiar with her. Security guards as well as highly trained soldiers stood rooted to the ground. Their eyes moved everywhere makibg sure there were not hidden threats around. If it were any other person, they'd be stopped at the gate already but they were already used to her coming everyday so they let her get in. She typed in her given passcode before stepping into the elevators

"Ivy" Fiona gave her a big hug the moment she arrived.

"Where's Barley?" Ivanna asked looking around. Just then barley came running to her all dresses up. She laughed at its costume then hugged the cute dog saying "Happy birthday"

The puppy yelped and licked her face running around happily.

Fiona dragged ivanna to her room and handed her a brand new suit which was still wrapped.

"Huh? What am I suppose to do with this?" Ivanna asked glancing at the fine material on her hands.

"Well, I need you to help me give this to my brother. He's been so moody this days that I'm so terrified of getting close to him"

"Are you sending me to my death fi?"

"C'mon don't give me that look. My brother always listens to you. If you don't do this for my sake mom will kill me. Brother is set to get married and today the bride would be coming over for dinner hmph I feel sorry for her"

"Why" Ivanna asked.

"Don't you know? My brother is so scary that she won't survive with him for too long. Only you managed to tame him. I just wonder why dad didn't pair you two up. At least that way, you get to become my sister inlaw"

"Mind your words fi. The walls have tears"

"Blah, I know. So... You in?"

"I'll try if I don't get scared to death"

"Okay then hurry!" Fiona pushed her out.

Uhmmm... How is she suppose to did this?

She stood in front of the door unable to decide between going in or just running away.

She braced herself for whatever hurt she would feel. Hardening her heart so she doesn't get emotional.

She raised her hands and knocked twice, when she still got no answer, she opened and went inside.

Oh no! What's this!

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