Tears Of Emma: His Sex Doll/C4 Love in the air
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Tears Of Emma: His Sex Doll/C4 Love in the air
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C4 Love in the air

"Yes have a nice day," the doc said smiling After the hospital time skip

We got to the mansion on time we went in through the basement quietly took the elevator.

I got off after it was on the 4 floors where the maids stay. I was about to get out Louis grabbed my face then kissed me hard his hold was tight and forceful.

A few more seconds he finally let go of me I ran out to my room quickly with my bag of meds. I looked at the clock it was 7:00 am and work starts at eight.

Shit, i went to the shower quickly with coconut body wash and brushed my teeth, took my meds.

We stopped at Walgreens to get the

medication before coming back. I wore my clean clothes and Walked down for breakfast.

"Good morning Emma you didn't come to the sleepover," Ann said. I took out my writing pad and wrote sorry I fell asleep.

" it's okay you can come to the one on

Thursday," Ann says with a big smile.

"We should start the food now it's going to get cold," Katy said.

When we got to the dining table it was only madam and sir was there no Louis.

We started severing the food on the dining table. Where is Loius i thought, wait a min am i thinking of Louis he can go fuck himself for all i care.

"Can one of you go and get Louis?" Mr.William said turning to us.

Then Katy turned to me " Can you go get him please" she said with pleading eyes.

I nodded even though i was scared of

something happing to me but this was part of my job and i need this job to have mom back.

I walked upstairs quickly and knocked on

Louis's door quietly no answer so i pushed the door open.

Louis was on the bed curled up in a fetal

position shaking like he was crying i went to the side of the bed to look if he was okay.

There were multiple pills on the floor with

bottles of alcohol and needle injection.

Tears on his face he was whispering the same word "Mommy".

I then put my hand in his hair softly like mom used to do to me when i cry he lifted his headband held my hand close like he was going toblose me.

"you know my mother died today. She used to make cupcakes and cookies every time it was her birthday," he said like an innocent little boy.

I took my note pad and wrote "we can

make cupcakes tomorrow if you want to, i have a lot of work today".

If someone wanted to ask me why i wrote thatbi wouldn't have a solid explanation was itnbecause of the innocence in his voice or because he was crying.

A few minutes later i got him to get off the bed and took him to the bathroom i left him alone to shower and get ready.

I wrote a post-it to tell him that breakfast was ready.

I went back downstairs, Louis parents

were finishing up their breakfast, she was

surprised to see that he was acting like today wasn't the day that his wife killed herself.

I packed up the plates on the table and

continued my work for the day without realizing that i saw a new side of Louis Williams that very day. .


I woke up with the sun shining bright on my window. It was annoying but a bit refreshing since spring was almost ending. I couldn't wait for summer you can wear lighter clothes and enjoy the sun.

🌷Fast Forward🌷

Today was May 7th the day that i promised Louis to make cupcakes with him and it was also a holiday most of the workers in the house takes 3 days off to spend with there family since it was the ending of spring.

I could have gone to visit my mother but that was miles away from here so i will text her later.

The lady of the house-made that rule a few years ago according to the head maid. I got up from the bed and did my daily routine and got dressed in normal clothes instead of my maid outfit since there was nobody in the house expect Louis and I.

Williams and his wife when on vacation.

I went down straits, Louis was waiting there innthe kitchen dressed in casual clothes.

"Are you ready?" he asked me with a little

smile he had a camera.

" I have the camera because when i make this with mom we always have a camera with us,"he said.

I nodded we took out the things we needed. We started making the cake " Don't you think it is quite here " Louis suddenly asked.

I just nodded then he turned on one of my favorite song on Alexa

Fire on fire, i just couldn't help but hum to the song " It one of my favorite songs " he said smiling at me.

I took out my note pad and wrote "me too" when i was trying to show him, i stained his face with flour, i thought he was going to get mad or annoyed but he didn't.

He took a handful of powdered sugar and i tried to put it on my face i moved back

laughing he moved closer i quickly ran away, he ran after me then i realized that we were running in circles like little kids.

"okay stop i am just kidding, " he said

laughing his ass out and trying to catch his breath.

He is truly a handsome man with golden skin, thick defined eyebrows, blue eyes, and strong cheekbones. His smile is beautiful and it can make anyone smile, and i couldn't help but smile.

'Looks like the cupcakes are done" he said still smiling.

I nodded then went to the kitchen taking out the cupcakes, then we made the icing rainbow. We made a total of 50

cupcakes i was surprised.

"We are going to take 45 cupcakes to the

orphanage," he said taking out boxes to place them in.

🌷30 mins later🌷

We got the cupcakes in the car and ready to take them to the orphanage nearby. We got out of the car and went in with the cupcakes.

"Oh my god it is Louis," an old woman said. Louis just smiled.

"Hi Nana i am sorry that i haven't been in

contact with you," he said sadly.

" I knew you were in boarding school, your father told me you left when you were 16 you have grown so much your mother would be proud ". The woman said as she hugged him tightly.

After a while, she turned to me then asked "

who is this beautiful girl " she said winking at Louis.

"This is my friend Emma she helped with the cupcakes," Louis said.

"you make cupcakes, i haven't eaten your

mother's lovely cupcakes in a long time," she said taking it from us.

"Emma it's nice to meet you," she said

smiling i took out my note pad and wrote you too.

" You are mute?" she asked politely, i nodded.

After that, we spend some time with the kid they were fun especially the babies.

" Are you ready to leave," Louis asked me

softly, i nodded then got up and packed our things, bid the kids and Nana goodbye.

🌷30 mins later🌷

When we got home we made some dinner which was milk and cheerios. Louis can't cook.

Louis turned on the T.V as we were eating. We picked a movie "The

Hangover" it was funny and lively.

Then suddenly we were staring at each other he was getting closer to me. My heart was beating fast.

"What is this feeling"? I asked my self.

He suddenly jerked back then started

mumbling "sorry" over and over again.




To be continued

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