Tears Of Emma: His Sex Doll/C3 Medical center
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Tears Of Emma: His Sex Doll/C3 Medical center
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C3 Medical center

Previously on " Hurting Emma"

He kept on going, making me reach for the

vase near the bed and hit his head.



He pulled out and then yelled " Fuck i was about cum ". He said.

He got off me blood was all over his penis and his sperm was spiling out of me " i am gonna take you to the hospital tomorrow to check what is going on there" he said pointing at my private part.

"Also don't ever hit me again baby or else you will get a spanking," he whispered to my ear dangerously holding me by my neck then he dropped me on the bed

"How old are you? ," he asked handing me a piece of paper and a pen.

"16". i wrote.

16 Louis thought to himself not bad.

"Well in 18 soon turning 19," Louis said

" Stay here, " he said walking to the bathroom naked his penis was long and big how did that fit in me.

Due to my inability to move, I had to sleep in his room. I was scared, I laid down on the bed about 2 mins later. I felt him get on the bed and he pulled me close to him

🌷30 mins later🌷

I couldn't sleep. He was talking in his sleep " mom mommy don't leave" he looked so innocent and scared. I touched him and suddenly he grabbed my hands that were on his face.

Then said every darkly "never touch me unless i touch you, you are nothing but a mute low-class bitch".

Was it that bad to be mute. was i that

worthless because i am mute.

He got up and lit a cigarette then went to the bathroom leaving me alone.

5:00 am

I woke up to see an emotionless Louis. " Get ready for the hospital, i don't want anyone to notice we are gone, " he said, i quickly got up and walked towards the door then i heard a deep voice which made me stop.

" Shower here i have clothes you can wear," Louis said.

I went to the bathroom and locked the door and slid down to the cold floor

After a while i got up and when to shower for about 10 mins.

5 mins later

I got out of the bathroom clothes were laid on the bed for me to wear it was way too revealing for my type of black shorts and a black shirt, but the shorts were short you can see my butt cheeks.

I wore the clothes, Louis walked in dressed he was a handsome man but with the devil's heart.

He then sat on the bed then pulled me by my waist which led to me sitting on his dick.

"Are you ready baby" he whispered to me i wiggle out of his hands then nodded yes.

He got his keys then led me to the basement where nobody goes because it is a useless part of the house. He unlocked his luxury red car it was a real beauty i never rode in a nice car before.

The ride was silent till we got to the hospital we went to the VIP lounge. We waited for about 2 mins then a middle-aged lady doctor came

up to us.

"Hello Mr. William what can i do for you

today," she said softly with a warm smile.

" i would like to get my friend's private part checked," he said.

"Okay come with me," she said

I entered a room alone with the doctor

"lay on the bed and spread your legs," she said softly.

I lay down and spread my legs she put on

gloves and touched my pussy lightly i flinch sometimes.

"Get up and put on your clothes, " she said. I was so scared of the results.

She then led me to her

office. Louis was sitting there with his phone.


"Her results are ready," the doctor said softly.

The doctor sat on her black chair her office was colorful it consisted of colorful calendars that make the room bright up, the office walls had a rose pattern.

"Sit down," the doctor said Louis sat down then I sat next to him, the doctor wrote something on a post-it.

"It is nothing bad it just pains from rough sex just take the meds that I wrote her to stay away from sex for now and you are very young," she said handing us the paper.

"Are you mute"? The doctor asked

I nodded my head yes.

"Can we leave now?" Louis asked annoyed.





To be continued

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