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C2 Second time

As I bent down to kiss her neck, she bite me on my neck. I freed her as I place my lefthand on my neck due to the pain. She slapped me and ran out of the room.

I rubbed my cheek and smiled

🌷Emma PoV🌷

I ran to my room. I felt dirty. It was the first day I met him and he raped and made a bad impression on me. I went to the shower and washed my body like I could wash off his dirty hands.

After 30 mins of showering, I went to

bed crying. I always thought that nobody would ever date me because I was mute, but now who wants a broken girl that was tainted by someone else's lust.

"What would you think mom," i thought to

myself then i fell asleep.

🌷Next morning🌷

I was scared to get out of bed and my alarm kept ringing. I am only sixteen and got raped by a 17 or 18-year-old guy. Who would want a mute and used product like me. I hate to being mute it makes me go unnoticed and cry without no one knowing.

I got up, took a 10 mins shower longer than usual, then got dressed, my private burned and hurt, blood was coming out so i used a pad. I walked downstairs having a fake smile. It was the maid meeting today since the family planned on staying for a while.

"Good morning maids i am the head maid Mrs. Kate" a woman who looked like she was in her 50s says.

"This meeting is to tell you that your girls

should stay away from the boss son Louis as much as possible. He is dangerous, also the madam is pregnant so make sure you take good care of her.

Now it is time to serve breakfast Emma, Ann, and Katy you guys will take the breakfast". She finished.

Ann and Katy got the food while I took the drinks then we walked to the large table. Louis was digging holes in my back with his dark blue eyes after I put the drinks on the table. I walked to the door hoping I would leave soon.

"Emma come and pour the drink for me," Louis said smirking.

I went next to him and then I felt hands on my legs moving up and down.

"So dad what are you planning for the

company," Louis asked his father like nothing was happening under the table. I quickened the pace of pouring him a drink and backed away.

Then he dropped his fork on the floor then he whispered as he bent down " come to my room".

Ann and Katy talked among themselves, they turned to me, then Katy said " It is nice to meet you. I have been working here for 7 months. We would like to invite you to our room for movie night today '' I nodded at her, smiling then went our separate ways.

🌷Time skip: 9:30 pm🌷

I was in the kitchen alone cleaning then felt hands on my waist. I moved away quickly only to see Louis smirking at me, I pushed him away like he was sick.

I quickly wrote on my pad "stop" he just smiled then carried me on his back. I started slapping his back and jiggling like crazy. I didn't want to be raped again.

He carried me to his room then locked the door, he walked towards me as I was crying. I quickly signed " It hurts" but he doesn't understand. He tried to climb on top me and i pushed him off.

"What is wrong?," he asked getting off of me. Then I wrote, "it hurts down there".

"Does it look like I care now take off your

clothes," he says rudely.

He took off my clothes leaving me with only my pants and bra then opened my legs ripping off my panties and took out his d*ck.

He didn't even bother putting on a condom and went in.

It hurt. I am only 16. I felt guilty that I let this happen again. He pounded into me like an animal. He was hard and fast, this caused him to cum inside me. He enjoyed my tears. it gave him an abundance amount of pleasure.

As he kept going, I stretch my hand and reach for the vase near the bed and hit his head.




To be continued 💃💃

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