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C6 Betrayal

Louis ignored and continued banging.

"Sir, your dad said he wants to see you tomorrow morning! ". A maid on the other side said, her voice raised as we can hear and left.

After banging for 20 minutes which I really enjoyed, we both fell on the bed and went to sleep.

🌷Fast Forward🌷

Skin were slapping against each other, it felt really good. He squeed my butt as I started shaking uncontrollably. He kept moving and moaning and groaning.

"Shit" he said pulling out and laying on the bed. I got on top of him wanting to do it again. I had a very high sex drive at the moment. I raised my hip and put his rod at my antrance and lowered myself. It felt really good. I started riding him as I placed my hand on his chest. He was just smiling at me, my b**bs bouncing up and down as i started riding fast.

2 more hours later We were still fucking like rabbits. He then pulled out and got really tried.

"You have a fucking high sex drive. Are you going to take the pregnancy test today" he asked as he kept breathing fast like someone who just finished participating in a 500meters race.

"Yeah i am sort of scared, what if i am really pregnant. I am 16 you can be arrested for even fucking me like this because you are almost 19.

. We were suppose to be down stairs for Mrs. Williams baby shower but i had urges to have sex. Every time i lay my eyes on Louis, i get wet.

This past 3 months of dating he taught me a few sexual words like wet , pu*sy , c*ck etc. Throw up alot more and carve weird things. I text Louis in the night to drive to Amor and get me their pickle and vanilla ice cream. We go there every Saturday then ride the motorcycle back.

We have decorated out helmets. I looked at my ring Louis gave it to me lat week.

*Flash back*

He pulled out a ring. It was sliver and shinney.

"I promise to marry you in the future only if you promise that you would fight for me at all cost

This three months I the best time of my life, he made me happy and take my worries away. I wish it can last forever.

"I Louis William promise you, Emma Willison, to marry you in the future only if you fight for me". he said.

His voice was shaky like he was about to cry, he slipped the ring on my finger then hugged me tightly.

🌷 Flash back Ended🌷

I took the pregnancy tests out of the bag then peed on it we waited five minutes, he was hugging me. I flipped it over and t positive.

I started crying really hard.

"It is okay baby, it alright" he said calmly.

We heard A knock on the door, it was a girl's voice. A voice I had never heard before.

"Hey Louis i am back". she said.

Her voice was a bit annoying.

"That bitch sent her" louis said annoyed.

"Go get dressed and take the back door love you" He said and kissed me.

I wonder what is going on. Who is she? I was not feeling comfortable, I feel like my joy was about to be taking away from me.

I wore my clothes and went through the back door that led to the kitchen. There were a lot of people wearing high class clothings , I took the champagne. Then I saw a girl walking down the stairs, holding hands with Louise, they looked so nice together.

You know that feeling like you are not good enough or someone is better than you. That was what i was feeling right there.

Louis father looked like he was pleased that they were together. I did my job and went back to my room. I climb my bed, holding tight to the stuff the animal gave me tight.

"I have an announcement. My son Louis and Alice are getting engaged!". Louis father said.

I can hear him in my room. Tears ran down my cheeks. I curled up in a fetal position and cried hard.

20 mins later I hear my door open. It was Louis. He looked like he was on the verge of crying. Tears fell out of his eyes then hugged me tightly.

"If I don't marry her, I will loose the company. I had work so hard for it. I think you should abort the baby. It's better for the both of us , our relationship wasn't meant to be from the start". He said.

"It was just teenage experience, it was lust that got in our heads. So abort the baby please for a better future". He added.

I slapped him really hard then started pushing him out of my room. I closed my door, locked it and started crying. 😪😭




To be continued



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