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C1 First time

🌷Emma POV🌷

It all started as a joke, I thought I was dreaming until I felt it so boisterous, I thought I saw stars as I tried to recover from the blindness that took some ample

seconds to recover from.

That moment when you thought you have finally found true love. That moment when you have finalized in your mind that he's never going to leave you. That moment when he takes care of you as I you are the air he breath, that moment when you thought its going to last forever.

His name is Louis, the guy who took my virginity. He pampered me like he can choose death to make sure am save. I fell for him and loved him, but everything changed when his dad interrupted the memories.




"what if your dad catches us". I asked him and he locked the door, giving deaf ear to my warning.

"Am scared, I think we shouldn't do it here" I said.

"Don't worry dear, no one will catch us". He said and kissed me on my lips which I responded immediately. He started kissing, wrestling with our tongue. His hands roaming round my fresh as he started undressing me.

I love the scene happening but am still scared. He laid me on the bed and I spread my leg apart. He brought out his d*ck and penetrate inside me. Few thrust and the door opened. We looked and I was his dad, holding a gun. Immediately, I woke up and it was I dream.

I moaned and stretch as I got out of bed to shower and began my daily work as a maid. Lemme introduce myself.

I am Emma. I am mute, my mother is on the hospital bed with lung cancer.

I started working here as a maid 2

weeks ago. I have been enjoying the family that hired me here, not always home. This mansion is big. It has 9 floors and I clean the 9th floor where the son of the house owner Mr. William stays , he is in a boarding school in France.

2 hours later;

I was finally done cleaning then I went to the living room and the maids were whispering among themselves about the arrival of the Williams . The whole family is coming back. I was scared because i never met them before. A black limo pulled up the maids lined up in a straight

line and I joined them.

A man who looks like he is in his 50s with jet black hair that was long to his shoulder and ocean blue eyes , A woman who dressed fancy with lots of jewelry and a bright smile on her face and hazel eyes. They were both welcomed

by the maids.

"Louis is coming soon so make sure you your best he is in a Good mood" she said with a slight smile then she went inside with her husband.

The maids looked terrified. Then one of them grabbed my hand then said " I know you just started working here but can you switch spots with me?

You take care of his needs and I will

clean the 9th floor" I just nodded. I mean what could go wrong?



🌷Louis pov🌷.



I woke up and two naked girls were hugging me. I pushed them off; they both screamed as they hit the ground. I got up and quickly wore my clothes. I guess I partied too much last night, then I threw $900 at them and left the room.

I am Louis William, 18 years old , the richest in this school, I change girls like my shoes. People think that I am scary because I joined the school mafia. I jumped , threatened multiple teachers, the faces they make and their tears make me excited.

The feeling was unexplainable. I have no friends because it is hard for me to

trust people so i sleep alone, eat alone , and cry alone

Last night ( flash back)

" Come back home your stepmom is pregnant" my dad said over the phone.

Okay was all I said then cut off the phone. I have always hated her when my mom

commited suicide.

when i was 7 she married my dad, maybe that was why ibbecame a a** hole

Flashback ( ended)

I packed my things and locked my apartment door then got on the private plane. 6 hours later:

I walked out of the limo. The maids were lined up. There was a maid with honey brown eyes, long brunette hair, smooth looking legs.

"Sir" a butler who was the same as me said snapping me out of my imagination I turned toward and punched him

I walked to the dinning room to see my step-mom Lisa smiling

" Hey son you are back" my dad said i didn't respond

" your mother is pregnant with your sibling aren't we blessed" he said once again with a smile.

" She is not my mother and i could care less ifbshe was pregnant " I yelled.

After that I went to my room and laid down on the bed. I needed a release.

At down time, I called a maid to bring me water. Few minutes later, A maid walked in with a cup of water. She was the same maid that caught my attention.

" What is your name" i asked her camly

She took out a writing pad and wrote Emma.

"Can you speak" i asked her

Then she wrote once again " no sir"

So she is mute this makes it easier. I

grabbed her and threw her on the bed getting on top of her she couldn't scream even if she did nobody would hear her.

I ripped her maid dress leaving her in her bra and underwear not to lie she looked sexy as tears were running down her eyes.

I stripped her naked then took off my clothes slowly. she was crying and begging but i didn't listen.

🌷Emma POV🌷

I tried to pull him off but his body was too

strong and big for me. He spread my legs forcefully. As he fully penetrate, i felt the pain. I tightened my hand on sheets as he broke all of my barriers and thick fluid ran down my legs. It was blood. He started thrusting faster and deeper. it's very painful that I feel like he was peeling my fresh off 😭😭.

🌷Louis pov 🌷

As I bent down to kiss her neck, she bite me hard on my neck and I freed her as I place my lefthand on my neck due to the pain. She slapped me and ran out of the room.

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