Taming The Emperor's Son/C8 Ian is back!
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Taming The Emperor's Son/C8 Ian is back!
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C8 Ian is back!

Ivana arrived in front of Ian's door and pushed it open hoping that this time she could find something useful that could be used to track him. It had been two weeks since the prince went missing. No one knows of his situation but her mother kept telling her to be patient which was her only choice anyway.

She surveyed the room with her eyes and could tell that someone had recently been in here or was still here.

The drawers were left open, the wardrobe, everything was turned upside down. Ivanna froze when she heard a sound coming from the bathroom.

The intruder was still around!

She quickened her steps to the bathroom door without any fear and kicked it open. Ivanna took a sharp breath as she stared at the woman who was so shocked, she had her eyes opens wide and couldn't utter a word. As if she was a thief that had just been caught.

"Princess... Tanya? What are you doing here?"

It took a while for Tanya to regain her composure, she straightened up and raised her chins.

"Shouldn't I be asking you that?" Tanya gave her a disdainful look before haughtily walking to the door.

"You're not supposed to be here, this is the prince's room" Ivanna stopped her. Tanya turned around to meet her gaze both staring as if wanting to intimidate each other.

"Oh, I'm not allowed but you are?" Tanya chuckled "Let me ask you this; what are you doing in my fiancee's room?" Perhaps if it was Fiona barging into her like this, she could have tried to play nice after all, she was a royal but it turned out to be the bitch she hated so much. She couldn't be bothered to play nice.

Ivanna found herself clutching her fists tight. She knew she should back down but couldn't bring herself to "The prince hasn't accepted you as his fiancee yet" She pointed out.

"Does he even... have a choice?" Tanya laughed again crossing her arms in front.

"You think he doesn't?" Ivanna stepped forward. Her eyes were cold as she stared at Tanya. How dare she say that he doesn't have a choice hm!

"You know that I didn't like you from that first day right?"

"Yeah, I didn't like you too so what?"

"You seem to think that you have a high position in the royal family and that's why you talk like this huh? Do you have any idea how worthless you are in their eyes? Do you know I can make you suffer a horrible death if I'm in a bad mood? Thank goodness I'm in a good one right now or... "

"Oh, right. You just want to say you have more power hm?" Ivanna rolled her eyes "I know that"

"You being here like this seem very suspicious. Can I at least have a look at that budge over there" Ivann a asked pointing at the slight budge on Tanya's stomach. She wouldn't have noticed it if Tanya hadn't kept trying to cover it.

"None of your business" Tanya snapped, pushed her out of the way and quickly rushed out of the room.

Ivanna's suspicious eyes followed her as she wondered what exactly she took that she had to keep hiding it like that. She scanned the room but of course wouldn't know if anything was missing.

It was dark.

Ivanna went to the garden and sat on a wooden bench staring at the beautiful flowers that grew everyday. This was her favorite spot in the whole palace. She could remember planting some flowers here with Ian together and watched it bloom. She took a sigh.

'Why aren't you coming back Ian? I miss you'

'Everyone misses you'

She sighed but suddenly, she heard a groan and a very familiar voice saying something she couldn't make out very well. Ivanna sprang up from her seat and looked around "Ian?" She called frantically searching for him with her eyes but couldn't find a soul in sight. She heard the voice again, and this time listened closer and discovered it was coming from her mind.


'Ian!' She called again, this time, mindlinking. He contacted her and that was enough to make her happy, she didn't think of how it was possible for them to mindlink this way or why and was just glad that at least he was reaching out to her.

'Where are you?'

'Help' She heard him this time, his voice sounded so weak and full of pains, Ivanna felt her heart tighten when she heard it again 'Help' it was the only thing he continued repeating softly and somehow, she didn't know how but she felt a presence behind her but before she could turn around, she blacked out completely, feeling her knees go weak, she collapsed to the floor, unmoving.

Two figures appeared from the darkness, dressed in all black, they stared at her with a sinister gaze.

"She called Ian" One of them said.

"That's why we should just kill her" The second one suggested.

"No, we still need her remember? She's a crucial part of our plan so we can never hurt her at least for now, do you understand?" The first one warned sternly.

They both stared at her for a while then disappeared into the darkness leaving her there on the cold floor.


"Ian!" Ivanna woke up with a start. Her heart thumping wildly in her chest, she looked around around and realized she was in Fiona's room and not more in the garden. She had a long dream, a horrible one. She saw Ian, around him was a huge fire that burned him over and over again as he screamed for help, she wanted to help him out of it but found her legs were stuck and she couldn't move, no words came out of her mouth and so she just had to watch as he burned to ashes and come back alive then burn all over again.

"Ahhh, sleeping beauty is finally awake!" Fiona came in, a bright smile on her face as she gave Ivanna a hug and straightened her hair.

"Huh? How long have I been sleeping?" Ivanna asked and realized her voice sounded hoarse. It was hard to talk.

"Two days"

"Two days! Why will I sleep for two days" She asked and suddenly remembered the presence she felt at the time she fainted. It was so familiar.

"Well I was going to ask you that. What happened? I just found you lying unconscious in the garden. Even the doctors said you were alright and found it strange" Fiona handed her a glass of water.

"Ian... " She whispered and started to cry "Ian is not alright fi, we need to find him"

"Oh, that" Fiona grinned helping her to wipe her tears before announce "Ian is back!"

New chapter is coming soon
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