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C5 Love affairs

🌷Louis's POV🌷

2 months later. We were eating cheerios in the kitchen, some maids were home but others we're in the garden and i couldn't help my self but look at her. She was beautiful she had long brown hair, green eyes, long legs. She is just absolutely gorgeous. Everything about her is gorgeous. I liked her more and more each day.

she grew a little bit more comfortable around me. It was fun, to begin with, her.

"Why? Why? Why did i hurt her like that ? was it because of lust? why?." That's the question I usually ask myself.




Then she smiled at me making my heart beat loudly, i got up and walked to the freezer taking out ice-cream. She looked happy, that shows me she likes ice-

cream a lot.

"What is your favorite ice cream

flavor? i like charcoal," I asked her.

She took out her note pad then wrote "Vanilla' her handwriting was nice it was in cursive. I went up to her and kissed her on the cheek!

I heard something broke. it was a plate that my father was holding, his wife was next to him They were both staring at us in shock.

"Come to my office," my father said in a dark tone. I followed him upstairs and waved to Emma. She was blushing red.

I loved the fact that little things make her

happy. She didn't need expensive things like the other girls i have dated. I walked into the office with my father.

" what's wrong with you?, you are not

supposed to be associating with those low lives". My father yelled at me.

"That is a fucking maid, why couldn't you find someone that would benefit us rather than a low life mute maid?" he yelled once again.

He started walking towards the door then he said something that i

have tried to forget for most of my lifetime.

"Don't forget that you are getting married when you turn 20 to Lara. it is not about love, it is about business". He said and walked out.

I got up then left, went to my room, then texted Emma to come to my room...

Moments later, She entered my room, hugged me and sat on the bed. She smelled like coconut, her hair was soft.

"Can we play video games? I got a new one" I asked her and her eyes lit up.

Emma is a master on Videogames. We started playing. I ever lost so

hard in my life. It was a bit embarrassing but I like the feeling.

"What did you save me with on your contact?," I asked.

She looked surprised and went to the other side of the room, taking her phone with her. I sneaked up on her and

grabbed her phone.

Since she was pretty short and i was way taller then her, i lifted my arm up. She pushed me to the bed and started

tickling me.

Suddenly, she stopped, stood up and

held her palm close to her mouth like she was about to vomit. She ran to my

bathroom and I followed her along.

She started waving her hands like she was telling me to leave. I moved back to the room, about a few minutes later she came out. She was red. She took her phone and left without saying anything.

I wondered what is wrong with her 🤔

🌷Emma POV🌷

I ran to my room. I don't know what has been wrong with me for the past few weeks , sometimes i just throw up maybe i have a flu.

I looked at the clock it was 8:00 pm then i

realized that it was time to serve dinner. I got up an walked out of my room. The aroma of the food was amazing.

I got the plates with food then walked to the dinner table. The lady of the house normally look at me with disgust ever since she saw me with Louis and

Mr. William was watching me through

suspicious eyes. While Louis was there just staring at me.

"weird-ass" i mouthed to Louis i guess he got that and chuckled a bit , then i left to eat my dinner in the kitchen. Other maids were socializing. I was just sitting, watching and eating my food.

We cleaned the dining room then went to our rooms. I opened the door and Louis was on my bed, with video games and snacks .

I walked to the bed and sat down for a while he tossed me the controller i pulled out my note pad then wrote.

"I have to get changed and take a shower" he looked at it and nodded

"Should i leave"? He asked

I shooked my head no since i was going to get changed in the bathroom anyway. I walked to the bathroom and took a shower with my coconut body wash then washed my hair.

Then i noticed that i hadn't had my period yet. I sometimes have irregular periods so it was sort of normal

I walked out of the bathroom, Louis was

playing video games then tossed me the

controller, i sat next to him "you smell like

coconut"he said i just nodded.

I grab a handful of popcorn and ate it with my attention focusing on the game. I have always loved video games. whenever i went to my friends

house when i was young, i would make sure that i played for a long time before mom picked me up...

"Shit i lost aga..... I stop him immediately by quickly putting my hand on his mouth.

We couldn't afford getting caught together , he was staring at me with his ocean blue eyes.

"Beautiful" he whispered then kissed me on my lip. His lips is soft , sweet and hot .

I opened my mouth letting him explore my mouth, his hands roamed around my body. He then placed me on his lap still kissing me his eyes were full of

something i couldn't describe.

Then i suddenly pulled away pushing him back.

"Sorry " he whispered then got up and left.

I touched my lips my heart was beating really fast , my cheeks were red

" What is this feeling " i asked myself.

🌷3 weeks later🌷

The maids cleaned the dining room , the lady of the house had an announcement to make. She gathered all the workers in a large empty space of the house.

"We have an important announcement. Our baby is a girl" she said smiling at us. Some maids cheered while others clapped...

"I am going to have a baby shower in 3

months so i want decorations around the

house then themed sweet dreams. The flowers are going to be delivered tomorrow". She said then walked away.

I guess she was happy today because on other days she would scream at us.


It was the sound of my phone Louis texted me to come to his room .

I sneaked to his room and went in. It was

decorated with roses and flower , video games were on the bed and a vanilla ice cream cake that worte " Would you go on a date with me"?

He walked up to me all dressed in a suit

looking all fancy

"Will you go on a date with me "? he asked me stuttering a bit.

Without thinking i nodded yeah. His face was really red he walked up to me and kissed me.

"Do you want to go get dressed" he asked. I nodded then we sneaked to my room and took out the best dress i could find , took a quick shower walked out with my towel on. I had three dresses on the bed.

I pointed at the first one then looked at Louis, he shakes his head no then the second one he liked so i choses to wear that one.

I went back to the bathroom wore my dress and did my light makeup

I curled my hair then wore my high heel shoes..

We sneaked to the basement elevator that nobody really uses then to the car garage.

He choose a motorcycle. I was sacred to get on.

"It okay i promise". he said calmly tossing me the black thelmet that said Emma in

calligraphy writing in sliver.

I trusted him and got on and hold him really tight and close to me. He turned on the motorcycle and drove out the mansion.

The view was amazing and it was fast making me giggle sometimes.

We got to a restaurant called Amor that wasn't fancy nor shabby but it looked cool and fun.

They severed us our meal. I was just really craving for vanilla ice-cream and pickles

"Can i get ice cream and pickles " I texted

Louis at first he looked surprised then he

ordered it...

He paid for the food and we went to the

pharmacy nearby to get some dark chocolate.

I was carving for that too but i hated dark chocolate to the core. We walked pass the pregnancy test . I decided that we should get some and a pack of condoms.

We paid then went back home. It was 8:30pm so. It was dinner time i went to my room and took off my dress and lied that i was sick so that i didn't have to serve dinner and they bought it .

I took a quick shower and wore my casual clothes and went to Louis room. he was in a towel and water dripping from his hair. He looked hot.

I went up to him and attacked him with a kiss. I opened my mouth and let him taste my mango toothpaste. He tasted like mint.

He started taking off my clothes, his hands roamed around my body softly like he was not trying to hurt me.

I was naked in front of him and he kept

kissing me. His lip was soft, he moved his

mouth down and bit into my skin making me moan. He got the box of condoms then pulled one out and puts it on his rod.

"Are you ready" he asks me and i nodded.

He went in. I felt like i was full. It felt really good compared to the other times we did it.

I moaned as he moved fast. It felt really good. I digged my nails into his skin as I held my hands around his neck, then we heard a knock on the door.



To be continued



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