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C7 Prophecy

Thousands of years ago, the vampire king known as the most powerful being on earth was schemed against and died tragically but what no one knew is that killing him also means destroying the whole vampire clan as he held the lives of others in him, he was the heart of the people. Of course no one knew about this until it was too late, the day of destruction was prophecized and panic ensued. Everyone looked for a solution but there was none until eventually they all turned into dust and disappeared from existence.

Ivanna remembered the stories and shook her head staring at her mother inquisitively until her mother dropped a bombshell.

"Ian is the reincarnated king Ivanna, The vampire king" Elena sighed knowing how unbelievable she sounded right now.

Ivanna pinched her brows taking a deep breath "Mom, I really only wanted to know where Ian was but this... I don't believe this"

"Yeah, I don't think I believe it either" Noel chimed in.

Elena ignored him, grabbed Ivanna's hand and dragged her into the inner chambers again making sure there was no one around.

Elena looked at her daughter with a stern gaze "The earlier you believe it, the better for you Ivy. Have I ever told a lie to you before or do I look like someone who would talk about something I have no idea about? You need to listen to me because your life is involved here. I... I don't want to lose you" She said the last part almost like a whisper.

"Mom" Ivanna called, although she knew her mom would not fabricate something like this, she still couldn't help but have doubt's in her mind "You would not lose me" She assured.

"I always wished you weren't involved in that prophecy, I wish I could exempt you from this upcoming war that would determine your life and death but... I can't. The only thing I can do is to support you" Elena broke into sobs taking Ivanna aback. It was the first time she was seeing her mom like this and it broke her heart.

Elena wished Ivanna could believe so she could prepare her self and be ahead of the enemy but it seemed it was almost impossible. She suddenly thought of something and said "Ian would be back in a few days, when he returns, he would remember every other thing but you. Would you believe me then? "

Ivanna sighed and said "Okay" Just to please her mom. Deep down she knew Ian would never forget her no matter what.

"You have to do anything possible to stay by his side by then or else the dark side would manipulate him"

"Right now... Ian is the most powerful being in the universe, its natural others would want what he has" Elena finished, she hoped Ivanna would remember her words when the time reaches.

Ivanna just nodded and prayed in her heart for Ian to remain safe.

She spent the next few days mostly in the palace trying to console Fiona who bawled her eyes out morning and night. She had loved her brother the most.

Ivanna glanced at Fiona and couldn't help patting her head "Fifi, I know Ian would be back soon. The soldiers would find him, I'm sure of that. So just have faith and stop crying okay?"

"Woof, woof" Barley came in wagging its tail as it buried itself in Fiona's embrace as if comforting her then he licked her face and turned around as if about to perform a show.

And there was barley trying to cat walk and wagging its tail stylishly.

Ivanna and Fiona burst out laughing at the hilarious show. Fiona held on to her belly and laughed the most.

Barley became embarrassed as the two girls laughed at him. 'hmph' he sat on his but and licked his paws.

Fiona reached out and ruffled his head while saying "You did great"

It had been a while she had a good laugh.

Just then the door opened and there was the queen holding a tray of food by herself.

Ivanna quickly stood up and went to take the tray from her.

"My queen" She bowed.

Queen hazel stared at Ivanna for a while before fixing her gaze on Fiona "Try and eat some food" She said and then turned around to go but paused and brought her gaze back to Ivanna "Can you stay with her for some days? She feels much more better when you're around"

"Yes, my queen" Ivanna bowed. Queen Hazel smiled at her and for a moment Ivanna thought she saw hope in her eyes.

After the queen left, Ivanna helped Fiona eat some food before asking the maid to take the dishes away and then her eyes caught a familiar round object on the bedside table. It was the exact one she saw in her dream.

Why was it here?

A flashback of that night fragmented in her mind as she picked it up and examined it. It was exactly thesame.

She didn't know what it was but somehow she felt a sense of familiarity from it.

"What is that?" Fiona asked peering at it.

"Uhh... I don't know. I picked it from your bedside table, does it not belong to you?"

"No" Fiona shook her head "I have never seen this before, it looks... Ancient"

"Really? " Ivanna also peered at it, taking a better look, she could feel a mysterious power radiating off it.

"Can I keep this?" She asked. Somehow, she didn't want to part with it.

"Sure, if you like it. I don't think its something very important" Fiona shrugged and lay on the bed "Why are you so sure brother would be back, soon?" She asked.

Ivanna sighed. Who said she was sure? She just had to believe her mother's words and also give her hope. She was even much more worried than anyone else but she decided not to think negatively.

"Let's say its a hunch, I just feel like he'll return soon enough"

"Someone took him ivy"

"It doesn't mean the person would hurt him"

"But... his blood was all over the place, the person already hurt him!"

"Who said it was his blood?" Ivanna said and quickly covered her mouth knowing she had said something wrong.


"I mean, there was no test done on it right? So the blood was not proven to be his. Let's not jump to conclusions"

Fiona looked at her for a moment and nodded snuggling into her arms. She soon fell asleep as Ivanna patted her head.

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