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C3 The bride

"Next time you should knock before coming in" Ian said in a gruff voice looking at his sister coldly.

"Yes, yes I will" Fiona ignored the fear she felt from his frosty gaze then taking a second look at him she realized he wasn't even dressed yet!

"Brother! You aren't dressed? Oh no, mum will make my life so difficult. Do you realize the guests are already here?!" She turned to Ivanna worriedly "Mother and father are welcoming the guest right now and he's no where to be found. What should I do? I will be the only one getting scolded later on!"

Ian sat crossed legs like he doesn't give a care about anything.

Ivanna saw Fiona's anxious look and knew she would be in trouble if she fails to get her brother downstairs to welcome the guest"

"Ian... " Ivanna started.

"Fine...!" Ian shrugged. Before Ivanna could say anything else, he stood up, taking a glance at both girls he asked "You want to watch while I dress?"

"No... Uh, we are leaving now" Ivanna dragged Fiona out closing the door behind her and they waited outside for him. In just a few minutes, the door opened and Ian stood there looking like a god. Ivanna found herself dropping saliva.

He was so damn hot! So handsome! No wonder he was the number one desired husband of all the girls in the city. Ivanna didn't realize she was drooling until she heard Ian clear his throat and started to walk away.

Ivanna glanced at her side only to be met with Fiona's sparkling eyes that had an intense hunger for gossip in them.


"I've never seen you drool Ivy, he's just too handsome huh?"

Ivanna was embarrassed and quickly denied it "Which of your eyes saw me drool huh?" She said but still used her hands to wipe her mouth.

"Both! Both eyes okay? You better tell me if there's something going on or else... "

"There's nothing going on fi, don't let your imaginations run wild"

"Yes, yes I won't" Fiona gave her a knowing smile as they went to join the small gathering at the dining. The king, queen and of course the princess from the northern region were all present.

After exchanging pleasantries with the guest, Ivanna naturally took her seat next to Fiona which happened to be across the prince while the princess from the north sat next to the prince. Ivanna stared at the stunning face for a while, the princess was oozing elegance and her eyes sparkled brightly with intelligence shining in them. Extremely dark hair that reached her waist, long, beautiful lashes and red lips, her skin were as white as snow especially with the red dress she was wearing.

So this is the bride. A princess huh? She indeed is outstanding. Ivanna sucked inside knowing there was no way she could compare to this woman.

"Your highness, I never knew you had such a pretty daughter. I only ever heard of Fiona here" The king from the north (King Rufus) said while glancing at Ivanna.

The emperor chuckled "Oh, Ivy here has been like a daughter to me ever since she was little"

King Rufus nodded understanding what he meant that she wasn't his daughter but for her to be allowed to dine here with them, then she must be someone important.

The truth is the emperor considered Ivanna important because only her could somehow get through to the prince whenever he went out of control. She could always manage to bring him back from whatever was overcoming him.

"Shall we then?" The emperor asked and everyone nodded and started to eat.

The princess Ivanna discovered was named Tanya would constantly lean in and whisper something in the prince's ear then giggle softly when the prince said something back making them look like a couple in love. This went on until Ivanna almost couldn't take it anymore.

"They are getting along so quickly, I originally thought it was going to be hard" The emperor said to king Rufus.

"Tanya is a sweetheart. Its no surprise she could easily get close to him like this"

"They were a perfect match to begin with" The emperor was all smiles, his eyes calculating all of the favours he would receive from this alliance.

"Indeed" The two rulers clinked glasses and drank.

Ian was irritated with the way the princess was constantly leaning on him and whispering in his ear. He found it disgusting especially when her breath was all over him, he was about to let her know her place but held back she he met his mother's pleading gaze. He knew getting his father angry would be useless because he would only take it out on his mother and sister and also blame them for his misbehaviour. Still trying his possible best to be polite, he took a glance at Ivanna and could tell she was barely holding it in. He almost couldn't stop himself from smiling.

Though, out of habit, he started to place some food on ivanna's plate. Everyone on the table all paused for a moment before they continued eating. It wasn't like this was the first time he was doing that. It was just not appropriate to do it in front of his fiancee.

Ivanna felt like throwing a tantrum but she knew it would be foolish to do so. She wanted to tell him she wouldn't eat what he placed on her plate but found herself stabbing the meat and bringing it to her mouth. It wasn't like they were a thing then, why was she this angry? Why was she feeling like her partner was cheating on her in her presence? Ivanna sighed, she knew she was stupid for even thinking she and the prince were possible.

"You should also put some food for our Tanya son" The emperor frowned but Ian ignored him as if he didn't hear whatever he said.

Ivana looked at the two queens who were strangely quiet and wondered why? They normally would have been flattering themselves on an occasion like this. She didn't think much of it and just continued eating silently until Fiona said something.

"So... Princess Tanya, what do you do?" Fiona asked.

Princess Tanya looked up from her plate before replying with a smile "Well, I do alot of things. Things you'll get to know sister inlaw"

"Tsk, already calling me sister inlaw when they're not married yet. I really do not like her now" Fiona whispered to Ivanna while keeping a smile on her face.

"I see" Fiona continued talking to Tanya "I heard you're very knowledgeable in many aspects. I'll have to learn alot of things from you then"

"Of course princess Fiona, I'll gladly teach you all I know. We can start from swordsmanship"

"Oh then, that's great!" Fiona grinned. It was exactly where she was heading to. She wanted to test the skills of this princess. Who could beat her when it comes to swordsmanship?

"Why don't you like her?" Ivanna asked seeing the wicked smile Fiona had on her face, she couldn't help but feel sorry for Tanya.

"I don't know, I just hate the airs she's putting on. Just because my father supports this marriage so much, she dares to even teach me something. I'll definately show her who the boss is during the fight later"

"But you asked to learn"

"Well, yes but she's suppose to be humble about the praise I was giving her then ask me to teach her instead. She's to claim I'm more intelligent than she is, she's suppose to be trying to win my favour ivy and not the other way round"

Ivanna shook her head and smiled at Fiona's twisted logic. She started to ponder over something. Looking at princess Tanya, why does she feel like she had met her somewhere before but could not remember?

"By the way, don't you think its better if our Tanya stays here for a while. It would help them get to know each other better" The emperor suggested.

Ian paused when he heard that. The spoon he was holding almost bended completely because of how tight he was gripping it "That's not necessary father"

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